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We expose entire scammer call center, Calling scammers by their real name, scammers in real life
Fake tech support (fake amazon, fake apple, fake microsoft, fake nortons)
Inside a scammer call centre
Deleting a scammers files – File deletion syskey
Speaking Hindi, Urdu, India Scammers, Indian Scammers
Scambaiting (Scambait, Scambaiter) Criminal Scammer Operation
Collaboration with Jim Browning and Mark Rober
Scammers CCTV Cameras Hacker Exposes
Scammer goes nuclear, Scammer rage and meltdown
The SSA Scam

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28 Responses

  1. Jim Browning says:

    We will have to stagger our videos next time 🙂 Nice work!

    • jay Makak says:

      It seems that educating people about how silly it is for them to purchase gift cards to correct a mistake that a phony call center made should be the focus of your anti-scam campaign. Doesn’t it?
      If a person is willing to walk to a convenient store-miles away from their own home in order to purchase crypto currency to place in a anonymous wallet, you have an insurmountable task.
      You just can’t fix that type of gullability.

    • Jay Bomb says:

      Trust me Jim, your video is next in que 😆 you’ll get all the views

    • Feyyore Dirkear says:

      just means a marathon xD

    • ecalzo says:

      you did amazingly Jim .. maybe you was the one that let all those scammer payback or scambaiter begin doing those things .. i don’t know … but both of you guys , all of you, you’re my heroes

  2. Holly says:

    Your anger is justified. You and everyone have a right to be mad at these scamming leeches. I applaud you and anyone else (this includes you viewers who mess with them on the phone) who work hard at bringing them to justice. Keep up the awesome work !

  3. truffles1111 says:

    We have an elderly Chinese friend who is single. She was a brilliant medical researcher, but totally tech UN-savvy and naive. We have been showing her your videos and warning her about the various strategies. She successfully avoided being scammed by a utility scammer a few days ago. Then she called us to report in! 😀 We were so proud of her! Thank YOU!!!

    • Lisa Boban says:

      @John Williams I was just thinking this morning that I need to start a community program to help folks defend themselves against scammers. This is a great idea! And congratulations for making a huge difference in your community!

    • ⚡️Zenitsu 7th Form⚡️ says:

      @John Williams 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • John Williams says:

      @Russell Bishop , It’s a good idea! My aunt lives in an assisted living apartment. I got permission to show some videos and talk to the residents about being scammed online and from the phone.

      The NEXT DAY I got a call from the admin letting me know that I had stopped at least three residents from getting phone scammed!

      A week later my own aunt got the MS scam call and they tried to get her to install anydeks. 🤣 She’s a bit of a smarta$$ like me and kept the guy on the phone for over an hour talking about how she didn’t have any “decks” of playing cards, would UNO cards be OK? I was SO PROUD of her!

    • Rebecca Stewart says:

      Well done!

    • Russell Bishop says:

      That’s fantastic to hear, I have wondered about doing this for my elderly relatives

  4. bigstackD Casting says:

    I had some scamming dogs in my comments two weeks ago telling people they won the giveaway and then trying to extract hundreds of dollars from them for postage pretending to be me through some stupid app and when they couldn’t get money off some people they resorted to asking for gift cards and bitcoin payments and unfortunately they did get a few of my subscribers!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 scammers need to be locked away💪🏼

    • Niels says:

      Tip: turn comments off, then put in description: I turned the comments off because of scambots

    • John Williams says:

      Was that the WhatApp nonsense? I get those all the time from different creators and report them to YouTube. They either pretend to be the channels creatror or like you wrote announce the person has won something.

  5. قناة الشرطة والأمن says:

    “Scammer: ‘m in Washington D.C. sir..

    SPB: No you’re not, you’re in New Delhi

    Scammer: I’m in Redmond, Washington

    Funny how he jumped 2750 miles in a flash..

  6. Seth Tynan says:

    You should never be apologetic about how you talk to them. They know exactly what they are doing to these people. You guys are doing an amazing job! Keep it up!

    • Guacamole says:

      Couldn’t of said it better brother 🙌🏻

    • Loretta _ says:

      Well they’re certainly not apologizing!

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing says:

      @Jenifer R.
      💯 Also, it’s BS that nobody can see your remark except for me… I see it from my notifications, but when I open up the thread it isn’t here. I gave it a +1 anyways. 😉

      Kitboga stopped revealing at the end ages ago for the exact reason that you and I are talking about. This SP channel has lost the plot!

    • Jason Langworth says:

      Treat trash like trash

  7. Mav says:

    Would be awesome to let their families know about the disgusting “work” they have been doing. Maybe set up a Twitter account showing faces of people who work in these call centres and try and make it popular in India

  8. Stephanie Humphries says:

    Pierogi no need to apologize for lashing out at these idiots because I love it when you do 😂they deserve it and more. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and long hours exposing these fools ❤️

  9. The Origami Guru says:

    Honestly, I wish I could shake your hand for what you’re doing, because it is beyond Noble. You’re an amazing human being and I hope you continue doing the great work you’re doing.

  10. BornNameless19 says:

    Dude my blood boils when I hear these scammers running thier mouths. I don’t know how you stay so calm half the time. I mean completely ruining someone’s life with no remorse. Your doing a great service 👏 glad your taking the fight to them.

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