Shangel Flirts With Brittany And Myahaylie Gets Heated😡

Shangel Flirts With Brittany And Myahaylie Gets Heated😡

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32 Responses

  1. Exotic Tv says:

    Follow my ig Buckzro to stay updated

  2. Lea Yans says:

    Honestly I’m just here for Britt

  3. Lea Yans says:

    hope to see more friendship interaction between shangel and brit. I love how she was one of the few that always humbled him

  4. Crystal Cainet says:

    This was cute but the humour that the Dellman/Nick/Brit trio have is unmatched.

  5. Checker 20 says:

    This better be a prank bc Brittany is nick’s girl

  6. D&S says:

    Bro Britt is so chill lol 😂 but when it comes to nick tho she wild lol

  7. laranah kent says:

    Would love to see a double date between Nick+ Britt and shangel + Mya simply just to see their dynamics lol. both couples take up soo much space in a room while they are together

  8. Ninz Brown says:

    The way they shut up real quick before they jumped in the car😭 killed their vibe but their friend ship is EVERYTHING ong 💕

  9. Linda Park says:

    Sorry but the Dbandz, Nick & Britt group is the most entertaining

  10. iBrattySims says:

    i like that britt was chill & wasn’t doing too much bc you can tell mya fw shangel. i feel like britt and mya could be friends tho!

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