Shannon Sharpe Reportedly Leaving Undisputed With Skip Bayless, Buying Out Of Contract | Pat McAfee

Shannon Sharpe Reportedly Leaving Undisputed With Skip Bayless, Buying Out Of Contract | Pat McAfee

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39 Responses

  1. random123 says:

    Everyone forgets Skip picked Shannon Sharpe to be his counterpart. Skip knew Shannon would take it seriously and he did. He took the opportunity given and ran with it. I enjoy Shannon Sharpe’s opinion and delivery a lot more than Skips. I dont even agree with Shannon on a lot of his opinions but I enjoy hearing his reasoning for it,

  2. Ryan Parker says:

    It seemed to me Shannon wanted to have genuine conversations and debates instead of Skip playing the role of a disingenuous heel.

  3. Anthony Boehmer says:

    You can tell Shannon was definitely offended and kinda hurt when Skip started downing his career because Shannon didn’t have nice things to say about Brady. Skip took shots at his coworker and friend. I was surprised it took this long. Could tell Shannon wasn’t for that

    • Dave Davis says:

      And social media will not shut up about that part. Social media influences everything now.

    • RollinTrollin says:


    • Stephen Benn says:

      @RollinTrollin that was some amazing acting then haha

    • Donald Chesterfield says:

      The look he gave skip we he disrespected him the way he did you could tell he just could no believe what skip just said up until that moment Shannon trusted skip and was a true friend to skip but he did what mainstream media does stomp on your feelings for a narrative

    • blickedxb says:

      Shannon’s always been about running his mouth about everybody else but the moment somebody criticizes him, he cries… 😂😂😂

  4. Valerie Wimberly says:

    I think Shannon is bigger than just “sports media” at this point. With his personality and back home stories and sayings, I could EASILY see him going the Michael Strahan route and being a co-host on a morning show!

  5. J. Will says:

    Wherever Shannon goes, I’ll be following. I am surprised by this news because it seemed like they’d made up & been professional with each other. Skip had even been complimentary of LeBron since like November

    • 5678sothourn says:

      I doubt it’s cause of Skip. Shannon has always said Skip was the one who vouched for him

    • AGee O. says:

      Bye ✌🏾 😂

    • Barry Mckockinner says:

      I think Shannon wanted some control over the topics

    • J. Will says:

      @5678sothourn That was before they had like 2 spouts on air that other shows & outlets picked up. & Shannon didn’t come in after the Demar Hamlin tweet Skip made. Now of course we’re all speculating, but the fact that Shannon was bought out of his deal is what makes this interesting. It’s not like his deal was expiring & he chose to not sign a new one.

  6. Mason Brickstone says:

    I love seeing Pacman involved in the discussion. Keep going, fam.

    • Mark Laver says:

      Same. I know Pat wants to put a positive spin on everything but I love him just going “Nah, Skip is a jerk”

  7. mike wallace says:

    Let’s get Shannon on the show. You know how electric a semi uncensored Shannon would be with the toxic table…….. not gonna happen but this would be awesome

  8. Luke S says:

    Shannon always said he owes skip everything for his post playing career and won’t talk bad or bite the hand that fed him… I think that’s genuine, and he is reaching a point where he resents skip and knows he won’t be able to maintain that professionalism. It’s not like he can’t do it anymore, but he also has just had too many bad moments to feel like he can be grateful to share a stage with him and doesn’t want to be in the position skip put him in if he can’t

  9. Corben Carter-Dixon says:

    When Shannon took the opportunity when Skip went to back for him and did their first show I was hooked. It’s been amazing to hear Shannon’s opinion and bring entertainment to the show. It was a hell of Tun but we all have our feeling about Skip period.

    • Kevin Schart says:

      the thing is that skip being unbearable is why we tuned in. we wanted to watch shannon kick his ass everyday, and shannon never failed.

  10. Jason Mann says:

    It’s about time Shannon. Proud of you brother. I’ll tune in whenever you go. This is the end to undisputed.

    • Desmond Johnson says:

      You crazy af if you think that a lot ppl like skip , just cause you don’t watch it don’t mean it won’t succeed

    • zach mayer says:

      @Desmond Johnson skip turned even more people off by his treatment of shannon

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