Shakur Stevenson Thinks Loma Beat Haney, Says Team Haney Ran Away From Him Post Fight

Shakur Stevenson Thinks Loma Beat Haney, Says Team Haney Ran Away From Him Post Fight

Watch as #shakurstevenson reacts to #devinhaney win over #lomachenko in the main event of Haney vs Loma.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Luis Alberto “El Venado” Lopez may have to start calling himself “The Road Warrior.” Lopez will make the first defense of his IBF featherweight world title against Michael “Mick” Conlan on Saturday, May 27, at The SSE Arena in Conlan’s hometown of Belfast.

Lopez captured the title last December, venturing to Josh Warrington’s home base of Leeds, England, to grind out a majority decision.

Lopez-Conlan and undercard bouts will stream live and exclusively on ESPN+ in the United States. BT Sport will broadcast the event in the UK and Ireland.

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28 Responses

  1. Tyrant5RDFL says:

    I respect the fact that Shakur stated Loma won, when all the time prior to the fight. He was stating an easy victory for Haney. He could have easily said Haney won, but it was definitely a close fight, but he didn’t. He stated Haney lost, and his prediction was off. Many people hate admitting when they are wrong.

  2. Boxing fan says:

    Only real one can speak out the truth like how he did. Mad respect to Shakuar

  3. Big Little Boy says:

    This is how you know someone truly love boxing, he predict Haney to win but recognize Loma win even if the judges say he lose.

  4. KB COOL says:

    Shakur picked Devin to win and gave his fair assessment of who actually won the fight. Real guy 💯

  5. Drew Kiely says:

    I just love it how Shakur speaks facts about the bad decision and then you hear the company “yes man” in Joe Tessitore saying “wow” like someone tore up the broadcast script.😂😂😂

    • babyydiorr - says:

      Exactly why I don’t really like watching boxing on ESPN they’re so biased towards the guy they’re trying to promote/hype up

    • Roman Walter says:

      That dude was talking about Haney winning BEFORE the fight. Lot of money behind Haney who is a very good boxer. But he’s not Loma.

    • Profits says:

      @Roman Walter same with the Valdez and Lopez fight, Lopez clearly won

    • Nephilim says:

      @Profits hell nah Valdez won that even Lopez knew it

    • Jamie Whitear says:

      I thought Loma won. But I don’t understand the ESPN bias considering that was the last fight on the current deal between top rank/ESPN and Devin Haney. Bit stupid from their prospective.

  6. Crunkin1t says:

    Haney running out the ring is funny as hell 😂😂

  7. MilfSlayer says:

    Mad respect to shakur for willing to speak out for what’s right

  8. Roman Walter says:

    Wow, Shakur is straight up honest. He has a bright future and hopefully he continues to develop. Loma deserved the W. He almost had a KO in the 11th. Wish he finished it so the judges didn’t have to “work.”

    • Dnevs79 Nevs says:

      I think Loma won the fight, but not the match was close. Boxing is scored on rounds, it could have gone either way.. the one card was outrageous.

  9. Reza Jamshidi says:

    shout out to Shakur for telling the truth 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  10. Zep Tepi says:

    What Haney did in this bout is defined as, “fighting back”. Not to be confused with winning the bout. Loma clearly and cleanly tagged Haney way, way more, putting Loma ahead on points thus winning the match. As Loma would hit Haney 3-4 times, Devin would respond with 1 or maybe 2 glancing counter punches. Fighting back is not winning…Loma won.

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