Sevilla vs. Man. City: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Sevilla vs. Man. City: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Erling Haaland’s start to his Manchester City career has been record-breaking. Can Sevilla find the formula to contain the Norwegian dynamo?

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45 Responses

  1. Der Lehrer says:

    No fancy moves, no flashy antics. Just cold execution. Haaland is a beast

  2. DAMAGE says:

    The fact that on the second goal he scored he seen his teammate was going to shoot and he moved back to a non off side position was just amazing pure class by this young man

  3. Felipe Morales says:

    The magic about Haaland is that what he does seems so simple but is extremely difficult at game speed.

  4. Guiltygrain says:

    Haaland is just ridiculous, looking forward to his knockout stages campaign

  5. Jacob Pleasure says:

    Haaland is just inevitable. Rooting against him is like self-torture (from a Liverpool fan)

  6. Irem Topuz says:

    Haaland is just that guy. So many doubted him and he’s proving everybody wrong 🔥🔥🔥

    • H A says:

      How tf this ‘doubt’ comment has so many likes is beyond me.

    • Patrick Kelly says:

      @Arizona Native You read a couple of comments from computer desk football fans and from that you pick out that English football fans hated him and made light of his footballing talents, the desert heat is frying your brain my friend, Man City paid £60,000,000. for his services and are currently paying him £500,000. per week because they know what he can do for a already successful team , the jelous fans who were deriding him knew he was not coming to their clubs and so in the time old manner of English fans and indeed fans the world over they as you said cast shade in his direction but have no doubt they knew a behemoth of a center forward was about to set fire to the Premiere League, I watched him via my TV last night frightning the crap out of the Seville defenders he only touched the ball a couple of times and scored two goals, Pep Guardiola had to remove him from the game before he ruined it completly
      Stay safe.

    • Arizona Native says:

      They actually did when in a post saying he is heading to man city if he was going to have success in the English premier league then all these comments from hating English fans saying he can’t do nothing here in this league he only did that over there because he was in farmers league right here he is going to play with big boys no one makes it over here in the English league and scores that many and now it seems like nobody saying anything or that he is going to end up like Werner so yes they were check out his older videos barely going into man city and you’ll see the hate they were throwing

    • Patrick Kelly says:

      who doubted him ? he came with a well deserved reputation as a prolific goal scorer i never heard any one doubt his ability.

    • Logan Franklin says:

      My friend, who doubted him?

  7. Eddie Mulone says:

    Haaland is unbelievable. Watching him is similar to watching Ronaldo & Messi when they were younger, you just always have the sense that he’s going to score

  8. michael kanu says:

    This young man is going to break records. I always used to think that it’ll take another 30 years before we see a player breaking C.Ronaldo and L.Messi scoring records. The rate this kid is going. He’ll get it done before he hangup his boats. I hope fans will not compare him with the other greats and just enjoy this man play football

  9. isxxc says:

    Haaland’s positioning and physical work is crazy!

  10. Cameron J says:

    Watching Haaland makes me feel like a kid again. Simply amazing

    • CurtisVenom32 says:

      @Cameron J I agree, He truly loves the game and wants to be the best the most.

      You can see it in everything he does.

    • Cameron J says:

      @anty12332 well when I was a kid and you see not just the professionals play but when one stands out and above the rest you get fascinated by what they do. Haaland just brings that pure heart to play the game everytime he plays. He has passion drive and fun inside of him when he plays

    • Nice Person says:

      @anty12332 i believe it is the pure happiness

    • anty12332 says:

      Why the hell does it make you feel like a kid?

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