Shaq & Chuck Rips Ben Simmons on Being Out For Game 4 – Celtics vs Nets | 2022 NBA Playoffs

Shaq & Chuck Rips Ben Simmons on Being Out For Game 4 – Celtics vs Nets | 2022 NBA Playoffs

Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets – Full Game 4 Highlights | April 25, 2022 | First Round, 2022 NBA Playoffs
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40 Responses

  1. Daniel Ally says:

    Passing up a wide-open opportunity, just like we all saw before.

    • Jonathan says:

      @Christopher Markunas for what they’re down 0-3 it’s over they even said the earliest he’ll come back is game 4

    • Christopher Markunas says:

      @Jonathan he’s a punk. Shaq is right. It’s the playoffs. At least give it a shot.

    • Underground Heat Cypher says:

      Did yall hear Ben Simmons reinjured his back outting that green Versace jacket on 😆 🤣

    • Jonathan says:

      @Patrick Smith lol he’s 24 years old he has a long career ahead of him it makes no sense for him to play

    • Jonathan says:

      @Patrick Smith it’s not emotions it’s just facts you’re the one hating on emotion 😂😂💀

  2. Ivan Djuric says:

    2 minutes. Play 2 damn minutes man. Damn.
    That will bring energy to everyone. Cmon man

    • rip vanced says:

      @Julius Turner 🤡

    • Popi ReAL says:

      He can’t cause he too busy looking like a well-kept broad for the well-kept groupie broads sitting in the Kardashian section every game. Can’t get his hair messed up and too much sweat will make his foundation run down his Bruno Mars outfit to his ripped jeans

    • Brian B says:

      @Julius Turner you don’t need credentials to see the obvious. Last time was on the court he court he was scared to take a wide open lay up

    • I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac meal says:

      I remember klay tore his ACL and came running back on the court because they were champions and he didn’t want to see them lose. You can see the man was clearly not right and he wanted to not lose so bad that he was pushing himself. Man klay really earned my respect that day even though they still lost he didn’t want to let his team down.

    • James Matthews says:

      Exactly a la Willis Reed for the Knicks in the Finals

  3. Jerel Marshall says:

    Shaq roasted him and plugged his endorsement deal at the same time. “If you’re back hurt, get you some icy hot. I’ll send it to you.” 💀

  4. Pablo Saucedo says:

    That hawks defense must’ve been something else, imagine getting shut down so bad you go into a year long depression 😭

  5. Jose Perales says:

    Totally agree with the Ben Simmons rule. I’m ok with players having more control over their careers but this is straight robbery and a disgrace to the NBA. If Ben hasn’t already, he is going to piss a lot players off next CBA.

    • Tommy Dixon says:

      Ben Simmons is a big joke I knew him have no skill play basketball

    • George Jones says:

      Alternative solution. Take the consensus top 5 players each year, and let the teams that want to bid on them pay a posting fee, in order to get the right to negotiate a deal with that player. If the player doesn’t sign they, have to pay thr posting fee regardless and No slotted, structured rookie scale contracts for those potential 5 guys. So the expected superstar players will be able to negotiate what the market dictates. The teams in the top 5 have the right to match any offer, with the #1 pick having first right each time. If they chose not to match, they get the team that signs that player, next 10 years of unprotected 1st round picks, and the team that signs them isn’t eligible to post any bids on future rookies for the next 10 years. All of the posted money to bid will be divided in a weighted average to the top 5 teams.

      This will almost ensure that the smaller markets stay financially stable, remain competitive, and allows the young stars to play in bigger markerts and make market level money. It will also hamstring the bigger markets financially if they miss on a prospect.

    • Gundam-Man says:

      right ben is going way beyond what is acceptable and the all the other players are going to pay for it

    • blair bryan says:

      @Pradeep Verghese this is how smart you really are if that happened then there are less players in the league and guys that were supposed to mediocre in the league would never have gotten a chance to play. Guys like Fred van fleet would never exist if your ridiculous rule existed. Every sport has the same there’s teams that will try make runs and teams that are a farm for the elite. Every once in a while a farm team will get lucky and get a bunch of young talent and make a run of their own. But they need to exist otherwise we will never see as much good talent along the way that is hidden than having alot less bad teams.

    • jlv3x says:

      @troy94 troy94 employers are going to always have that power. Yes there is a risk playing with certain injuries but that’s why they’re paid millions of dollars. But I.T. and Grant Hill will both tell you they played in the playoffs with their injuries for their teammates. Plus the chance to win in the post season, getting hot in the playoffs can lead you to greatness.

  6. Marlaina Benjamin says:

    So proud of Scottie Barnes! He got hurt badly, but he still had the will and desire and RESPECT to get back out there and try! 🙌🏽🔥 That’s our Rookie of the year!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Dee flow says:

    When he was doing this and philly everyone thought we were picking on him this guy is a disgrace now everyone see what the philly fans were talking about this guy is a coward this guy is scared to play basketball because hes scared of the criticism He doesn’t want anyone to criticize him if you criticize this chump he folds up his tent and go home Number one pick never improved his game since he’s been in the league firing up bricks scared to shoot a jump shot but if you say that now he is mad acts like a big baby, good luck nets

  8. B Bryant says:

    You know it’s bad when the media and league say that one of the reasons that embiid deserves MVP is he helped guide the team through the Ben Simmons issues and saga lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Daniel Plainview says:

    The ONLY reason why Ben Simmons is in Brooklyn right now is because he had this B.S. quitting attitude in Philly. Why is everyone expecting this man to act any different?

    Seriously. If the Net’s management and coaching staff is expecting this guy to come thru for them when the going gets tough, they’re in for another rude awakening. The guy is a quitter. It’s just who he is.

  10. Mike B says:

    Chuck is spot on. I played football in college and played through so many injuries. I tore my labrum and played through it for two years. Broken bone in foot, high ankle sprain, torn extensor tendon in finger, etc. There was one game where my shoulder subluxed twice and I came back for a few plays in incredible pain each time. I only maybe played half the game and my teammates pushed the coaches to give me the game ball afterwards. I didn’t get it at first as statistically it was one of my worst games, but they explained to me after that it was the effort and respect they had for me when many wouldn’t have played through what I played with.

    Fans will have their takes, but teammates respect when you are sacrificing yourself for the team.

    • THE RETRO SAVAGE says:

      Charles has no rings….his opinions mean nothing…

    • Mike B says:

      @Jamaal Horton I agree that could happen, but is that on me or the coach to decide if I am a liability? Not every team is deep with talent, especially at the collegiate level. Due to a few season ending injuries, the backups that year for me were a freshman and a first time defensive lineman. I think it was very much possible that the coaches trusted me to at least due my job, albeit with less impact, compared to what was left on the roster. Sports, at least where I am from, are a meritocracy. I didn’t have a big donor relative or a relative on the staff. If I wasn’t the best guy, I would have rode the bench like my freshman year. They would have made that call with zero hesitation. I was a senior.

    • Jamaal Horton says:

      If you playing with all that pain you might have been hurting the team! I applaud your toughness but if you ain’t doing nothing you hurting the team and being selfish!

    • Patrick Smith says:

      @Vagonius Thicket-Suede Isaiiah was stupid for doing that while not under a contract that extended beyound the playoffs. Ben is on a multi year multi million dollar contract

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