Shane Dawson Wins, Anti-Vaxxers Lose, R. Kelly Arrested and “Broke”, & Venezuela’s Aid Crisis

Shane Dawson Wins, Anti-Vaxxers Lose, R. Kelly Arrested and “Broke”, & Venezuela’s Aid Crisis

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Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Team Up for a Palette

YouTube Demonetizes Anti-Vaxx Channels:

R. Kelly Turns Himself In:

Venezuela Update:
Edited by: James Girardier
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Daniela Barhanna, Lili Stenn
#DeFranco #ShaneDawson #Venezuela

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96 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    In case you missed the fancy graphic at the beginning, here are some timecodes for you:
    Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star (00:06), YouTube Demonetization (1:01), R. Kelly Charged (3:12), TIA (9:09), Venezuela Conflict Update (10:05)

  2. Alex Wagstaff says:

    I don’t support Moduro,

    But a US backed coup and sanctions on Venezuela, starving its people, is not the way to help Venezuelan people.

    • Arran Hilton says:

      Moduro was a populist slowly killing its people due to fucking up their economy. Moduro needed to be replaced for stability to be brought to Venezuela.

    • Adrian Cordero Dominguez says:

      It’s NOT a coup. Sanctions are NOT affecting the starving people. There is a lot more information in the news and even in other channels about this Alex.

    • Thomas Gregory says:

      Ri2nonerok the trump admin has said that oil is a big target in Venezuela, the U.S proves time and time again we don’t care about international law

    • Nick Grenier says:

      Ri2nonerok lol I like the use of goofball instead of something explicit

    • Tetsu Zhanshi says:

      Flat earthers and all about the oil… The enemy along with entry job pukes part time musician or artist in the us who thought free handouts and unicorn farts was how the world worked is usually the one bashing them. South Korea / North Korea we see how those played out. Talk to people who actually lived a brutal dictator, imagine struggling and fighting and one day you finally fill the relief as a Juggernaut steps in and us boots hit the ground. Realizing it is no longer a matter of if the nightmare ends but when.

  3. MultiFastfreddie says:

    Trump is talking about oil. That’s why this happened, they want the oil.

    • Gregg Barnes says:

      +Athena SuperHeldin umm…people willingly sign for student loans. No one forces them. I got a 2 year and 4 year degree and came out of school with 7k student loans.

    • Gregg Barnes says:

      And the fact that we might want then oil makes the way he treats his people totally ok, right?

    • MultiFastfreddie says:

      +Gregg Barnes it wouldn’t be happening. That’s the point.

    • MultiFastfreddie says:

      +Gregg Barnes most kids are coming out of school with about $90k of student loan debt. With no job prospect when they get out.

    • xrelik says:

      +Gregg Barnes The problem lies in the fact that most students fresh out of highschool can’t even afford 7k in student loan debt. On top of that, if student loans are not paid on time then people end up owing the bank more interest. On top of that, students can NEVER default their loans so it will negatively effect them financially, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

      Yes, students have a choice but when it comes to college YOU DON’T really got a choice. You either got the money for classes or you don’t. That’s the difference between being forced to work 2 -3 jobs and wasting your whole life at the office and having 1 stable job so people can actually have time to live their lives.

      Of course, the real punchline is that college is just a joke. It’s a waste of time and money (aside from the 1 or 2 career paths that requires college), It’s DESIGNED to put students in debt for the rest of their lives in a lot of cases, and people will end up wasting money on useless crap anyways. Why the fuck do you think colleges shove electives down each students throats.

      Simply put, if these kids can’t afford college then they need to go to trade school. It will save themselves a nightmare and a half and they will get enough money later on so those people can pay for college if those people are honestly still dumb enough to do it.

  4. Lee walker says:

    Currently, Venezuela has the highest untapped oil reserves in the world. America will be in there within two years guaranteed.

    • adrian torrealba says:

      Hopefully they make an intervention in 2 years that is when I turn 19 so I can hopefully go and fight for my family and country and kill some of the retarded communist that sadly still in Venezuela

    • WWG1WGA Patriots Worldwide says:

      It is when America steps in and says this particular country needs a dose of Freedom, you know then your oil is gone!

