Shaq & Chuck Roasting Zion Williamson on Inside the NBA🤣

Shaq & Chuck Roasting Zion Williamson on Inside the NBA🤣

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42 Responses

  1. Paul V says:

    “Zion is built like Charles Barkley.. Not the player, The analyst”

  2. Garrett Kniffen says:

    “Looks like Shaq and me had a baby” is the funniest thing Chuck has ever said… and he’s said some legendarily funny stuff. 💀😆

  3. Robert War says:

    “I’m joking and I’m serious..” “Moses Malone called me fat and lazy and I started to cry a little bit” 🤣🤣

  4. Julian Isaac says:

    The other thing about Zion that is overlooked is his gait. The way he runs is a tell that he compensates for abnormal muscle movement. He’s had that before the injuries. He should have been a tight end.

    • Tane POE says:

      @Don Butler It was a joke “WIDE” receiver. Get it?

    • Tane POE says:

      @New Generation Technology It was a joke “WIDE” receiver. Get it?

    • Paranoia Keeps Me Wake says:

      @Randy Booker and whatchu gone say when he blow out both his knees in two years and can’t hoop no more? Guess averaging a 27 was worth it.
      Dude needs to get in shape. Period.
      Also, nice straw man you got there

    • Terrence J. Dooley Videos says:

      This is a fact

    • Hello Friend Hypnosis says:

      @corey smalls When you are heavy you can suffer from things like flat feet, and joint misalignment issues that throw your entire body out of balance. All of those things can cause you to have more injuries because the body isn’t working like it should. Your feet can’t act as shock absorbers as they should too.

  5. WuTangFinancial says:

    “I couldn’t kick his ass. He was Moses Malone.” Hahaha love Chuck. Sending love out to EJ and his family

  6. Bry Manley says:

    “I’m serious and I’m joking.”

  7. Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa says:

    New Orleans was the worst possible place to be drafted for Zion.

    He on that Cajun food for real

  8. Kirk Johnson says:

    Zion has to take responsibility. I’m sure everyone has told him.

  9. TheNotoriousDIG says:

    Chuck: *tryna be serious*
    Shaq: “what does he look like??” *wheezing*

  10. Merovigian says:

    Chuck is on point. The saying “Staying hungry” doesn’t mean go eat. Zion has to decide what’s more important. He has to be the total package

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