Shadow The Hedgehog – The Search for yet Another Ending

Shadow The Hedgehog – The Search for yet Another Ending


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Guest Voice & Storyboards: @PaperBoxHouse

Editor: @Wergle028

Thumbnail & Charmy Disk Animation: @KrookedGlassesTV

Subtitles: @EmeraldDemond

Driver Shadow Animations: @Zeurel

Dog & Book SFM Animations: @SilentManJoe

Shadow & Omega SFM Animations: @DoovadHohdan

Jack-o pose Shadow Animation: @PringusMcDingus

EggyYungBoi Animations: @Daitomodachi

Chad Egg Pawn Animation: @redminus

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31 Responses

  1. Zeurel says:

    Bunnies > Sponsors. You made the right call.

  2. cowabungoid says:

    More channels need to have a segment where rabbits just vibe for a minute straight instead of ads honestly

  3. Cliff Jumper says:

    The DBZ content is still absolute gold, but stuff like this is like diamond encrusted platinum. Shadow the Hedgehog is the only mainline Sonic game I’ve played and this is a complete blast.

  4. T3zlaGM says:

    the sponsors were missing a gold mine with this one, the animations, the jokes and the best part.. the voice acting!! can’t wait to see what the next stream’s game is gonna be

  5. P0laris74 YT says:

    Alfred as Omega is gold, and then that laugh made it platinum. Also reminded of Soundwave when he did that.

  6. MechaSwool says:

    I imagine this’ll go very well or very poorly. Either way, it’s a win-win

  7. TyTyFamilyGamer14 says:

    Can we all agree that Alfred’s Charmy is absolute *GOLD*

  8. Futurist says:

    27:37 This entire “Giant F*cking Pistol” bit… oh my god. That was the first time I ever TEARED UP I was wheezing so hard. I remember watching this stream all the way back when it happened and these animations only serve to augment these moments from comedy gold to comedy PLATINUM. Thank you very much, sir.

  9. Mint Leaf says:

    Don’t worry about it being a non-DBFZ video. Your other content is just as hilarious and amazing. Also, I’m glad you’re in a more stable position now, money-wise. Thank you for all you’ve made so far, and for what you will make. I look forward to watching more of your content in the future, Lythero.

  10. Dicerson says:

    9:06 I am enamored by the idea that Shadow’s “dad” Is just doing a rumbly voice to sound cool and intimidating, but when shadow was in danger he immediately broke character with immense concern.

    Then went RIGHT back to “being cool”

    Guess we all know where Shadow got that from…

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