    • Luis Alvarez says:

      Getting rid of Maduro in exchange of some lousy oil is a trade that many desperate Venezuelans will gladly make, don’t you think?

      But of course all American leftists care about is pretending like Socialism is good, saying Maduro is an ok dude and saying that Venezuelans are uninformed about what’s really happening in their own country.

    • skull top says:

      +darktail67 i love youtube comment section news you sheep are funny

  5. HistoricaHungarica says:

    Venezuela has oil.
    Trump says all options are on the table.

    Prepare for “Mission Accomplished 2.0”.

    • Juan Pablo Luzardo says:

      +Juan M no it hasn’t, it is one of the biggest reserves.

    • Juan M says:

      +Juan Pablo Luzardo and what can be done with it? The government slept on the economy. I still don’t believe what they are saying. Let them show me these reserves

    • i am anonymous says:

      Venezuela currently trades with China. I guess that’s more beneficial for them. China really cares about Venezuelan citizens. N wants to have them a quality life being a country that really cares about human rights. China sees Maduro as the fittest man to serve Venezuela. So it means Maduro is the only Messiah of Venezuelans. America and the Gudaido are selfish and oil-greedy.

    • The hair on your screen says:

      +Gabriela Garciayes my country sees all of that and thats why we have been sending aid to your country but its being stopped by the dictator in power right now

    • David Ormsby says:

      +Gabriela Garcia Oh they see it, they just don’t care because of their own selfish desire for monetary gain.

  6. T Cake says:

    yasss I’m soooo keen for the JeffreexShane pallet ?

  7. Sir SpitsAlot says:

    Basically another Libya/Iraq situation in progress in Venezuela.

    • Victoria González says:

      Nop. Just no.

    • Sir SpitsAlot says:

      +Andreina Gonzalez I’m not ignorant i just know how a pattern works. Libya, Ghadafi a dictator, and the US and allies interfere. Libya goes to shit.
      Iraq, Sadam a dictator, US and allies interfere, Iraq goes to shit.
      Please do tell me how this is different and how “reading” can disprove it?

    • Sir SpitsAlot says:

      +Andreina Gonzalez oh yeah I forgot about the Syria situation.
      Syria, Assad a dictator, the US and allies interfere, Syria goes to shit.

    • Hunter Bowman says:

      +Sir SpitsAlot she’s from Venezuela and is currently there now. It appears from her other comments that the place couldn’t get much worse, and that she would like the US to intervene bc it’s better than dying. I would say that while you’re right about the other countries you listed. Venezuela is in a different region, where Muslim extremism doesn’t cause such instability….

    • Sir SpitsAlot says:

      +Luis Alvarez so basically your saying am stupid for comparing three times the US infelterated and provided arms for insurgents with one time the us is infelterating and providing arms for insurgents?

  8. Manuel Matos says:

    Hey Phil, just so you know, the picture presented when talking about the Colombian Foreign Minister showed the previous Foreign Minister (María Ángela Holguín). The position is currently held by Carlos Holmes Trujillo.

  9. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    *Can we get captions for the deaf Philly fans please?*

    Like so he or his team sees this

  10. RageNuke says:

    I hear a lot of people be apprehensive of Venezuela’s situation, but the vast majority of Venezuelans actively voice their desire for military intervention. Tune in to Guaido’s live streamed presidential addresses and you’ll see it for yourselves. In spanish though, of course, but it’s easy to catch since “intervencion” means “intervention” and “militar” means “military.” It’s not that hard.

    • Andreina Gonzalez says:

      RageNuke my goddd finally someone smart and educated in this comment section

    • Nicole Dempsey says:

      With the US’s history of intervention, we have every reason to be wary. We have a long history of making things worse. Just look at Syria. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or any of the other countries we have “helped”.

    • xrelik says:

      Oh my poor poor Venezuela. I think they simply do not know what happens every time the US interfered with another country. Sure our country may stop the authoritarian but they will just replace him with a dictator : D.

