Several explosions rock churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

Several explosions rock churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

At least six explosions rocked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. A hospital official said scores were injured and at least two dozen dead. BBC News reports from the scene in Colombo.

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58 Responses

  1. Ramona Cardona says:

    Prayers from New Jersey! May God comfort and heal you all!

  2. Isaiah Pacheco says:

    Prayers from Texas, I pray for y’all out there and stay strong??

  3. Barbara Wood says:

    Many Christian people/churches in the USA praying for our precious brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka! Praying for peace and strength!

  4. RedGuardian787 says:

    Prayers and condolences from Arizona, USA.? May these people find comfort and peace. ?

  5. lukonawesome says:

    Prayers from Houston Tx, God bless the souls of these people that just wanted to have a nice Easter with their families ?❤️

  6. John Cooper says:

    Prayers and blessings. From San Antonio TX

  7. Queen Elle says:

    Prayers from the East Coast, United States of America ??. This is tragic. I am so sorry. ❤️ ?

  8. Baru Fred says:

    If you’re going out there and start shooting or booming targeted people randomly, you deserve to be locked up for the rest of your life. My prayers from South Sudan.

    • Dessa C. says:

      Baru Fred What’s a booming?

    • Dessa C. says:

      in it for the lol’s What prophecies has Muhammad made? Get rekt.

    • look up says:

      no more blood needs to spill, however we live in a chaotic world handed down from people in a lust for power and control. now with social media and the illusion of the dollar. nobody has any ability to feel humanity. this world is not lost but pushed back into a now forwards dark time? wen can the light finaly be seen and people put the weapons down. build a world of people.2019 yet act like barbaric trolls, fighting each other, while the people making gains off the chaos never see first hand but only results.

    • Jesse Collins says:

      Baru Fred targeted and randomly are contradicting each other and it wasn’t random lol it was because they’re Christians because of an evil ideology and they deserve worse han prison.

    • Jesse Collins says:

      in it for the lol’s he didn’t say anything g was wrong with loving Muhammad lol

  9. Carlos Curry says:

    Prayers from Sacramento, California going up!!! ?

  10. •Mystic• says:

    Prayers from georgia! ❤❤❤❤
    RIP… For those who died.. Have a great soul in heaven ??

  11. Ulises Carmona says:

    This gets me so angry and sad!!!!
    Sending my love and strength to all affected

  12. Wynter Samuels says:

    Prayers from the United States ??
    Sadden to see more religious places being targeted to harm people

  13. Jmellothagreat says:

    Prayers my god be with the families????????

  14. Gavin van duzer says:

    Humanity can be really disgusting sometimes but it’s on our darkest hours when light shines the brightest thoughts and prayers

  15. Chris Slide says:

    Prayers from Las Vegas Nevada United States I hope no more explosions go off . And pray for everyone in this

  16. vida says:

    prayers from Lebanon, i’m speechless :/

  17. Fabio Moreira says:

    Prayers from Brazil. Come back Lord Jesus!

  18. YaBoyFranko says:

    Prayers from the whole world ? ❤️

  19. Deshandu Prabasha says:

    I am Sri Lankan and we are neaver forget this .This is a Target Activity. 140 DEAD ,400 Plus injured .We Lost Our Easter ..??

    • Virmana says:

      +Ms Rana atheism… lol ahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

    • Are you feeling it now Mr.Krabs? says:

      +Ms Rana atheism has nothing to do with this. The burning of notre dame wasn’t even an act of arson. And we still don’t know who did these church and hotel bombings. The dude who did the mosque shootings was just trying to promote his white supremacy.

    • Kuri0 says:

      +Are you feeling it now Mr.Krabs?Muslims did the church bombings

    • michael thomas says:

      +Are you feeling it now Mr.Krabs? Stop BS’ing. The investigation into the Notre Dame fire is ongoing. They’re working off the assumption that it was accidental, but they haven’t ruled anything out. ‘And we still don’t know…’ This just reveals your bias. You ruled out arson for the Notre Dame fire, even though the investigation hasn’t been completed, but you’re not willing to jump to any conclusions about this reported Musl1m attack. Comical.

    • VoidKitty says:

      Hang in there. I hope things get better for you all. You’re not alone. We are rooting for Sri Lanka. ♡

  20. Dianna Nunez says:

    pray for the Country of SRI LANKA ?? all the world should pray for Jesus for all the sins of us in the World ??

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