Seth MacFarlane Doubts Aliens Have Visited Earth

Seth MacFarlane Doubts Aliens Have Visited Earth

Seth MacFarlane tells Seth what it was like to work with Frank Sinatra’s vocal coaches, explains why he wouldn’t want to be the first person to recreationally visit space and reveals his thoughts on aliens and UFOs.
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Seth MacFarlane Doubts Aliens Have Visited Earth- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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62 Responses

  1. Watts says:

    Brian looks a little different…

  2. daphne b says:

    could all-black ever look better? right choice.

    • devilmaycry1995 says:

      daphne b The cast of black panther👊🏿

    • R Jonboy says:

      His confidence and manners are not something you expect as he is trashed so much as “King of Crude”. He engages with Seth, and Seth does this too, talks without needing to prove something or dominate the topic.

  3. Benmore Peak says:

    Damn these naturally talented people!

    • Albert Bozesan says:

      You wouldn’t believe the amount of practice and sheer years of repetition that go into becoming as funny and “natural” as these two!

    • rimmersbryggeri says:

      No such thing. Natural talent is just an excuse invented by those who don’t put the hours into getting good at stuff.

    • Benmore Peak says:

      Most people could train and practice an infinite amount and still never get close to being as good as the naturally talented. That’s why they have to be killed.

    • rimmersbryggeri says:

      Not true. Most sportspeople for example I know of that are accused of natural talent themsleves reply to the charge by saying. “And I get more talented the more I practice”. Maybe the zeal to put in the hours is what talent is but nobody gets anything for free that’s a myth.

    • Albert Bozesan says:

      Let me rephrase my response – it’s not solely about the number of hours but what exactly you’re doing. I could spend a year doing bicep curls every day and then be surprised why I’m not getting any abs. The right strategy is as essential as the practice itself.

  4. Steelmage99 says:

    Of course, he does.
    The very factors that indicates that intelligent alien life of some kind exists beyond Earth (mainly the size and age of the Universe), also works against us ever meeting them.

  5. BadaBing BadaBoom says:

    Which Seth would you hump?

  6. A Wee Scots Dog says:

    Start Wreck: The Final Frontier.
    This week’s episode: The Search for Trump’s Brain.

    HuKaBee: Captain we’ve been warping reality for some the now and there is a danger that the Try-Lie-To-Them crystals may over-heat.

    Captain Trump: I need you to squeeze everything out of them that you can get. Get Conway to help you, Spicer too … we have to escape the grip of this reality field. Ah … Science Officer Pence have we got any read outs yet on this reality field.

    1st Officer Pence: Captain, there appears to be an anomaly in the reality field around the ship (#sad). I am afraid if we don’t create some sort of an impenetrable defence that it will grow bigly and we will be swamped by aliens. The read outs are illogical Captain … they suggest that the reality field came from a star system 8 million light years away. But as that’s simply impossible – the Universe less than 6,000 years old (and that’s including Sundays).

    Trump: Did you hear that sound? It was a terrible low sound, it went something like “Moollerrrr”

    to be continued …

    • A Wee Scots Dog says:

      Communications Officer Conway: we’re being hailed Captain

      Trump: Who by, is it Dook and the Shar-Lotz-Vill-Teeky-Torsh-Kareerz?

      Conway: no it’s the Vulgan Vurstlady from your home planer Vulgar

      Trump: who?

      Conway: You know your Vulgan mate, it must be Amok time

      Trump: I hate being a mocked – but I have an idea, Put her on screen.

      Melancholia: Hello Don-Ald.

      Trump: Melancholia, I need your help with an impenetrable barrier

      Melancholia: You need some kind of erection for that I think – but you can’t get one can you?

      Trump: Not since last Amok time, but you had an impenetrable barrier back then I remember it and I need it now to stop those Aliens

      Melancholia: Unfortunately I’m over 9,000 light years away, it’s going to take a few hours

      Pence: But sir, that’s impossible the universe is only 6000 years old….

      To be continued ?

    • Michael Shaughnessy says:

      A Wee Scots Dog There used to be a British comedy show in the 1980s called Spitting Image that used puppets. They had a running gag about Ronald Reagan about his brain being missing I wish it was still on TV I can imagine the fun they would have had with Trump. Trump makes Reagan and Bush Junior look like rocket scientists.

    • Jayme Rosenberger says:

      A Wee Scots Dog
      Melancholia!! 😂🤘❤😄

  7. EJ's Recording Studios says:

    Seth has never listened to “Space is Cool” by: Markiplier

  8. Toni Bush says:

    Seth is kinda sexy…

  9. Majo gl says:

    I just hear Brian when he speaks…

    • Gary Dorgan says:

      I’ve watched family guy so much that, in my mind’s eye, a picture of Brian is superimposed on Seth every time he speaks.

  10. A Wee Scots Dog says:

    Actually, there an alien character in Futurama who is very similar to Donald Trump. I think he’s called Zap Grab-Again.

  11. Ankush Mudgal says:

    I wanna be in the middle of this Seth Sandwich.

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey says:

      me too. Not with you in it. I have nothing against you – au contraire – just don’t want to get in your way. You can have your own sandwich; I can have mine. You know, like with real sandwiches.
      Dammit, I’m hungry now…

  12. TeaEarlGrey says:

    The Orville was fantastic, you rock Seth!