    • elora wood says:

      Nicole Dempsey, Germany did pretty well. It depends what the US will do after it’s over – and more importantly- what the Venezuelans will do.
      I agree that the US has a bad track record, also, sorry if someone here is a fan, but, specially under Trump – he doesn’t care about his own people (I mean regular Americans) so I cannot see him care about others either.
      But the majority of Venezuelans seem to want an intervention and while I wish it would come from somewhere else – they should be able to choose.
      The outcome should be different- can’t really compare Venezuelans with people who tend to have religious extremists /fighters in their countries. My humble opinion ?‍♀️

  11. Mike Harold says:

    Phil, if you are going to keep covering Venezuela could you dig a little deeper. You are just giving one side of this story, it is way more complicated. You are ignoring half a century of context of u.s. intervention.

    • priskillah 2 says:

      A history lesson would’ve made this video long but I see where you’re coming from

    • Aleyna Rodríguez says:

      +Mike Harold You have no clue of how much people are dying everyday. It’s not about the “us aid”, there are lots of countries contributing to this, just to save lives.

    • darktail67 says:

      Look up the Lima Group. There. No US involvement.

      What’s your angle now for selling me on “half a century of context of US intervention”?

    • Mike Harold says:

      +Aleyna Rodríguez i never said what Phil said was wrong, just that what he left out matters. Maduro is bad, a lot of people there do like him. Many countries support Guidad, there are many countries that no one is mentioning throughout Africa for example backing Maduro. He is just quoting CIA’s talking points and its journalistic malfeasance.

    • Mike Harold says:

      +priskillah 2 I dont mean a whole history lesson. I just mean in recent history we have sent “aid packages” that were actually weapons and money for terrorist groups and rebels. Destabilizing Venezuela and creating a civil war or a power vacuum will be worse for Venezuelans.

  12. CyanideLollipop says:

    I really wish anti-vaxxers would stop breeding.

    • CyanideLollipop says:

      +madkatt333 Well, I’m making sure my kids don’t catch or spread preventable disease. Would you like to see an outbreak of polio? Cuz that’s what’s coming if you people don’t wake up and vaccinate your kids.

    • Karyssa Garvie-Allan says:

      +CyanideLollipop thank you ! 🙂 hes great 4 years cancer free 🙂

    • Room 101 says:

      +Lacy Coleman Actually just “reading” is not enough. It’s WHAT you’re reading. Google “research” is not enough. Anti-vaxxer propaganda is readily available on the internet, seems legit, but conveniently leaves out real science to further their agenda. Critical thinking and an ability to delve into scientific journals that might not fit your narrative, is key.

    • Lacy Coleman says:

      propaganda on both sides…..tons of it and it’s sick frfr …. But, that’s when common sense should come into play. Then you search the origins and history of it. Or, actually talk to real people face to face on both sides. Try talk to someone who did it for on child and not the other ( was easy for me because a close friend had a few issues) …next i actually want to speak to an actual specialist, not just a general doctor. so far it’s more unanswered questions then answered, but im not going to stop. im about to be a father for the first time and i want to make sure i know the whole spectrum and not just relying on others opinions.

    • shi. says:

      Don’t worry, they won’t breed if they’re dead.

  13. Kurt Kellner says:

    Antivaxers should be convicted for involuntary manslaughter for any deaths that result from their refusal of vaccinations for them selves or their children. As the definition of involuntary manslaughter is Involuntary manslaughter occurs when the agent has no intention of committing murder, but caused the death of another through recklessness or criminal negligence.

  14. D. Marcano says:

    As a Venezuelan I am in your debt for speaking for my country, thank you for putting a light on my countries struggle for freedom

    • Zachary Gust says:

      D. Marcano you clearly don’t live in Venezuela otherwise you wouldn’t support the U.S empire stealing Venezuelan democracy and resources. The propaganda on Venezuela is some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen!

