Seth Is a Dad! Again!

Seth Is a Dad! Again!

Seth Meyers tells the dramatic story of his second son’s birth.
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Seth Is a Dad! Again!- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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62 Responses

  1. Mara Aquino says:

    Congrats Seth!!!

  2. cVictori says:

    mothers who go through 20+ hours of labor probably hate Seth’s wife so much right now…

    • Unicorn Skyë says:

      Yes 24 hours of labor 3 hours of pushing and then I got an infection from being in labor too long and ended up having an emergency c section.

    • remilia scarlet says:

      This is nothing compare to my lecturer that went into labor for only 45 minutes.

      Apparently her doctor said exercising during pregnancy can speed up the birthing process so she did a lot of squats.

    • LaToya says:

      My son, my first child, was about 1-3 hours of labor (depending on if you count when your water is broken, had to have it done with both babies). Walked around the hospital a little, they broke my water and pushed for about 15-20 minutes and he was out. I always feel bad for the ladies who are in labor for hours in the double digits.

    • Katelynne Huh says:

      Yep. Two 24-28 hour labors with over an hour of pushing, both ending in an emergency cesarean. Just a tad jealous and disgusted right now 😂

    • Katelynne Huh says:

      remilia scarlet I excercised like crazy. Doesn’t help when your pelvis is stupid small. 😂

  3. annaluvsbanannaz says:

    Congrats Seth! Can’t wait to see what awesome humans you raise!
    Edit: It’s so beautiful seeing how much you genuinely and wholeheartedly care about your wife and kids. I got a little emotional as well at the end, haha.

  4. Sofia Martinez says:

    Love how happy he is. Such an incredible story😂😍👌🏽

  5. Dexter B says:

    My favourite part of this show is when Seth just tells stories.

  6. Ashmita Nandy says:

    I hope both of Seth’s sons would become as adorable is Seth himself! Congratulations Seth and Alexi!

  7. Alternative Spicer says:

    If I had Seth Meyers as my father, I couldn’t wait to be born either.

    • countrygirl country musiclover says:

      Alternative Spicer nice picture of Melissa McCarthy dressed as sean spicer

    • 1 i says:

      Alternative Spicer ..I could only imagine what’s in store..his kids are so lucky to have him and his wife as parents. 🙂 God bless them all…

  8. R Garlin says:

    Congratulations to you both; מזל טוב על התינוק החדש שלך!
    And yeah, absolutely amazing as ever, the NYFD!

  9. Alternative Spicer says:

    Also, how bad is the MedicAid in US right now that someone like Seth Meyers can’t afford hospital and has to deliver his baby in a lobby?

  10. mocki rangne says:

    Congratulation on your second child, a healthy little boy who couldn’t wait to be born! Blessings!

  11. Emme says:

    Emotional, storytelling Seth is the most adorable Seth. Congratulations to you both!

  12. dainiu says:

    We’re about to have a baby,
    We’re having a baby,
    We had a baby

    We’re about to have an impeachment,
    We’re having an impeachment,
    We had an impeachment.

    Someday, someday…

  13. thisdamnthingy says:

    I’d say that’s a story to tell at his 21st, buuuuuut I’d everyone’s going to know it by then.
    Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world little Axel.

  14. Goodcat007 says:

    Was it Louis CK in the car?

  15. andyisyoda says:

    Congratulations to the whole family!

  16. Knock Out says:

    I got choked up at how brave you were as well. Thank you for sharing this with us, and congratulations to you all!

  17. RixAuzr says:

    YAY! Congratulations Seth! I hope the little guy is happy and healthy! ^_^

  18. m1nt3a says:

    “She looked like somebody who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants” lol I’d love to hear the 911 call.

    • Castle of Fiction says:

      I honestly believe him when he says it was basically “My wife’s in labor, she – oop, too late”

  19. WorldOfRandomStuff says:

    What an amazing story! Congratulations, Seth! You’re awesome and I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world!

    • GUTER FÜHRER 1488 says:


    • Emily Nolin says:

      GUTER FUHRER 1488 hey. i obviously do not know you but you happened to catch my attention with two comments here. i just want you to know i’m sending you love. i know whenever i have a thought about someone that is in the realm of the things you said on this thread, i never feel good, and nobody ever deserves to feel so bad. you can say anything you want against someone, but the real person it’s hurting is you, and you deserve better than that, as a human being. you deserve a wonderful life and love. there’s only so much you can do in the comment section, but i see two beautiful people you’ve said things about that have nothing to do with who they are, and everything to do with the way you choose to perceive the world. you can never say such things against others without deeply hurting yourself. i know you are a good person, and i hope you find it within you to start believing it yourself. life really can be beautiful, and you deserve to have that. i hope you take what i said to heart. there are so many good things in the world, and you can be enjoying them, and that is what you deserve to have in your life, just like we all do. sending you love and i hope you have a really good day. maybe it’s a progress, but you can always be moving in the direction of feeling better, and love.

    • Sam Z says:

      A lobby baby!

  20. benjie Friedman says:

    Mazal tov

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