Shake It Off – Walk off the Earth

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Walk off the Earth create a tribute to Taylor Swift’s smash hit “Shake It Off” using a bunch of shakers!

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Music Produced by Joel Cassady and Gianni Luminati
Video Directed by Gianni Luminati and Chris Stacey

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20 Responses

  1. Joanna JJ says:

    Much much better than the original version 🙂 at least for me 🙂 So much
    energy! Song for morning 🙂 waking up better than coffee 🙂 Thank a lot!!!

  2. misterbowww says:

    Absolutely creative, funny, professional, brilliant! Love it!!!!!

  3. Butch Penk says:

    Beard Guy, you’re the best! LOL

  4. Navaporn Pandee says:

    you guys are so amazing!! xx

  5. Blanche Oberholzer says:

    you guys never fail to amaze me!! Please do a cover of “Take me to church”
    by Hozier?

  6. Edu Martinez says:


  7. dizzykiwi3 says:

    Perfect. As usual.

  8. AD Talks says:

    I was waiting for Beard Guy to make his EPIC appearance, and that he did. I
    wonder how many takes this took for them to not miss any of the catches? :)

  9. Kyo Yun Seo says:

    Do you know place in this video??

  10. Sheena Duran says:

    I’ve always been amazed on how creative you guys are on your covers. Good

  11. Elizabeth Schrimpf says:

    This video just made my Wednesday 🙂 DFTBA!

  12. We Love Taylor Swift says:

    better than the original.
    just saying. 

  13. Samuel Nunes says:

    I usually abhor pop music, but I can’t help but like the covers you guys do
    of songs like this one!

  14. ArisolSpray says:

    This was a cool little video I really liked it! :)

  15. Lary Tales says:

    Great work! I love it!

  16. Helena Love says:

    amazing <3 love the pink sunset scene...

  17. Justyna S says:

    I am speechless!

  18. Chris # says:

    That guy doing the Undertaker sit up scared the shit out of me. I’m blitzed
    and it scared the shit out of me. Thanks, Walk off the Earth.

  19. DeathCookieEnt says:

    At first i didn’t know what it was aboot, eh? But I’m glad a checked this
    video oot. 

  20. rainjustice38 says:

    Awesome! Love it! Fabulous job. :)