Shakur Stevenson Best Performance of Young Career, Finishing Herring by TKO to Win Belt | HIGHLIGHT

Shakur Stevenson Best Performance of Young Career, Finishing Herring by TKO to Win Belt | HIGHLIGHT

Watch highlights from the main event of #HerringStevenson featuring #ShakurStevenson and #JamelHerring In the fight, Stevenson put on the best performance of his young career beating Jamel Herring by finishing him with a TKO victory in round 10.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Jose “Chon” Zepeda wants a third world title shot. Josue “The Prodigy” Vargas, born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, hopes his hometown main event is the ticket to title contention.

Zepeda and Vargas will meet in a 10-round junior welterweight main event Saturday, Oct. 30 at Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Zepeda is ranked No. 2 in the world by the WBC, and Vargas, winner of 13 straight bouts, hopes to knock “Chon” off his lofty perch.

Zepeda-Vargas and a 10-round bantamweight tilt between undefeated Puerto Rican knockout artist Carlos “Purin” Caraballo and former world title challenger Jonas Sultan will stream and live and exclusively on ESPN+ starting at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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44 Responses

  1. Caleb says:

    That man strength is definitely coming in. He’s getting closer to his prime.

    • Baby Jesus says:

      @APX Sports don’t disagree with you. Shakur is special. Put on a master class last night

    • Tragic_Jj says:

      Yeah i see it bro u right he just ain’t tank Davis or Haney but he is the 3rd best

    • APX Sports says:

      @WayWillFind1 Bruh, I NEED to be in that stadium watching that fight!!! Teofimo would be outclassed but his power…yooo that gon be litttty lit!

    • APX Sports says:

      @Tragic_Jj Tank’s character and style is more flashy, but I just see Shakur being more clinical…sharper…more elusive…Haney is not far off at all, by inches, but I see Shakur havinf an extra level of dog…

      Man I just hate to call any of those fights. Teo included. I rate all those guys so much. Before Loma faced Teo I did rate him but knew, from the Pedraza fight, that Teo’s dad would use the same blueprint to block off the angles for Lomas feet.

      I love boxing mainly from the tactical perspective and am drooling for all these match ups. Cannot wait!

    • Gabriel Fernandez says:

      @Jose Moroño dios haha he’s not on his level bro Shakur was heavily favored this was suppose to happen he wasn’t no underdog like Valdez and got the ko who did it better?

  2. jacob pacheco says:

    “I told you not to fight him” – Oscar Valdez, probably

  3. Y b says:

    could you imagine the skill on show if him and haney ever fought? what a technical war that would be

    • nmb Memphis beast24 says:

      Not really..when Stevenson was a pup he was hanging with haney now he’s improved way more you can see it..where as haney hasn’t put on a great performance yet

    • Irie ThePeaceKing says:

      Shakur beat him in sparring will beat him in a real fight as well

    • driftking4 says:

      @reymun I know the idea of hit and not get hit. I actually hate when guys just swing at each other with no defense. It frustrates me when there’s a good puncher that does nothing but trade punches and not dodge or block shots. U need a good balance. Thing with these boxers is that they usually have no power and they tend to bore people by running or hugging. That’s y they put slow pressure fighters with no defense in there to make em look good. Put 2 boxers in there and it will b a snoozefest.

    • EOTEK says:

      They sparred there’s footage here on YouTube. Very entertaining

    • reymun says:

      @driftking4 I disagree about it being a snooze fest. It can be, but when it’s 2 boxers with big names it becomes a mega fight. There’s a lot on the line and they’d both wanna show who the top dog is. Look at Taylor vs Prograis. Both great boxers with decent names and undefeated records (at the time). It was a great technical fight that went back and forth. When it’s 2 guys that are very technical and mostly dominant against weaker opponents, it becomes competitive and more entertaining to watch in my opinion. Because neither guy can “run” from each other and play it safe. As for them not having power, they’re both still young and will grow into it. Plus, lots of boxers with real speed tend to not have the most devastating power, (again Floyd) so it’s normal

  4. Solo Productions says:

    I don’t think tank is fighting at 130 anymore, I could be wrong but when Shakur moves up to 35 that’s a lot of drama for the division. Congrats Shakur, he looked unstoppable

  5. TraRob-EastSide says:

    He throws unpredictable punch combinations…. that paired with defensive awareness & quick footwork is a tough guy to beat

    • Preman Youtube says:

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      Lips: “Sensual”
      Smile: “Sweeter”
      Body: “Colder”
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    • Bradley Roberts says:

      And his boxing is seems to be extremely high…

  6. Jerome Truitt says:

    This was a BIG BIG win for Stevenson…he is cemented now

  7. Bradd Young says:

    Kid is most definitely with out a shadow of a doubt the best of his class. He’s not trying to duck and dodge guys playing duck duck goose. He’s trying to fight all the best guys and beating them in dominate fashion. Can’t ask more from a boxer. Congrats young lion!

    • a.d t says:

      @ken buendia Oscar may have power but so did wilder when u have a better boxer in front of you he negates your power with footwork speed and precision shakur has all that and more

    • Replicant Roy says:

      @Thebeewise459 Figueroa is awful, just a clumsy brawler.

    • Thebeewise459 says:

      @Replicant Roy Brandon doesn’t have the most aesthetically pleasing style to the eyes, but is a solid pressure fighter with good power, volume puncher, iron chin,and excellent stamina.

      Also tall rangy and big for 122. Inoue will have problems with him trust me.

    • Cartier Shades says:

      @ken buendia Valdez lost his last fight while on steroids LMAO Shakur will beat Valdez soundly

    • Bradd Young says:

      @a.d t Tank plays duck duck goose more than any fighter in history. He’s fighting Rollie next for Gods sake. The boy refuses to mix it up with any elite in his division. He moves up and down to fight old or b level fighters to pad his resume. He stays far away from loma, Russel, Haney and Lopez. They’ve all been calling him out and he fights barros and Rollie. Be mad but I haven’t told one lie. Facts over feelings

  8. William Adu says:

    This kid is really dfrnt. He’s smart, articulate, fun to watch and fun to listen to. He’s just dfrnt. wishing him nothing but the best!

  9. salut cava says:

    I always knew Shakur would win but didn’t expect him to win this way. Now there no doubt in my mind that he would beat Valdez.

  10. Lui Pantera says:

    I think this kid just won me over as a fan,🤨 just by the way he carries him self, congrats champ.

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