Sevyn Streeter – Don’t Kill The Fun ft. Chris Brown [Official Video]

Sevyn Streeter – Don’t Kill The Fun ft. Chris Brown [Official Video]

Watch Sevyn’s official video for “Don’t Kill The Fun” featuring Chris Brown. Download the single here:

Or stream it here:

Check out Sevyn Streeter on Spotify:

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20 Responses

  1. ajfast1 says:

    Best parts were 2:15-2:18 and 3:07-3:10 but sevyn needs to make more songs
    with chris though its good for both of em shout outs to chris for directing

  2. slm22186 says:

    Love this song.

  3. Alexis West says:

    gray hairbis actually nice

  4. Destiny Nicole says:

    Chris is so cute #teambreezy

  5. lala breezy says:

    Director breezy

  6. Erica Blessed says:

    Great song dance too video dope

  7. Davieon h says:

    I love the song. Chris made the video for me. Even if he wasn’t featured to
    sing his dance feature was needed

  8. Tyree says:

    I liked it. It was cool

  9. Deuce A says:

    She got some legs on her

  10. Gabriel Maza says:

    #SevynStreeter #ChrisBrown 

  11. mikeballa2001 says:

    Cant hate on this

  12. Tyler l says:

    So this is George Costanzas daughter. Hmm. 

  13. VeryRareMeMe says:

    OKAY SEV! I see ya! This was super cute! Loved the dancing btw

  14. dance says:

    Chris Brown Your My Bae.

  15. Krissyz Rosez says:

    Love it so much
    ☺ ☺ 

  16. David Larue says:

    Yall need to date, stop playin lmaooo we been waiting for this too long

  17. Pia Ashley says:

    This song needs to come out of #40 and up into the top 10. Where is
    Teambreezy and Sevyn’s fans? Anything with Chris should be supported by
    Teambreezy. Sevyn is awesome. Sevyn and Chris always make great music.
    STRANGE where is Teambreezy?. Ayo is doing very well so lets do the same
    for this song and video also

  18. Bigdickgenius92 says:

    Breezy is the best that ever did it!!!

  19. Raimundo Correa says:

    I love you Sevyn

  20. Mzcrazigrl12 says:

    Why is everyone wearing grey weaves now like they not all that jus sayin