Seth Meyers On Colbert Controversy, Doing Comedy With Trump | The View

Seth Meyers On Colbert Controversy, Doing Comedy With Trump | The View

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20 Responses

  1. Sassy Green says:

    lol obama’s face

  2. I'm Always Right says:

    Seth’s cute

  3. seM ata says:

    without Trump all shows won’t get viewers.

  4. M Umo says:

    The Russians make Trump laugh as well.

  5. Crystal Acosta says:

    two is enough lol

  6. biggb says:

    moral of the story: beware anyone without a sense of humor

  7. ea4b says:

    so we have seth to thank for the baby in chief?

  8. Miguel Hernandez says:

    who’s laughing now

  9. remy reveyoso says:

    seth…. you are my smart-white boy crush!!! dont tell my husband, Trevor Noah!!!!

  10. CSpan1993 says:

    lol at trump nodding slowly at the start of the last joke and then stopping when he hears the punchline.

  11. Abigail T says:

    I love Seth Meyers. He just makes my day ?

  12. blueagle1100 says:

    when comedians make fun of someone it may hurt but when a president makes fun it injures

  13. Old Geezer says:


  14. hawaomar100 says:

    Seth Meyers is very smart and clever. That what makes him a good comedian.

  15. 2001Horatio says:

    There has NEVER been so much MATERIAL

  16. Adolfo Villarroel says:

    seth is really funny. trump sucks

  17. faboze says:

    The gifts should’ve stopped at the bib

  18. D says:

    Its ok. Obama had the last laugh after all. With Trump getting what he deserves.

  19. E-Ma says:

    is it just me or does Seth look gay on the view?

  20. Jackie T-M says:

    I guess FCC don’t got anything better to do 😉

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