Seth Gives His Fans Eminem’s Trump Ultimatum

Seth Gives His Fans Eminem’s Trump Ultimatum

Seth follows Eminem’s example and tells his fans to pick a side between him or President Trump.
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Seth Gives His Fans Eminem’s Trump Ultimatum- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Abby shepherd says:

    I will never support him and I will always support Seth Meyers!

  2. Wesley Crabajales says:

    Trumpturds, are you tired of winning yet?

  3. a Washington says:

    Seriously, this isnt even about politics at this point……Trump is a fucking MORON!!!! We are LITERALLY the laughing stock of the world, and about 5 minutes from WW3… can anyone defend THAT?!

  4. J Morris says:

    I hope Trump responds and starts a battle with Eminem.

  5. Hunter says:


  6. Ziyi Ye says:

    I like how Seth’s rap sounds like a nursery rhyme

  7. Bob MacAbe says:

    Seth Meyers is the goat

  8. Big Jim says:

    If there is trump supporters still here it’s because they secretly hate Trump

  9. Dan V says:

    Who watches this late night globalist propaganda garbage. Cut the cord boycott this crap !!!

  10. MartyMcFly says:

    Can you baby boomers die off already so shows like this go away?

  11. Figs3 says:

    Now that Em is hating on Trump. You just KNOW that all these suburban white kids are going to be like, “Yea maybe we should dislike Donald Trump.”

  12. Dude Ster says:

    I support neither Seth nor Eminem … _[leans in]_ … now make me go away.

    Eminem just _cut_ his pay — and that of his employees (whether they asked for it or not), by at least 10-25%; there are, always and ultimately, consequences to one’s actions; however, the results usually return faster for retarded actions.

  13. ultramaximus says:

    Seth USED to be funny until he dedicated his show to attacking conservatives. Same as Colbert and Kimmel and Cordon. Easy choice. BYE

  14. Jay Q. McBurger says:

    Seth Meyers is an asshole just like Eminem. I’ll never watch your show again Seth.

  15. Infinity Ripper says:

    If you get your political views from celebrities and athletes, you might be a sheep.

  16. yusuf khan says:

    Who else wants to see eminem vs trump in a rap battle

  17. Papa Sheev says:

    So that’s how it’s going to break down. Mob mentality, “either us or them” “my way or the highway”. How divisive.

  18. Giga Man says:


  19. FAITH MUSUMBA says:

    Ok…This is bordering on intolerance now. This kind of behaviour shouldn’t be encouraged by people with such large fan bases. It’s only gonna make tensions escalate.

  20. Costeno Salao says:

    This actually matters because a lot of trump voters listen to eminem. And drink Mountain Dew Big Gulps. And own pit bulls. And have sex with their immediate family. And eat bowls of pain pills for breakfast with water because Skeeter drank all the milk when he came home late last night from the eminem concert.

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