Shakur Stevenson Scores 1 Knockdown, Gets Dominate Win Over Conceicao | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Shakur Stevenson Scores 1 Knockdown, Gets Dominate Win Over Conceicao | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Watch highlights from the main event of #stevensonconceicao In the fight #shakurstevenson put on a brilliant performance scoring knockdown in early and then winning by unanimous decision.

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51 Responses

  1. J says:

    He’s just good. Skills man. High boxing IQ.

  2. Neivaldo Duarte says:

    Eu achei o Robson confiante demais, isso pode ter causado um certo descuido, principalmente com a sua guarda. Pra lutar contra os top’s há que se estar muito cuidadoso. Shakur é perigosíssimo… muito rápido… esquiva excelente. Atingiu bastante o Robson, inclusive aquele diretasso no plexo no finzinho do 4° round… mas valeu. Foi bom para o Robson, com relação a seu crescimento como boxer. Espero que ele volte melhor na próxima luta… avante, Robson!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏… há muito tempo não tínhamos no Brasil um boxer dessa envergadura!!! Em tempo, congratulações ao Shakur Stevenson!!!

    • Anderson 123 says:

      Robson Guerreiro DMS🔥🔥🔥🥊🇧🇷

    • Carlos Siqueira says:

      Ele tem é q trocar de treinador, o Dória é bom mas não pra nível mundial… O nível técnico é outro.

    • Fernando Aparecido says:

      Concordo Mano Mais NA Verdade Ele Tem Que Rever Algumas COISAS. no seu jogo é bom mais da pra melhorar ele toca muito como no boxe olímpico mais na verdade o um 2 com potencia causa mais empacto aí foi nítido que o adversário dele colocava mais pressão nos golpes contra um. Cara Que Vem… de tantas vitórias o jogo ter que ser bem montado teve uma hora na luta que a mão dele tava golpeando sem potência alguma já o americano tava sobrando

    • James Lacey says:

      , My leg 🦵 you do know what you are talking about. People’s confirmation bias stops them from 👀 ing the truth.

      There were alot of low blows throughout the night, the dude missed weight, and he threw the dude on the floor. They are comparing him 🙄 to Floyd. People need to stop it 🛑.

      Little Dude is great, but there are level and missing weight at his age is very unprofessional. If Lomo had miss weight and continuously punched 👊 his opponent below the belt, some people would have called it out, but because they like Shakur, they are quiet 🤫 .

    • Edward Harris says:

      You are a very intelligent person

  3. Shamsideen Etti says:

    It’s the way he dominates, he establishes himself as the better boxer every time, and that defence👌

    • Ty Goat says:

      @2taoslim 💯💯💯

    • “My leg!” Guy says:

      Shakur “the best boxer” got cracked then he was hitting his opponent with a lot of low blows and throw him on the floor 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Rolly will KO him 50 50 fight 🤣😂

    • Santonio says:

      @Magical Wisp so does his opponents since they can’t knock him out. Lol who gets the W tho? Dumba**

    • Mr.DoctorCaptain says:

      @Magical Wisp he’ll have the power when he makes the move to lightweight. He’s just too light right now man.

      His ko rate for his weight class is actually really impressive.

    • Magical Wisp says:

      @Kylan Hasselbring who’s mad tho? He clearly win this fight, but he have one those pillow hands.

  4. Your Voice Matters says:

    Shakur has such good fundamentals. His footwork is soo under rated. The way he’s able to consistently place his lead foot out the outside of his opponents is crazyy.

    • KuttyJoe says:

      @James Lacey Stevenson seemed to be trying something new here. Clearly going for a knockout which opened himself up to getting hit. If the regular Stevenson fought Lomachenko, he wins all 12 rounds on points.

    • James Lacey says:

      @“My leg!” Guy I think Rolly would take one to give one. I believe Rolly would rough-house the hell out of Shakur 😆. I agree with you.

    • James Lacey says:

      I believe Lomo would stop Shakur.

  5. OnePunchFatality says:

    Stevenson is literally too good. Conceio is a gold medalist and my opinion beat valdez and here shakur dominated him

  6. Matthew Mayfield says:

    Shakur is so comfortable in the pocket and not over reactive. Had his lead foot on the outside the whole time. Perfect execution 👌

    • Ball is Life says:

      @devon gregory he stays in the pocket but doesn’t really fight in the pocket. He keeps his distance most of the time with the back foot

    • black ice says:

      @Michael Jordan no disrespect but the fight was trash the Keyshawn Davis fight was great can you see the difference Shakur is just a boring fighter and that’s my honest truth like I said no disrespect. Nobody’s going to change how a person think Opinions are just like a hole in the ass everybody has one my brother noooooo 🗨🗨🗨🗨 peace have a bless day.

    • Michael Jordan says:

      @black ice hate is trash, also poisons the mind to TRUTH. Just as emotional thought is blind. Honesty and Honor becomes impossible.

    • Michael Jordan says:

      @devon gregory fanboys that are clueless to the Sweet Science is.

    • Taichou_Exe says:

      @The ☝️ Both those KOs werent in the pocket lol, cruz on the ropes w Tank coming fwd, vs Rolly tank was on the back foot

  7. Andre Tresvant says:

    Shakur was so accurate” strong snappy punches” real deal 100%

  8. Andrew Ramos says:

    Shakur impressed me with this performance. Looks like his power is starting to show now. He hurt conceicao multiple times and he’s sitting down on his punches a lot more. I think if he takes more risks and throws more he will be getting plenty of kos in the future. I don’t think anyone beats him right now from 130-140lbs

  9. A W says:

    He’s too good. They don’t talk about his conditioning too. He doesn’t seem to get tired (or at least look tired)

  10. Sean Skeete says:

    Shakur-Haney would be a “pure” boxers’ delight, looking forward to that super fight in the future.

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