Shaq Gets Knocked Out by Cody Rhodes! | AEW Dynamite

Shaq Gets Knocked Out by Cody Rhodes! | AEW Dynamite

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AEW Dynamite: Crossroads 3/3/21
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72 Responses

  1. Sami 0 says:

    Shaq proved everyone wrong
    He did better than what everyone expected
    He sold that table spot brilliantly

    • Jim Lahey says:

      @ForeverTired2000 he did 2 things don’t deny that. A power bomb and a stupid ian rotten table bump. Why does that make him a great wrestler?

    • Matt rice says:

      @Jim Lahey i guess 5 minute headlocks and guys making fart jokes is great wrestling to you

    • Matt rice says:

      @Reign 63 Poor guy you’re getting roasted in here

    • Jim Lahey says:

      @Matt rice please explain. I’d love to know what wrestling you’re taking about, I’ve never seen 5 minute headlocks and fart jokes in any wrestling I watch

    • Matt rice says:

      @Jim Lahey Then you dont know how vince works then 😂

  2. GHOST WARRIOR says:

    Let’s be real Shaquille O’Neil should’ve joined wrestling promotions a long time ago

    • ForeverTired2000 says:

      @Reign 63 youre doing this dumb shit again on another post? damn you’re a fucking loser

    • John Doughnut says:

      Shaq’s the fucking man lol

    • Dynamic Jae Thought says:

      @Angry Android Vince would’ve offered up the money. He has in the past, and recently. Brock Lesnar is an example. When Vince sees your value, he ponies up that cash real quick. That’s one of the few good things I would say about McMahon anymore.

    • Jett Ankermann says:

      He did Basketball, he did Commercials, hell, he even did dubstep for a moment, and now he’s doing wrestling. Could you possibly have a more Based life?

    • CoolBoy Kamo says:

      Right this man would have been a beast at it

  3. Marky says:

    Shaq will be ok. He just needs to rub some IcyHot on and he will be good in no time.

  4. StreakHunterGaming says:

    Is everyone going to ignore the fact that Shaq just paid tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee?

  5. WhoIam IamNot says:

    Nobody is talking about Velvet or Jade. Velvet has really improved and ceased the momemt of Brandi being pregnant. To my knowledge this is Jade first match ever. She had no matches on AEW DARK no matches in any other promotion. She looked great. She has work to do clearly but for a first match zero complaints from me. She has star written all over her.

    • jjrrhh1983 says:

      Both women are awesome and very beautiful!

    • El Wolfo says:

      two girls are great. Damn right

    • Cameron Roberts says:

      If you guys think that beast is a woman you need to study human anatomy.

    • jjrrhh1983 says:

      @Cameron Roberts oh I checked a few sources and she is a total 💯 woman 😂

    • WhoIam IamNot says:

      @Cameron Roberts yeah cause I tall muscular woman isn’t a woman. So all those ladies in the WNBA aren’t women. All those ladies who play volleyball, all those ladies who are fitness models and body builders. Which Jade is I’ve know about her for years now cause I’m in the fitness scene. But yeah I guess all those ladies aren’t women cause they are tall and or muscular.

  6. Ian Hatcher says:

    So is he gonna be Shaquille O’Heel now??

    … I’ll see myself out.

  7. H M says:

    SHAQ really impressed with his performance.

    Also Jade looked like a Star going over.

  8. JG N says:

    Cody asking Shaq if he’s ok, and Shaq taps him on his back.

    Im assuming.

  9. eburonson says:

    “Step into the jam and slamming like Shaquille”…Fistful of Steel, RATM

  10. Uncle Buckle says:

    Given that Shaq moves and talks like he’s 103 years old on NBA on TNT, this was shockingly good stuff. Dude looked lean, powerful, sold well and looked like he was having a blast out there.

  11. SeanO says:

    The Brodie Lee tribute was so heartwarming.

  12. Md. Belal Hossain says:

    To be honest, Shaq was more than impressive! I’ll be more than happy to see him more on AEW! 🔥🔥🔥

  13. John Paul Herrera says:

    “Shaquille O’Neal slammed it home!”

    – Jim Ross, 2021

  14. Kazzy Official says:


  15. Tanktop Master says:

    “the fearlessness of these two women pounding on eachother” – JR 😅

  16. Silas Ellis says:

    “People Wanting Ringside Collectibles To Make A Elite Shaq”
    Me: I Hope They Make It 8 FT Tall😂😂

  17. John China says:

    The mans rule, the ladies rule even better, that table spot is chef’s kiss, this match is awesome. Shaq definitely have a future in pro wrestling

  18. Mike Echo says:

    Cody was lucky because Shaq doesn’t use his Shaq-fu.

  19. Joe Balla says:

    If Shaq joined wrestling instead of NBA, he would’ve been one of the most dominant big men of all time lol

  20. DJ Skandalous says:

    If Shaq comes back as a Genie after magically disappearing, I’ll lose my damn mind 😆😆

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