Shannon Sharpe Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Shannon Sharpe Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about meeting Michael Jordan, trading NFL tickets for grail sneakers, and why he has the best sneakers in morning sports talk shows.

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52 Responses

  1. Casual - says:

    Wtf one time on this show they charged like 2800 for the prestos to like Micheal b Jordan I think 😤wtf are these people thinkin

  2. Shy Wavy AKA Señor El Huraño says:

    Them Milds wit that yike

  3. Jeffery Stephens says:

    Shannon sharpe is a cool as OG💯💯

  4. Admir Bislimi says:

    2:18 the stockxx logo at the chanel human race…✅

  5. Jesus’s Father says:


  6. Bang Bang says:

    $1400 my nigga wtf

  7. GwalaGangKartelTV says:

    I’m mad that they fucked over Shannon on those PRICES. That’s fuckin ridiculous. $4000 for 3 sneakers smh come on man that’s not right

  8. Frigga Freggz says:

    Dat boy shay sharpeeee

  9. Jay Hampton says:

    That boy Shay Sharpe always clean

  10. 166mreli says:

    They should have left out some Hennessy and some cigars for Uncle Shay Sharpe. lol. He would have been hype

  11. Bird Plan says:

    S.Sharpe is in great fucking shape for 50 years old. It takes serious work to look like that when you are half of 100 years old. A small part of it is genetics but only a fool would think that he sits back and relies on his genetics, he still busts his ass in the gym like he did when he was 20. A true boss for real.

  12. JahRee Barber says:


  13. Guy Fisher says:

    SHARPE 2020 !!!

  14. Lynn W says:

    THE LEshannon sharpe

  15. KJ Reacts says:


  16. KJ Reacts says:

    Now get Stephen A. Smith

  17. BOSSMAN says:


  18. Lavar Ball says:

    You chose this lebron dicksucker over me the biggest big baller in the universe, father of the greatest nba players ever bruh how y’all coming #BUYBBB

  19. Chretien li says:

    I’ve actually never seen this man’s legs before

  20. stillkeepin1 says:

    “Your mama sho lookin’ good, she still single?”

    -Shannon Sharpe

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