Shannon Sharpe, Tee Morant and the Grizzlies get into it | NBA on ESPN

Shannon Sharpe, Tee Morant and the Grizzlies get into it | NBA on ESPN

After the halftime buzzer, Shannon Sharpe and Tee Morant have to be separated by both referees and security, along with members of the Grizzlies bench.

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44 Responses

  1. Vash Cross says:

    Shannon has the trifecta of strength. Old man strength, country strength, and he’s still very physically fit. He wasn’t backing down from anything.

  2. AlBTii says:

    “It is silly that this happened at an NBA game, but let us show you what happened.” Well, apparently it wasn’t silly enough for you to not replay it a billion times

  3. Darryl says:

    And the Lakers got the dub Shannon knew what he was doing 😂😂😂

    • Joshua Fenton says:

      That part Schroder and Russ rest of Lakers definitely backed up this energy without even being involved in the incident.

  4. Vincent R says:

    Everyone was jumping on Shannon for not mentioning Steven Adams in his interview with Dave, but watching this over and over it looked to me like Adams went in for a handshake to cool things off with Shannon, but everyone jumped in prematurely thinking Adams was gonna escalate the situation. From the video it doesn’t quite look like they had problems with one another which is why he wasn’t mentioned. I guess we will find out on Monday 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Drew Auguste says:

    Knowing Shannon Sharpe‘s voice, I know they heard every word he said over the noise in the arena too 😂

  6. Bille says:

    Shannon Sharpe wasn’t even fazed by the entire Grizzlies bench coming over 😂

    • Justin Purcell says:

      @Brandon Shannon could have done the same thing, but he waited until he was held back lmao I think you’re actually braindead using that logic for one side but not the other…

    • Brandon says:

      @Justin Purcell then why didn’t they 😂?

      NBA players love to step up and get held back at the same time cause they ain’t about that life. None of them attempted to get in his face when they easily could’ve it don’t matter what Shannon has I’ve seen people with more problems with that lay people out 😂

    • Justin Purcell says:

      @Brandon Shannon is 55 years old with back problems and a hip replacement, most of the players on the grizzlies would F Shannon up.

    • Justin Purcell says:

      @PREME NYC He is in his mid 50s lmao no he isn’t. Maybe weight lifting stronger but that means nothing.

    • Tamás Vass says:

      You clown, Steven Adams would knock Sharpe out in no time.

  7. Brian Cook says:

    The most excitement I’ve ever seen in NBA game this year

  8. Loudlightning3 says:

    Steven adams moving security guards around like they’re mannequins 💪🏾

  9. GoBirds43 says:

    This was probably more interesting than the game we need more of this

  10. HEZZI says:

    The fact that Shannon didn’t take one step backwards when everyone coming at him told me all I need to know.

    • VMan369 says:

      When I was a sophomore, my classmate was a 5’4″ guy who was having some sort of beef with two seniors about 6 foot tall. I can’t remember why they didn’t like my classmate, but they were definitely taller than him. Well, one day they decided to jump him from behind. They got a few punches in until this guy turns around and unleashes the absolute holiest of hells on these guys. The ambulance showed up for broken noses and some other injuries on the two dudes. They didn’t know my classmate was a boxer.

      For those saying the Grizzlies would have beat up Sharpe and saying Sharpe was scared, just stop talking. Oh Adams is so strong…Well have him try to push around Polamalu and see what happens. Football strength is way different than basketball strength. And football players who played basketball know this.

    • John Nieto says:

      didn’t draymond green kick Aquaman in the nuts a few years ago in playoffs ….just sayin

    • Henry Rivera says:

      @Tapewerk43 the security started moving him back after getting in between them, what video are u watching? Old man stood his grown and told them to pull up, he wasn’t scared.

    • John Nieto says:

      @Mark248 draymond kicked Adams in the nuts a few years ago

    • AZ KING 480 says:

      @keldrrickstatham6639  because wakandans are pillow fisted and have no chins!

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