Sha’Carri Richardson blazes to 100m gold 🔥 | World Athletics Championships Budapest 23

Sha’Carri Richardson blazes to 100m gold 🔥 | World Athletics Championships Budapest 23

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47 Responses

  1. Ofentse Mwase Films says:

    Easily the Best race this year! Well Done Ladies🙌🏽

  2. Pipikatchu’s Baby says:

    She came out of nowhere! What a run to prove all the haters wrong. 😁

  3. jay blaze says:

    If she works on her start, no one can beat her. Congrats to her. Well deserved victory

  4. JC Lewis says:

    Gatlin said she was the fastest woman he ever saw. No one believed him now she is world champ. Wow that speed is just insane

    • Bill richeter says:

      She can dip down t 10.5 if she can learn to start. She should be great out of blocks but her technique isn’t good. Still great race!

    • Kev A says:

      Yup on I am athlete, once that start is right n she keeps her acceleration it’s over for everyone on the other side

    • J A says:

      ​@billricheter5678 – That’s the scary part. There’s still many improvements to be made. She’s going to get insanely better. She easily has a 10.5 in those legs.

    • Gummy says:

      @J AIdk about that, I think she’s too short to run that fast. She’s about the same height as SFP.

    • J A says:

      @gummy5862  – For a short girl, her start is terrible. If she can work on that start, she’ll easily run 10.5

  5. Jeff says:

    Richardson really went from barely qualifying to setting the championship record

    • Efthymios N says:

      she ran the third fastest time in semis. Definitely not barely.

    • Anthony C says:

      I’m a Shelly guy, but when I saw how fast Sha’Carri finished that semi final after a terrible start I got worried. She actually looks like the fastest woman and then she proved it in the final.

    • tom11zz884 says:

      She was saving her best for last.
      She knew what she was doing..

    • Music Here says:

      She qualified easily with the 3rd best time. She just had an usually awful reaction time in the semis, nothing else. The run itself was good. She was always going to be top 2 favorite in the final, so it’s not a surprise she won

    • Robert Mondavi says:

      Exactly, how do they determine who is running in which heat, ridiculous she had to qualify on time

  6. Jacqueline C. says:

    Got a little teared up for her. What a sensational race. What a win!

  7. Nadine Parkinson says:

    Did NOT think she would win honestly, but WHAT a race. Well done Sha’carri

    • J. M. says:


    • Broken Hill Man says:

      The fastest woman this year wouldn’t win?

    • Nadine Parkinson says:

      @Broken Hill Man she looked nervous going into both races and came third in the semis. Jackson was winning until Richardson came through at the end so yeah based on the day it looked as if she wouldn’t win

    • Nadine Parkinson says:

      @Broken Hill Man ANYTHING can happen on the day, it’s sports there’s no guarantees

    • Broken Hill Man says:

      @Nadine Parkinson
      WTF are you talking about?
      Sha’carri came 3rd in the fasted semi.
      She had the 3rd fastest time in all of the semi because 3 of the 4 fastest women where in her semi.
      She has beaten Sharicka this season already easily.
      There is nothing like “winning until”. Being ahead at some distance isn’t winning.
      Sha’carri ran a time that Sharicka’s PB in a negative wind…without leaning and raising her hands.
      The only woman legitimately faster than her is Elaine Thompson.

  8. Dry Ice Official TV 🎵 says:

    I’m So *Proud* Of *Sha’carri Richardson* 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. The Rogue says:

    She didn’t only win, but she ran a great time! Good for you, Sha’Carri! 10.65 has solidified you as one of the fastest of all time. 🔥

  10. JA says:

    sha’carri’s top-end speed is outrageous. if she gets out of the blocks reasonably well, she will beat these women everytime. so, so good. i’m so happy for her

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