Sevilla vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/27/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Sevilla vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/27/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

A double-header with Sevilla will go some way to defining Barcelona’s season and their forwards made sure they won the league meeting.
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101 Responses

  1. Frenkie De Goat says:

    Madrid Fans that said Barca can’t beat good teams👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯

  2. Barcelona Golden state says:

    Name: ilaix
    Assists: 2

    Star of the future

  3. Khoa Nguyen says:

    So you telling me that there is still a chance!!!

  4. iTz AcTiv says:

    Barca’s defense was amazing today

  5. iTz AcTiv says:

    Bein sports with the fast uploads

  6. CVG 0 says:

    Dembele was class today and would love to see more of riqui. But great win visca Barcelona 🥳🥳

  7. Kenny-Y says:

    Messi scored for 8th Consecutive La Liga games in a row🐐

  8. PuspaazTv says:

    Best defensive performance from Barca this season. Everyone played their part well and finally won against the top side. Hopefully, the injury of Pedri, Araujo and Pique is not serious.

  9. Probably Stoned says:

    Dembele, Frankie de jong, busquets, lenglet matter of fact the whole team had a fantastic game.

  10. RAYÁNO says:

    Hands down this was the best performance from Barcelona this season. The way they pressed, even Messi was pressing, their possession, the amount of chances created against a good sevilla side. What a great game. ¡Vamos Barca!

    • Noah David says:

      @ليونيل ميسي ملك كرة القدم 10 I was making fun of Messi haters, I’m a Messi fan lol. Messi is ballon dor contender this year. Calm down

    • Ahmad Al Bakri says:

      @Doge Sensation So as you guys. And we can just wait until his contract finishes and if PSG don’t renew the contract we can get him for free

    • Doge Sensation says:

      @Ahmad Al Bakri well see

    • Jose Escobar says:


    • Jose Escobar says:


  11. Rufuto Rahman says:

    Public: How fast do you upload?
    beIN SPORTS: Yes

  12. Elpulimen says:

    The only bad things in this game were Pedri’s injury and Araujo’s injury as soon as he started playing.

  13. Elpulimen says:

    Lenglet was on point. This game was very important for him.

    • Soy Anjel says:

      I agree

    • The Gamers official says:

      I just looked at the formation on Google and I was like what the f is this? Alba in the middle but it worked out for lenglet I guess

    • MoonlapseAffinity says:

      @Oscar9MX hey don’t blame the shitty team performance and bad tácticas in Lenglet. Team played like shit any defender would have nothing to do there.
      Just like the other day vs PSG Barca played bad and Koeman didnt gave em a good táctics for the game. people where blaming Dest

    • Oscar9MX says:

      @MoonlapseAffinity like he has in the past? Right tell Busquets and pique that too

    • MoonlapseAffinity says:

      @Oscar9MX if you think Barca Humilliations in UCL are a single players fault and not because of absolute garbage tactics And team performance maybe you should watch a one man sport like tennis or golf.

  14. danlau99 says:

    No wonder Cruyff likes to play three at the back, it’s just really dominating. 👏👏

  15. Scotty Travis says:

    You give dembele freedom and space to run he will be deadly! They need to use him like this more he’s very effective!

  16. Xavier Croke says:

    dembele my man of the match today. He played great. respect from a madrid fan

  17. Raza Hussain says:

    I feel like this formation makes it more comfortable for Dembele and Messi that they don’t have to defend as much. Hopefully they line up like this against PSG too!

  18. Le Murf says:

    “He’s handing out chocolates to the defenders as he goes by.” – Ray Hudson

  19. marco hernandez says:

    That’s the Dembele we all have been waiting to see, explosive, dynamic and strong, same with Dest, I hope they play like this against PSG IN champions, I hope Araujos injury is not a bad one I was so happy to see him back in defense.

  20. Aaron Adams says:

    If Barca’s defense could do this every time they’d be in a whole different place

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