SES-10 Hosted Webcast

SES-10 Hosted Webcast

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20 Responses

  1. BigRushMom says:

    Anyone else replayed 40:49 ? ??

    I love you Elon ❤️

  2. Will Brown says:

    Nice, Nice, But can you use it a third time?

  3. Aditya Gilang Kuncoro Sudjatmiko says:

    37:16 –> One of the grid fins burned up. It got pretty toasty

  4. Jay Starr says:

    You guys *GOTTA* do whatever it takes to show the landings as they happen.
    _Very Important_

  5. СЕТИ says:


  6. Roy Andersson says:

    The crowd is amazingly loud! Congrats SpaceX!

  7. taddinraleigh says:

    I suggest having a remote controlled ship sitting off a mile from Of Course I Still Love You. Set it up so it can be towed behind the landing barge by the tug which moves the landing barge. Observer ship needs satellite uplink and cameras with a remotely openable cover on the camera. It also needs motors to make sure it doesn’t come close to the landing barge.

  8. Rob says:

    ran out of the cgi budget to show it land again. the earth is flat. science is a lie. hail trump

  9. Strangething90 says:

    Guess i better start saving for my new Martian home.

  10. Sham Wow says:

    35:44 “Earth is a sphere”

  11. TonboIV says:

    Waiting for someone to tell me how SpaceX is a fraud, and re-usable rockets will never work.

  12. marcello bianchi says:

    SpaceX please insert stage 1 telemetry for the re-entry phase

  13. Jimmy Kaiser says:

    I love how Elon just walks away when he runs out of things to say

  14. Mark Tuchinsky says:

    That speech by Elon Musk is history and he knew it, I don’t blame him for stuttering.

  15. JimmyG says:

    Uhhh why are there a bunch of conspiracy retards in these comments? Why do they always try to tear down anything related to human ingenuity? Are their minds so feeble and simple they can’t comprehend how other humans can accomplish such complex feats? It must be psychological projection, they are on a low level of intelligence and they automatically project and expect from others the same level as themselves. -Anything above their comprehension is fake, since they think everyone else is just as dumb as they are.

  16. Marek Malarski says:

    Elon, thank you for showing us the “impossible” is possible!!

  17. Incredible Canemian says:

    Jet fuel can’t melt a man walking on the moon while it’s revolving around the flat Earth (which everything revolves around).

  18. Jim Williams says:

    that booster is now my favourite. well done does not begin to express how much has been achieved. This is an essential step. your all amazing.

  19. Raj Kapadia says:


  20. awesome astronaut says:

    I can’t believe I’m living in a world where people are doing stuff like this. I expect big things from you SpaceX. I want to be able to go into space before I’m 50.

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