  13. DaFeanor20 says:

    -Do Aliens exist? Possibly.
    -Have they visited our earth? Probably not, although it is possible they visited millions of years ago.
    -But what about hearsay and stories from folks in the southern US? Well if you really believe that intelligent life forms, capable of traveling large distances through the universe, would come to our earth and think “well it was a long trip, better get to a little farm somewhere away from major cities because we don’t want the attention even though we just traveled to another planet with (intelligent) life” then you better rethink what you know.
    -But what about Area 51? It was a governement scam to get attention to the US and they needed better publicity against the Russians, it was an escalating hoax and UFO enthusiasts latched on to it.

    • Sir Monte Carlo says:

      DaFeanor20 Yeah. With there being hundreds of millions of galaxies in the universe it would be disappointing to think we are alone, I think anyway. But we do orbit a dull star in a quiet part of the milky way so unlikely anyone would bother coming here.

    • DaFeanor20 says:

      Also, if we were in sight of a more intelligent lifeform and they would consider visiting us, what would we have to offer that would justify coming here besides the fact that they just could? If they have the resources to do so, they wouldn’t need to come here and if they want to conquer us they easily could do that too. No independence day scenario in the real world, we would lose big time, either going down immediately or blowing ourselves up trying to fight them. But one would also assume that if they are that intelligent, they have gone past the flaws of greed, envy or anything like that. If humans were smarter there would be no wars at all.

    • sion8 says:

      Dude, I’ve been saying it for years! Those extraterrestrials are the fratboys of the universe messing with us! The scientists have surveillance equipment light years away, but what do the recently emancipated aliens care for? Not scientific scientific pursues, I’ll tell ya! We may be intelligent for our level, but at best we are intelligent ants to interestelar-capable extraterrestrial species.

  14. Him Ansh says:

    Try to listen to this with your eyes closed
    It feels like as if Brian is talking

  15. Mr. Breakoutt says:

    Meyers is becoming a better host!

    • WormholeJim says:

      Hahaha In my language that exact(almost exact, just the spelling a bit off) line means “Meyers ice worries bitter cheese.” It doesn’t make ready sense obviously, but it’s still hilarious. Worry that bitter cheese, Meyers! Hahahaha

    • chokinonashes61 surname says:

      Mr. Breakoutt
      He is the best late night host; funny and a great interviewer.

  16. PaulXPZ says:

    Personally I thinks if aliens have visited earth their advanced tech would be such that they wouldn’t leave any evidence or get spotted. It just seems weird that they would master interstellar or possibly intergalactic travel only to have their ships crash or get spotted by primitive monkeys with a camera

    • Drosta Dorianin says:

      There’s no reason to think interstellar travel is possible, save at sublight speeds. Intergalactic? Nope. There might be some microbes out there, but it’s a pretty young universe for lots of intelligence. Until there’s something to suggest FTL is possible, we can continue mocking UFOlogists.

  17. Jennifer Cullor says:

    MacFarlane is the Hottest nerd around.

  18. New Message says:

    Ok.. gun to your head… Seth or Seth?

    I’d go with Seth.

  19. New Message says:

    The idea that we are the only intelligent life in the entire Universe, let alone just the observable Universe, is human hubris at it’s greatest degree. But to believe that they could, or would, waste massive amounts of time, untold resources and risk destroying both civilizations in the process just to buzz a few highways, stomp on some hay fields, and give the occasional hillbilly a poke in the colon is just plain stupid.

    Hell, all they could possibly find out about us from probing is that one in 10 don’t really seem to mind.

    • Rimatan1 says:

      there is also this to consider. an advanced civilisation who have the technology to travel across vast distances in space able to navigate to our tiny solar system out of untold numbers. enter a solar orbit, and earth orbit, deorbit earth for suborbital fligth and flight, before (USEING THE SAME CRAFT WHIT NO BOOSTERS OR ANY OTHER SINGLE USE ASSISTANCE) take of and presumably return home…. sinch no comunication have been established its safe to assume these…. aliens… dont want direct contact whit us.. and yet we are able to detect their ships/planes whatever….. we have a lot of “stealth” tech on earth…. but we dont even have a craft that can take off, enter orbit, go to moon land, and return… we need to use single use rockets to do this.. but for a race who can do this (And much more… interstellar travel….) are unable to keep their craft hidden? besides… why would they break orbit at all???? whit the technology we have today, why would they risk it.. it would be pretty safe to assume whatever they wantet to know could be learned from orbit, or by sending probes….

    • throwmeaname says:

      It’s also human hubris to assume that technology is on an upward linear progression of tools. We think of spaceships because we can link that idea with our own experience due to us having ships at home. But How do we know sentient species don’t use organic beings to travel thru space? Like the Zergs, Aliens, or the Flood from Halo.

    • Drosta Dorianin says:

      Because the energy requirements for interstellar travel, even at sublight speeds, are extravagantly immense. Any civ capable of interstellar travel really wouldn’t need to.

    • Evelyn Barton says:

      we are their progeny

    • Drosta Dorianin says:

      Well, that’s imbecilic.

  20. kznovak says:

    I’d rather listen to Seth MacFarlane sing over Bob Dylan any day!

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