Seth Rollins discusses winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: March 29, 2015

Seth Rollins discusses winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: March 29, 2015

Seth Rollins talks about his plan to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 31.

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20 Responses

  1. Wedgeman ` says:

    All the dislikes are from Marks that share the same ideology as Vince!

  2. Luis Roulette says:


  3. Billy Edgar says:

    I’d love to see dean ambrose and Roman reigns going for tag team champs cos
    they r still ‘brothas’
    They tried to take down Kane and big show at royal rumble together
    Also cesaro needs a push and Tyson Kidd needs sodd off

  4. Natural Xx Of me Xx says:

    Seth rollins SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Steven May says:

    All you people hating on Rollins are just jealous haters

  6. DogeGaming says:

    I’ll give Rollins a valance butnif n he f*cks this up Ima murder his ass

  7. nelson ceballos says:

    roman reings the best
    rollings suck

  8. LOS Tastic says:

    So happy for #SethRollins! Me and my #WTXVideoPodcast cohost were there
    live for his final #ROH match, and I remember the crowd turning on him
    because he was selling out to go to #WWE. Tyler Black was on a mission, and
    that mission led him all the way to the mountain top as the WWE CHAMPION!

  9. paulheymanguy 21 says:

    brilliant by seth rollins

  10. Dorjee Dhondup says:

    I hope roman range take HWC from Seth Rollins 

  11. StarkillerRiley says:

    This was an awesome event. Seth deserves to be the WWE champion. He earned
    it :D

  12. Faarjam says:

    Im glad Vince actually listened to the REAL wrestling fans here instead of
    6 year olds and roman fangirls

  13. Seth Trollins says:

    Vince we love u

  14. Liam West Ham Crazy Hennessy says:

    Well don Seth you don’t deserve it

  15. Lukas Bär says:

    Seth Rollins has earned the belt! He rocks the shows and has technically
    true stuff on it. He also had to be sometime Money in the Bank to redeem
    and that was exactly the right moment.

  16. Dorjee Dhondup says:

    He was real cat and pomorain 

  17. Dorjee Dhondup says:

    Pomorain what they will do u know

  18. lewis crathern says:

    hi plz look at my channel and plz sub because just got a youtube accountmso

  19. Connor Osullivan says:

    I’m glad he won , reigns would never have beaten Brock and I like reigns
    and he was giving Brock a good fight at the end, with all the superman
    punches and the spears , Well played by vince 

  20. LucaminiRonaldo subscribe says:

    F**k Seth Rollins