Sevilla vs. Roma: Extended Highlights | UEL Final | CBS Sports Golazo

Sevilla vs. Roma: Extended Highlights | UEL Final | CBS Sports Golazo

Sevilla have conjured magic on the way to a seventh UEL final where they face UEFA trophy specialist Mourinho and his experienced Roma side in Budapest.

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32 Responses

  1. judah says:

    if every match Sevilla played was the Europa League final they’d be the greatest team of all time

  2. Raquel Ruiz says:

    Bono always saving the day it does not matter if it’s Morocco or Sevilla he always delivers and i was going for Roma but its unfortunate they did not win it would hqve been a fairy tale but this team just owns the europa league

    • Playinwitmynutsack says:

      *Referee Saved them from a penalty

    • Simo says:

      Yeah Sevilla owns this tournament. It is super unfortunate about some of the calls. I like Romas (Jose’s) approach of sitting back right defensively and hitting teams on precise chances going forward but darn is it a sketchy way to gamble sometimes.
      Was really hoping Serie A would have 3 trophies this time with Fiorentina, Roma and Inter but I can’t see the other 2 teams winning now. Darn shame.

    • Ulisses Mendoza says:

      Super underrated tbh he’s so good as a keeper

    • sjonthamoon says:

      such a good keeper. deserves the respect he gets.

    • Sir Switch Crookington says:

      Sevilla owns it to the point of it being suspicious. That handball not called was criminal, his arm was moving away from his body to block that shot.

  3. John Freddie says:

    What a Goalkeeper Bono. He deserves big credit for Sevilla’s win tonight!

  4. Kaitane says:

    From going through 3 coaches, hectic season and relegation battle to possibly finishing in the half on the table and today winning their 7th Europa league final out of 7 attempts. What a season for Sevilla and kings of Europa for sure.

  5. Zheng Wang says:

    Seville’s route copies year after year: the third in UCL team, then go to UEL and win the title and do that again next year.

    • Ghhfd Dres23 says:

      Seria A is the equivalent of the MLS in Europe.

    • manzanaresantonio says:

      @Ghhfd Dres23 Typical EPL fan that believes that every EPL team is good just because Manchester City is the best team at the moment.
      For your information, Italy has 2 teams in the semifinals of the Champions League and 2 in the Semifinals of the Europa League, not even England, Spain or Germany have done that this year!

    • Military junkie says:

      @Ghhfd Dres23
      Man if Seria A sucks so bad, why didn’t Bayern, Madrid, Barcelona, or any other league make CL finals😂
      Inter Milan lives rent free in your head

  6. VikingEMT says:

    Ever since the world cup, I’ve been amazed at how underrated Bono and livakovic are

    • Alfredo Reyes says:

      Also Montiel big game player. Can’t go wrong with Dybala too did amazing here aswell as just the minutes played in the World Cup.

  7. Maric Ishan Karunakaran says:

    Montiel: Winning Penalty for Aregentina
    Montiel: Winning Penalty for Sevilla

    • Dave Lukeski says:

      Imagine the nerves for him stepping up, again, for the tournament winning penalty kick in a shoot out. Then add getting your first saved, miraculous encroachment call, and then having to step up AGAIN for the tournament winning penalty kick. MONTIEL HAS ICE IN HIS VEINS! Incredible.


      Thank you for pointing this out❤

  8. Ahmed M. H. IBRAHIM says:

    Hero with Morocco, and now hero with Sevilla! Bono is quite a KEEPER!

  9. C R says:

    Damn, what a save from Bono towards the end of regulation (9:28) during that Roma quick free kick.

  10. FlatJoey666 says:

    Wanted to see mou get another trophy but Sevilla absolutely deserved it given the teams they had to beat to get here.

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