Seth Rogen — My Boss Has Massive Balls

Seth Rogen doesn’t know how Sony Pictures honcho Amy Pascal walks with cojones the size of grapefruits — but he’s glad she does since she’s still backing “The Interview” … despite the hackers.

TMZ Covers Sony Leak

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15 Responses

  1. ShrubzHD says:


  2. Black hokage says:

    Seth Rogen and James Franco are definitely banging. Fucking fags

  3. ouuuhhh says:

    Seth Rogen sucks

  4. mrjustice12 says:

    seth was probably high

  5. 1markettim says:

    north Korea coming for yal lol

  6. Faisal SS says:

    Bet he licked it. 

  7. DozaCraft says:

    Do the people who upload these videos even watch them? Videos are
    consistently mistitled…

  8. DrEw111216 says:

    After this is the end I can’t wait for this movie

  9. KryllHazzard says:

    Really bumbed they made this movie it HAS to piss of North Korea

  10. Albert Gjoni says:


  11. abdullah alshudukhi says:

    Why would they disrespect North Korea so much… its not like that North
    Korea mad a movie to disrespect the western world. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY

  12. I'm Batman says:

    Fuck this propaganda shit.

  13. Adrian Gee says:

    What’s the point of this video?


    *Misleading title, everybody dislike this shit f69k tmz!*

  15. WASHINGTONgiant on Xbox live says:

    I really hate the TMZ watermark on all their videos. its annoying as f***!