Seth Had an Embarrassing Accident Involving an Electric Scooter

Seth Had an Embarrassing Accident Involving an Electric Scooter

Seth tells the story about his trip to Indianapolis, where he had a disastrous encounter with an electric scooter.
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Seth Had an Embarrassing Accident Involving an Electric Scooter- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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32 Responses

  1. Pixie Fairy says:

    Forever young, Seth! Feel the wind!

    • Nicholas Chang says:

      +Pixie Fairy V0t? fоr me pl??sе! *W?n ROund th? W?rld tr?p* tᴏ B0tswаnɑ, Nаuru, Nеw C?l?d0niɑ, Russiɑ ɑnd Sa?nt Luc?a! L??rn mᴏr?:

  2. Alternative Spicer says:

    I always enjoy Seth’s story.

  3. boonlincoln says:

    If he got 42 yards out of 50, he should have said about 4/5ths of his name. Like, “Bennett Skowro” instead of Bennett Skowronek.

  4. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    How to NOT Avoid Invitations 101

  5. Knock Out says:

    Hope your wrist gets better soon! At least it made for a great story. And I’m so glad you didn’t say his name; a deal’s a deal, after all.

  6. zizinnnn says:

    young and cool and just fell down

  7. mohammad bashammakh says:

    Back in my days ( yes I’m going there ) we didn’t ride on scooters to look young and cool , back then we picked motorcycles to fall from and break our necks, P.S.. I’m only 35 years old

    • Glane says:

      lol, know exactly where your coming from. I hit 40 this year, since then I’ve found myself eyeing up high powered japanese sports bikes and the desire to wear a set of baggy leathers. 😉

    • Mary Rose Kent says:

      Don’t do it, Glane—it’s enticing but you’ll just end up looking like a ?!

    • Glane says:

      lol, I used to ride back in my 20’s (good times), since then I’ve had two heart attacks (in the last 4 years) and I have a 2 year old daughter now so getting back on two wheels will just have to be left to my dreams and window shopping. 🙂

  8. ZenoTech Tutorials says:

    I really appreciate that a lot of the late night hosts know how to make fun of themselves.

    • vlad kravchenko says:

      +ZenoTech Tutorials V?te fOr m? pl?as?! *W?n Rоund thе WOrld tr?p* tᴏ C?p? Vеrd?, Equatоr?al Gu?ne?, Monacо, Sp?in аnd T?1w?n! L?аrn mor?:

  9. Sophie Alexander says:

    The love he has for his wife, just wonderful

    • Austin Wasmund says:

      +Sophie Alexander Vоt? f0r m? pl?аsе! *W1n Round th? W0rld tr?p* tᴏ Barb?dos, B?l?ze, Jаpan, M1cronеsi? and Tuvalu! L?arn mоr?:

  10. Pop Goes Theology says:

    Could have been worse. A colleague of mine (unmarried) developed carpel tunnel and on his 3rd visit to his doctor, his doctor warned him that it wouldn’t get better if didn’t stop playing with himself… That’s what I mean with, ‘it could have been worse.’ 😉

  11. randomperson8571 says:

    Seth, I love every time you tell these ridiculous stories about yourself. They remind us all that you are human just like us, and don’t worry, I would probably fall off the scooter too and I’m twenty-one xD I also love every time you give shout outs to your wife. You are such a supportive and loving husband, she clearly supports you enough to let you go to Indianapolis, and you are great for each other! Love you Seth!

  12. Max Covfefe says:

    Seth’s scooter moves… where’s TMZ when you need them?

  13. fuchsgaehnen says:

    I feel your pain: when I broke my wrist stepping down (and falling) from the running board of a moving train-on-wheels full of tourists (which I had previously boarded in a classic spaghetti western style), I found out from other friends that you can break your WRIST only in IDIOTIC ways.

  14. Lindalee Law says:

    1st, baby born in lobby, now this. Seth don’t move…..

  15. Jay Gray says:

    Next time get the deluxe model scooter, the one with training wheels.

  16. John Mirra says:

    a scooter? grandpa, did you mistake your wheelchair again?

  17. Lindsay Grant says:

    Don’t feel bad, falling off of Lime scooters is a rite of passage in Indy

  18. Diane Zimmerman says:

    John Larroquette showed up on a late nite talk show once with his arm strapped to his chest. His son was skateboarding and he said it looked like so much fun going down a hill. He broke his shoulder.

  19. Fizzy Lifting Drink says:

    My daughter is 26 and she was riding one of those electric scooters and hit the pavement as well… so even the young and cool are not so cool. LOL

  20. Aninto Jati Nugroho says:

    nothing good ever happen after any “watch this!”

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