    • Strelok Audio Design says:

      venezuelans do want the US to intervene, the situation is that desperate

  15. claudia hart says:

    R kelly is disgusting and deserves to rott in jail for the rest of his miserable life. thats all

  16. Michael Bishop says:

    I can’t believe Kelly’s lawyer actually said double jeopardy should bar this case. That makes no sense, and as a lawyer, he knows that.
    If you’re acquitted of the attempted murder of someone, that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t mean you can never again be charged with the attempted murder of that person. They’re completely separate events and charges! It makes no difference if it’s the same person and crime.

    • Barnabus Wut says:

      I don’t believe his lawyer thought that would actually work. It seemed like a shot in the dark.
      It’s just that he doesn’t really lose anything by trying to take the shot, so he might as well take it.

  17. Angelica Nyqvist says:

    Philip goes in on the anti-vaxxers and Im sitting here clapping my hands. Well played, love that you speak out on this important issue!

    • amathy says:

      +Donald Trump i’ll try to explain as simply as i possibly can
      measles is ridiculously contagious
      without vaccinations, around 90% of people who come into contact with measles will contract the virus
      with vaccinations, it’s around 3%
      you get vaccinations to make it as difficult as possible for the virus to spread through herd immunity
      the unvaccinated french child is the first case of measles in costa rica in 5 years, since another tourist came to the country with the virus – costa rica hasn’t had a domestic case of measles since 2006
      not understanding something doesn’t make it “bs” btw

    • Milan Donhowe says:

      ​+Rachel Laylee No vaccines have aborted fetal tissue in it, but a few are cultured in fetal tissue (doesn’t mean the vaccine has baby tissue in it). If you don’t morally agree with how things are made you should at least be consistent and stop buying clothes given that they’re widely produced with the assistance of slave labor.

    • Kent Clark says:

      You remind me of the lady in Kingpin “you’re a true genuine hero”

    • Skeye says:

      Let’s not forget the amount of people who have gotten autism from your precious vaccines. You’re all a bunch of sheep if you listen to this puppet.

    • Colin McGregor says:

      +Rachel Laylee How completely stupid do you have to be to think doctors have a tub of aborted fetus tissues and are putting it in vaccines. I wish evolution would make humans born sterile and require a certain level of intelligence to be able to breed.

  18. James Ross says:

    Please do a deep dive vaccine video! Tell people how they work, about herd immunity and the diseases and their symptoms that these vaccines tackle! Would be a really interesting video!

    • Ilayda lucky says:

      +Jt Smith …”think like a lethal reaction after 15 years on a new vaccine we use on half the population we are fucked”
      If that’s not the definition of paranoia, idk what is.

    • Caabooose says:

      there are tons of videos on that anyways, the Penn and Teller video got huge views lol people are just stupid.

    • post-modernist caligula says:

      Jt Smith “companies” do you mean science?? the entire community of credible doctors? because those are the ones pushing vaccines on us, and rightfully so. way to ignore years and years of research. but no, you’re right because you did two hours of research on fear-mongering conspiracy forums. you should not be allowed the choice to start a fucking measles epidemic.

    • jellothere says:

      Jt Smith It is true that some people, although very few in the large scheme of things, DO definitely, medically, scientifically have averse reactions to vaccines. No one is taking that away from you. HOWEVER, the benefit for humanity as a whole & the overwhelming benefit for individuals is far greater. Furthermore, those who DO have averse reactions to vaccines & cannot, for MEDICAL REASONS, receive them, are the ones that are MOST AT RISK due to this anti-vaccination movement. It is herd immunity that is saving that minority group of children’s lives. So, in encouraging the decision to NOT vaccinate your children you are placing those who truly cannot be vaccinated at high risk of disease and DEATH! It is not about sacrificing one for all, it is working as a whole to protect those that for medical reasons cannot be provided the immunity we are PRIVILEGED to receive. Please be thoughtful, be open minded & be very careful. ❣️

    • zubair khan says:

      +jellothere also kids that have extreme reactions get placed in the same herd immunity system. its not like kid is about to die and we continue with vaccines. however the less lethal side effects and the side effects that arent permanent arent dangerous enough to avoid getting vaccines.

  19. Taikamuna says:

    Did youtube just do something right?

  20. Ishan Ali says:

    Shane And Jeffree about to save the makeup industry

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