Seth Meyers Shares Remarks on Donald Trump’s Presidency

Seth Meyers Shares Remarks on Donald Trump’s Presidency

Seth takes a moment to talk about the results of the 2016 presidential election and what a Donald Trump presidency could mean for the nation.
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Seth Meyers Shares Remarks on Donald Trump’s Presidency- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Hunta says:

    I don’t like the Electoral College

  2. Eitan Zemel says:

    2 dislikes on a video 9 minutes long, within 1 minute of the video being

  3. Irun mun says:

    We are fucked

  4. Atheist Everyday says:

    Please Seth, promise you will keep fighting bigotry and mis information,
    you are my anchor

  5. selick says:

    Most reasons someone gives for voting for Donald trump is something stupid
    like I don’t want a liar or a criminal being the president. So I don’t have
    respect for those people

  6. Weird Cabron says:


  7. Jeff Pride says:

    Seth was genuinely emotional in this one. Keep it real Seth!

  8. YAOES says:

    I’m willing to give him a shot… It’s Pence I have a serious problem

  9. BCM4everyoung says:

    HE, (Trump), said it was rigged so lets count again!

  10. Brandon J says:

    You can see Seth fighting back the tears when he mentions the next
    potential female president. I agree with you 100%. Watching The Donald’s
    victory speech, it almost seemed like he was a halfway decent and sane man.
    I hope for your country’s sake that a lot of Trump’s empty rhetoric was
    just that, (the most unconventional means of becoming a presidential elect
    to date) and that he’ll be willing to work with Congress and the Senate to
    actually do some good for the US. Good luck America, and as a country,
    continent, and a damn planet, I hope we can all agree that we need to put
    our hands together and hope to God that Trump’s audacious personality
    doesn’t cause issues for the globe. I always said the one great thing about
    a Trump presidency would be potentially strengthened relationship with
    Russia, because you know, birds of a feather. If this election was a movie,
    let’s hope last night was the last act, we’re now back to reality.

  11. Jordan says:

    Seth makes a lot of jokes, but you can tell how hurt he actually is and
    that’s so sad.

  12. fidorover says:

    I spent the day reading *How to Build a Nuclear Fallout Shelter in Your
    All I need now is a basement.

  13. omar hassan says:

    I am a grown ass man crying over here..sniff sniff I even had a party ready
    to celebrate our first female prez.

  14. Madeline Gude says:

    Despite people critizing Seth for his show’s liberal propaganda, I think
    that was a well said remark. I could feel the hurt in his voice as he
    talked about Hillary’s defeat and the next female president. How sad! Soon,
    Seth, the time will come soon!

  15. Taylor Braithwaite says:

    Why would you want him to be a terrible president? I didn’t vote for him,
    but I hope he’s a great president. I care more about what’s better for
    America than being “right.” I hope I voted for the wrong person. I hope
    Trump proves me wrong. I hope that Americans can think as Americans and not
    as a Democrat and not as a Republican.

  16. Krish D. says:

    As an American, I apologize in advance if Trump decides to nuke your

  17. Wakka: Made in Yevon says:

    This is the saddest I’ve ever heard this guy, and that’s with all the jokes

  18. Joachim Schoder says:

    Let’s hope he is not the fascist monster he played during the campaign.

  19. Ecap says:

    Trump vs Kanye 2020

  20. borussen 1909 says:

    I’ve never heard/seen Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah so sad
    and defeated than they did after the election.