Shannon reveals his phone conversation with Drew Brees following anthem comments | UNDISPUTED

Shannon reveals his phone conversation with Drew Brees following anthem comments | UNDISPUTED

Last week, Drew Brees apologized for comments he made about not supporting protests during the national anthem. Many of his teammates and players around the league accepted Brees’ apology. And over the weekend, Drew called and spoke with Shannon on the phone for about 30 minutes. Hear what Shannon has to say about their conversation.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Shannon reveals his phone conversation with Drew Brees following anthem comments | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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96 Responses

  1. Dom Walker says:

    Brees: I know you don’t answer blocked calls
    Shannon: You’re absolutely right


  2. Tyrone Redd says:

    ESPN 30 FOR 30 presents… ”Drew Bree’s. I’m Sorry” a 10 part apology event

  3. The realist says:

    Shannon and skip have each other back when it comes to racism love those guys ✊🏾✊🏻💯

    • Dr. Dion Peoples says:

      @Koala Bear – have you heard Max’s rap-album? That alone will let you know Max been about it…!

    • CoaCHSNiPeR says:

      The Floyd killing wasn’t racism, it was stupidity and being a horrible police officer.

    • AM W says:

      No, Skip just kisses up to blacks….

    • Last Merican says:

      @Good Bro “Anti-white”?

    • Anthony Smith says:

      @Last Of The Starmakers anti white!?!? It’s white people in power who mess with non whites. It’s not anti white. It’s anti wrong and the people who are in power, who made sure non whites in America are not treated fair are a problem. Like if you were a cop you probably wouldn’t mind killing a black person you little so and so ..

  4. Landi Smith says:

    Uncle Shay with the Scarface quote.

  5. Daniel Pagan says:

    I hope FS1 can re-sign Skip now that his contract is expiring. I honestly like this show more than I ever liked First Take.

  6. ronny lopez says:

    This show is the best man.. This show is the best.

  7. Jason Walter says:

    Shannon Sharp has easily surpassed Stephen A Smith as a commentator for me.

  8. Stephen Nicholson says:

    Respect. Just have conversations. Y’all can talk through things. Great job, Shay

    • Jon Wane says:

      dam dat beem talking 400 yrs

    • Sun Mod says:

      4 rings 1 conversation

    • therealtackforce says:

      @stephen nicholson amen brother

    • Billie Bunker says:

      Repeating… I’m not talking to anyone about how a white police officer who put his knee on a black man’s neck, is wrong. So stop with the ‘healing conversation’ comments. My patience left at 8:46 minutes, when that knee was removed from George Floyd’s neck. Unfortunately, he was dead by then. Whom do I see, “talk to”, (since you’re so big on talking) about that?

    • 65 TossPowerTrap says:

      Thank you for your absolution Shannon!! I got my mind right!! Oh thank you!

  9. Jamie Law says:

    i give props to brees for calling & actually having a man to man talk seeking forgiveness,understanding,& advice instead of hiding & trying to avoid the situation

    • Donald Pace says:

      He can’t hide and he is not sorry.

    • Bob Smith says:

      chifu101 Chifu , correct next if I’m wrong but didn’t Jesus Christ the son of god kneel and wash the apostles feet ???

      What do you think of that ?

    • Rich Muttsmusic says:

      When did Shannon bc the voice for ppl call capernick

    • Mike C says:

      I love that too he made a mistake and what hes doing and done shows it was simply words misspoken , but he needed to do that because it sounded terrible

    • 65 TossPowerTrap says:

      Spine of spaghetti. I would rather watch paint dry than spend another Sunday afternoon watching these guys disrespect the flag.

  10. Chris Redman says:

    Shannon quoting scarface “neva seen a man cry, til i seen a man die”

  11. NickMoses05 says:

    Shannon just go ahead and start doing interviews cause everybody reaches out u

  12. Dewayne Gibson says:

    Unk for President 2020 no joke in serious hel. Unk got knowledge beyond his years!

    • Walter White says:

      ‘Don’t you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim’

    • GDO says:

      Walter White Candice Owens is a grifter who was a leftist not even 5 years ago, now she’s using white conservatives to make money.

