Shannon Sharpe on Carolina’s loss: ‘Something’s wrong with Cam’ | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe on Carolina’s loss: ‘Something’s wrong with Cam’ | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe reacts to last night’s Thursday Night Football game where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers topped the Carolina Panthers 20-14 as Cam Newton struggled.

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Shannon Sharpe on Carolina’s loss: ‘Something’s wrong with Cam’ | NFL | UNDISPUTED
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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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87 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Were you concerned by Cam Newton’s performance?

    • Oscar Barbeito says:

      You’ve been wondering about the Cam from 2015, but if you’ve payed attention to his carreer, you would have noticed, that only twice he’s passed for more than 60% accuracy. He has never been a reliable QB, you guys just been hypnotized by his charisma. He’s a great guy, just not a great QB.

    • Black Night says:

      Cam needs a year off to rest his mind and body but I think Panthers are going to move on from Newton??‍♂️??‍♂️?

    • Alta626 says:

      He can’t use his legs to manuever outside of the pocket anymore due to the punishing hits of outside linebacksers and defensive ends so now he has to sit in the pocket and make reads and he’s struggling to do that right now now he’s had two games wheres he’s thrown the ball 40 to a little over 50x and has only been able to get 239 yards passing

  2. mattyoblobber says:

    he looks like he’s done with football mentally

  3. stepho27 says:

    He has never been accurate but man last night even the passes he completed were not on target. Doesn’t look like the same guy

    Also his left tackle is atrocious

  4. Drip Bayless says:

    Y’all better get used to this DRIP every Friday #DripTooHard

  5. F.L.O.W. says:

    Cam looked terrible but #60 on that O line is gonna turn Cam into Andrew Luck in no time.

  6. Eurobubble70 says:

    this is a drip war between shannon and skip

  7. Tha. Kid says:

    Cam is done with football; him and A$AP Rocky starting a new scarf head gear line

    • Sam Newton says:

      @Alt-ered Beast cam took his team to the super bowl and played more seasona and if u say luck had no o line neither did cam he also had a very poor receiving core. To say luck is better than cam your crazy he’s more accurate but overall cams better

    • Alt-ered Beast says:

      Cam is garbage all the way around. He used his legs & size to make up for his lack of accuracy and inability to read a defense,
      Now that choice has caught up with him and he’s been in a perpetual state of injury one way or another. And now he doesn’t have a top rated defense to make up for all his picks, bad throws and fumbles and now it shows on The field. The 1 trick pony now has no trick.

    • Kevin Roman says:

      @Jk Johns ain’t that the truth

    • david sanders says:


    • Son of man! says:

      @Alt-ered Beast You aint spittin nothing but facts. This dude made a living plowing over defenders with his size, trash talking them in their face,dabbing on them and when those defenders come at him he wanna complain to the refs. He’s more concerned about his fashion than getting in that playbook and working on his mechanics. Dudes trash.

  8. TheHolySC says:

    I said last offseason Cam should take the entire 2019 season off to recover. Hopefully it’s not too late

  9. J real says:

    I agree with Shannon on this one. He may be hurt.

  10. SKST Games says:

    Shannon looking like he wants all the smoke when Ernestine comes on ?

  11. Seb Georgiev says:

    Shannon: *gives thoughts on topic*
    Skip: *takes deep breath*

  12. Patricc Starr says:

    Kid in 2033- Dad tell me about 2019.
    Me- Well son it all started with the drip war between Skiiiiuupppp and Unc Shay.

  13. David Johnson says:

    I like hearing Shannon Sharpe talk about football. Great insight

  14. nice1 says:

    Stop wearing them scarves he be AITE??

  15. Don Gordito says:

    Cam’s shoulder is still bothering him. No way you recover from rotator cuff surgery that fast.

    • Don Gordito says:

      @Brandon When did he injure his foot?

    • J-Dub says:

      His shoulder is fine. His last surgery was to clean his shoulder out. Not rotator cuff surgery. That was the first surgery. You don’t ask your Qb with a hurt shoulder to throw the ball 50 times. It’s good foot that’s hindering him now. He can’t run. Running CMC on 4th and 1 proved that.

    • GURU says:

      Don Gordito I’ve been having a shoulder problem for a year now. It felt jammed, my right hand would go numb when I slept. The pain even went into my neck and head. I changed the way I was sleeping and now it seems to be healing.

    • Brandon says:

      @Don Gordito Week 3 Pre Season game.

  16. Omar Evans says:

    I see shannon had to catch up to skip’s drip today.

  17. Arian Begolli says:

    So everybody bustin out the drip, y’all gotta put them away my girl gon see this son ?

  18. Jbtherapper says:

    He probably thought Shaquille barret was von miller ??

  19. Ty Jones says:

    First thing Cam needs to do. Stop wearing women clothes

  20. Alejandro Sal says:

    “Somethings wrong with Cam” yea, does press conference dressed as Aunt Jemima then goes out and PLAYS like Aunt Jemima. Needs to focus more on his game than his wardrobe

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