Shane Dawson EXCLUSIVE Interview! His New Series, Makeup Line & More! (Rumor Patrol: Celeb Takeover)

Shane Dawson EXCLUSIVE Interview! His New Series, Makeup Line & More! (Rumor Patrol: Celeb Takeover)

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It’s time for another episode of RUMOR PATROL: Celeb Takeover and Shane Dawson is spilling all the tea in this EXCLUSIVE! He’s here to clear the air on some of the biggest rumors about him. Come hang out with Emile Ennis Jr. and Shane Dawson as they talk about some of the rumors like about his new series, possible makeup line, his relationship with Ryland, Jeffree Star, the Illuminati & so much more! AND this is only Part 1. We have all the tea on Rumor Patrol… so come take a sip.

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88 Responses

  1. Extrabutterpopcorn withsalt says:

    Low key thought this was clickbait , glad it wasn’t.

  2. Riverdale Fan says:

    I love rumour Patrol and I love Shane Dawson’s videos ❤️

  3. wigconic says:

    I see my queen Shane Dawson, i CLICKED

  4. Tiny says:

    OoOoooOo Shane Dawson AnD Rumor Patrol? I love.

  5. pokemon56761 says:


  6. Emile Ennis Jr. says:

    This was so much fun & I really hope you guys enjoyed watching because I had fun making it. Make sure you come back for Part 2! I’m really feeling inspired again and so grateful to all of you for supporting. Also, who’s house should I go to next?! – @emileennisjr

  7. teia says:

    every interview shane does he ends up interviewing the person whos interviewing him

  8. Haz King says:

    Shane’s comment about Ryland making him more like himself made me cry. I have been following shane since the start and it’s beautiful to see how this journey is going

    • Miranda Simmons says:

      Omg yes! So proud of him! ❤️ I’ve been watching gone since I was in probably elementary school! ?

    • Taylor G says:

      He’s grown so much since then! I feel so lucky to have watched him go through his journey.

    • Haley Johnson says:

      Me too. I’ve loved watching Shane change throughout the years and am so genuinely happy for him.

    • Britta says:

      It’s been a wild ride but so great to see where he is now!

    • Donna Madonna says:

      I have been watching him since the beginning too ! When he would do sketches. When youtube was a newborn and Michelle Phan was so addicting to learn from ! So happy Shane is till on the internet. He’s like the Beatles of the internet, the way he developed artistically. ❤️

  9. Alicia Prescott says:

    Shane’s skin is so glowing omg I need to know wht he’s doing

  10. Carina Gee says:

    every ad on this video was of mayonnaise and idk why i find that so funny

  11. Farhiya Dahir says:

    Shane runs his own tea channel

  12. Teen So Sad says:

    Y’all better keep Emile and treat him right.

  13. Leah Lou says:

    Omg. Shane’s not wearing his robe. ?

  14. Ishan Ali says:

    I need King Shane to make a return

  15. Malu Vargas says:

    Can we talk about Shane’s BROWS? ?

    • Jayleen Rae Goco says:

      Holy sh** your right, compared to when they were being plucked in the Jeffree Star documentary and now; they are shaped and look neat. I thought he didn’t want to go through the pain again but wow he is embracing his Beauty Guruness

    • mary johnson says:

      Plucked by the gods

  16. Chris Paez says:

    I don’t get how Shane can be comfortable talking to millions of people on camera and entertaining millions of people on camera…

    But gets shook by a one person interview. ? I love him.

  17. Clevver Style says:

    Love this! NOW GIVE US PART 2!!!!

  18. rasa galeckiene says:

    After this no uber driver accepted to drive with shane

  19. Shar-Dae Sward says:

    How Shane said “I would never let anybody else see my ass” ?????

  20. Clevver News says:

    Hey guys! Be sure to come back TOMORROW for PART 2, from Shane’s GLAM ROOM! Shane tells us how he feels about Jake and Tana’s “wedding,” and speaking of weddings… RYLAND joins the conversation and spills all the wedding details on their own upcoming celebration! ???

    • Rebecca Negron says:

      Omg I’m so ready!!! I love Shane!

    • Cooking My Way says:

      You did a wonderful job. Nice, interesting, and a very well structure came off from this full interview that was all able to let us know also some feelings of the mythical Shane! I started a Channel 4 months ago with such determination, but this was so inspiring to me that I will keep going harder. Thank you to both, guys. Hope you will interview me one day. Xoxo ????

    • Stacey Moore says:

      Yes Queen i love shane THIS IS IT???

    • Stacey Moore says:

      do this with Jeffree Starr next!!!

    • The Council of WötrShēp says:

      10:46 conspiracy theories distracting from illuminati takeover… *SUDDEN AD POPS UP* for a car lol… not sure if on purpose, but it made me laugh so loud I woke my partner up lol… the timmmmmming

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