    • Walter White says:

      ‘Don’t you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim’

  13. Russell Walton says:

    This is how the whole country heals… through real conversation…

    • Inside Jah says:

      @Shaneika Johnson – AND we have been having this “talk” atleast since 1776! David Walkers Appeal came out in 1829 for God’s sake! There is no excuse it is 2020 hundreds of years of discussion and still no decency…. Time to call a spade a spade.

    • Billie Bunker says:

      @Walter White All anyone needs to do is wait. Wait on the side of the river, or on a thread, and a Putin/Trump bigot surfaces. Figure out a way to quit me.

    • Swaggmire215 says:

      Yup so damn true.some very uncomfortable conversations

    • Walter White says:

      @Billie Bunker …if you wanna quit go ahead. that will not accomplish anything

    • 65 TossPowerTrap says:

      Excuse me but an “apology” forced by whiners in the media is not a conversation. Want to start a conversation? Let’s talk about the 10 men murdered in Chicago on the Memorial Day weekend 2020 not by the police but by other African Americans. Who kneels for them?

  14. Benjamin Macdonald says:

    Dude Shannon is the best. He’s straightforward honest and understanding. Love the guy.

    • Mith Randir says:

      @Marion Teague Really lol. You know damn well the manner in which he said it was for him to retire because of those comments. Don’t try to throw in a different turn of phrase to fit your argument, you look childish.

    • Matt EP says:

      Shannon is even dumber than he looks.

    • Walter White says:

      ‘Don’t you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim’

    • jake wagner says:

      He didn’t even understand what drew said in the first place wtf are you talking about

    • um me says:

      He’s a fukin drama queen fruitloop.

  15. malik gilmore says:

    Unc might be one of the greatest commentators I’ve ever heard

    • Zenigundam says:

      I said that since Day 1. Fox got a steal by hiring him and stole a lot of talent from ESPN when they launched FS1. I never liked Shannon when he played because I didn’t like the teams he was on, but there’s no doubt he’s a real one.

  16. 4 Virtues 4 Truths says:

    That was the hardest phone call Drew ever had to make.


    • Mr. Boombastic says:

      Yeah, no doubt; and he’s probably had a ton of them the last few days. I’ll say this, though, at least he’s man enough to make ‘em. Makes me realize I’ve got some hard calls to make for past wrongs, too. God Bless. 🙏

    • to day says:

      He made it thou 💪

    • Swaggmire215 says:


    • Fuert Neigt says:

      I hate Drew Brees he is a white privileged racist , he is a Christian but he is the same type of Christians in early America when they said it was okay to own black humans as slaves.

  17. Sam Ketofueled says:

    Shannons passion made me tear up…Respect

  18. RAIDERS24NATION says:

    “Never seen a man cry till i seen a man die” anybody else catch that Scarface Reference?????

  19. Toua Lee says:

    We the Asian community stand with our black brothers. ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    • Sean 85 says:

      @Ricky Stansbury what about the violence against Asian Americans by black americans?

    • Brb Mom Yelling says:

      Ricky Stansbury I see a lot of judgement from you because you said that facilitator of this thread lied about the Asian community supporting blm. Maybe he should’ve said the Asian American community considering how Asian countries are being racist towards African Americans but don’t assume every Asian is racist because of some that ruined that image for everyone like the cop in Minneapolis. Now I can’t talk about that beauty supply store incident that you keep bringing up because I have to relations to that. I’m disappointed too about where my family came from cuz of what they do but there are plenty of Asian stores here that have given back to the African American community. So what the Asian employees speak their language in their stores when you walk in there. Seems prejudiced don’t it? Now it seems like you’re prejudging Asians and Asians Americans supporting blm and not accepting them for what others similar to their looks do. You also don’t speak for the movement. Don’t assume and don’t be prejudice. Simple as that .

    • Ricky Stansbury says:

      @Sean 85
      We can, but I never said we were down for Asains as a community. This is going all over the place, we are here because a black man was murdered in broad delight, so the gentleman said the *Asain community is down for us.* I simply said not as a community they are not, so, let’s stick to the facts, and lets be honest.

    • Ricky Stansbury says:

      @Brb Mom Yelling
      Again you have your opinion, I respect that, but as a community it is not the truth.

    • K Kelley says:

      Asian culture is probably half my childhood tbh ✊🏾

  20. lion man says:

    Shannon has really improved as a communicator

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