Shannon Sharpe: ‘The Steelers lost huge’ in trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe: ‘The Steelers lost huge’ in trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless reacts to Antonio Brown being traded to the Oakland Raiders. Hear why Shannon believes the Pittsburgh Steelers lost this trade by not receiving at least a first round pick in return.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Shannon Sharpe: ‘The Steelers lost huge’ in trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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94 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Raiders or Steelers — Who won the trade for Antonio Brown?

    • 150 Roc Block says:

      Tbh Steelers by far ,they lost production yea but gained the locker room back and can finally play football Raiders 6-10 at best Steelers still a contender after offseason watch

    • mikey rivera says:

      3rd round pick and 5th round pick enough said

    • Michael Ford says:

      Lol skip you’re a joke today. Cooper and his drops over brown and his production? You two might as well not even talk raiders you’re trash to raider nation ears. Shannon the raider hater and skip, again you just sounded plain stupid and illogical. Raider nation will gladly take brown over cooper. Such trash.

    • brah For real? says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Shannon sharpe is a female dog, dumb as a dog. What a duck. He just acts like a welfare queen.

    • Martha Jones says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED raiders and AB

  2. Lord Frieza Christ says:

    I wonder if Shannon Sharpe will speak on LeBron allowing AB to talk down on him on his show while he remained silent.

  3. NoWest Flyzone says:

    He got his trade and money. Good for him.

    • me_for_president says:

      +Reel Deal The Raiders are moving to Vegas next year so no he won’t be in California lol.

    • Certified G says:

      Happy when a player sticks it to the boss man

    • nat X says:

      +me_for_president I don’t think the raiders even have a place to play yet! They are gunna be a away team every game

    • QuessWhatUGoing says:

      Agreed. Glad he got what he wanted. Power to the players!

    • b Privott says:

      +Certified G i mean the Steelers drafted him in the six round where know one else did. I think the Steelers were good to him and payed him well. Doesn’t have to be sticking it to the boss.

  4. Dreamville- says:

    John Gruden trying to build a team like he playing Madden franchise mode

  5. WilStayTrill Reacts says:

    AB is like a randomized character in GTA blue hair and blonde mustache wtf

  6. Pac Meez says:

    If coach Tomlin don’t make it to the playoffs this year he’s gone..

    Good job Raiders

  7. Richard Riley says:

    Shannon shut Skip’s mouth!!! Then in typical fashion he deflected! Bum!

  8. Savage says:

    This man just said he’ll take amari cooper over AB ???‍♂️?

  9. Guwopm8 says:

    If this man brings up amari cooper one more time

  10. Itsxmusic says:

    Amari is better than AB… LMFAO only a cowboy fan can be that delusional

  11. Mitchell Lange says:

    In what universe is Amari Cooper better than Antonio Brown?

    Skip: “amari is better than AB because he MAKES PLAYS”

    Skip you do realize AB statistically shatters Amari in every category?

  12. Yomali Martinez says:

    Skip really thinks the Steelers will be better without ABs 15 TDs and 1200+ yards?? Bahahhh

  13. Junior Hernandez says:

    If you’re THAT biased for your team. You shouldn’t be in a debate show.

    “I’ll take Amari over AB” bruh

    “Amari couldn’t shine AB’s shoes” ???

  14. Zach Carpenter says:

    “I’d rather have Amari” just wait Skip them butter fingers ain’t goin nowhere

  15. matthew hall says:

    “OdElL hAs MoRe IG FoLloWeRs ThAn AB” Cmonnnnnnn SKIPPPPPP

  16. Demauri Mitchell says:

    Skip would rather have Dallas Cowboy brand Peanutbutter than Jerry Rice

  17. Albert Pak says:

    Gruden and AB both are hard heads with insane egos. This is going to be hilarious to watch.

    • Casey Franek says:

      This is one of those deals that I hope ends up being lose lose. I want to see the steelers suck with all the dead money they have this year (wasting yet another year for Ben), and I want AB to freak out because carr can’t get the ball to him.

      I fully accept I’m a hater.
      Go Broncos

    • Joel Williams says:

      Albert Pak, by about week 10, it’s gonna be a diarrhea tsunami!

    • Paolo Fonseca says:

      Casey Franek wasting another year with Ben?? Y’all don’t even have a QB worth mentioning

    • Casey Franek says:

      +Paolo Fonseca You misread what I said. Ben doesn’t have much left in the tank, and he’s only going to go downhill. Ben losing another year because his team is back in rebuilding mode is fine by me.

    • Scott Wright says:

      No matter how it ends up , gruden knows he fumbled last yr (kmack & acooper) … He doesn’t handle pressure well , he’s buying time ! …

  18. purpleguy494 says:

    “Amari Cooper can’t shine Antonio Brown’s shoes. Stop playing, Skip Bayless!” ~Shannon Sharp quotable ???

  19. GlobalStar Cam says:

    Cooper Over AB…?

    I Had To Put My Blunt Down Skip ?

  20. The Vegas Paradise says:

    You would take Cooper over AB? Lmfao stop it Skip, they ain’t even close

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