Shakira – Hips Dont Lie (Cover) by Daniela Andrade ft. Shakira

Shakira – Hips Dont Lie (Cover) by Daniela Andrade ft. Shakira

If you couldn’t tell, I was nearly losing all my marbles throughout this entire video.
Life is wild.

Thanks for lending your ears!

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All my love (and then some),

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20 Responses

  1. It's all good says:

    This is honestly amazing

  2. savika gomes says:

    beautiful daniela

  3. KillerBeast25 says:

    <3 subbed

  4. LittlexMissxBacon says:

    This was amazing!!! Just casual Shakira sitting next to you, no biggie.

  5. Precambrian Lullaby says:

    dear miss andrade,
    i would have hit ‘like’, but i don’t care for the sound of people eating. i
    find it very disturbing actually. i’m not the only one ether, it’s actually
    something that bothers a lot of people.

    just an FYI,
    precambrian lullaby

  6. OutLawedHD says:

    me no hablo español ._.

  7. Clinton Misquitta says:

    Is there a full version of this song?

  8. TJ Bautista says:


  9. hkcuto says:


  10. Danny Nguyen says:

    <3 nice one haha that ending xD hahaha

  11. kendostudent says:

    Lol! Great surprise! 2 awesome artists.

  12. clarkeclarkenson says:

    Holy shit. I think I’m in love.

  13. victor dang says:

    I find your voice so sexy.

  14. Mattea Columpsi says:

    Incredible cover Daniela!! Mind blown.

  15. Lynn Nguyen says:

    that was awesome.

  16. Betty Gao says:

    can we get a full cover? Please

  17. TFord says:

    Well that was unexpected lol

  18. Tony Swynn says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! I wish i could like more than once! Thank You for sharing
    with us!

  19. Victoria Low says:

    This gave me goosebumps holy wow

  20. muhamad muhaimin says:

    Can you do sleeping with sirens if I’m james dean and your’re audrey
    hepburn acoustic cover