SHAQ: “I Was Jealous of Lebron James, I Wish That Was Me, The G.O.A.T.” | I AM ATHLETE S4 Ep 9

SHAQ: “I Was Jealous of Lebron James, I Wish That Was Me, The G.O.A.T.” | I AM ATHLETE S4 Ep 9

One of the greatest basketball players of all time and now sport analyst on Inside the NBA, renowned DJ, The ONE and only, Dr. Shaquille O’Neal, joins Brandon Marshall, Adam ‘Pacman” Jones, Lesean Shady McCoy, and Ashley Nicole Moss is Episode 9 of I Am Athlete.

The crew gets into with Shaq to discuss how he transitioned from playing football as a tight end to playing basketball as a center, his so called “beef” with Kevin Durant, how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
motivated him to be great, to explaining how him and Charles Barkley stay together no matter the heated conversations they get into. Shaq goes on to explain why he goes at athletes like Kevin Durant, Spida Mitchell, even Kobe Bryant, and many more DOGS, states he has “professional jealousy” towards the GOAT, Lebron James, and teaches us about his business decisions and investments he’s made.

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24 Responses

  1. Maria Hooker- says:

    I live in Louisiana any anytime Shaq comes to town he goes out his way to take care of the kids, he never says NO. His word is his bond. ❤

    • D. Green225 says:

      Used to see Shaq at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge around the holidays every year bringing toys for the kids and just trying to cheer them up. Biggest heart in the world

  2. Nester Helen says:

    You can’t hate when you right shady was 10/10 with his take with dak and Shaq been 10/10 with his on Rudy ion care y’all amazing with y’all takes

    • ResultsTv says:

      37-10 isn’t ass 💀🥴

    • Dak Prescotts attorney says:

      Shady calling Dak Prescott ass is just not true. Obviously I’m a huge dak fan but even if I hated him I wouldn’t call him ass. I’m also not one of these super fans that call him elite or great. I just think he’s slightly above average and at times below average. But to call him “ass” is just not true but that’s also my opinion

  3. Jay 3 says:

    I think the issue is that they see themselves as media now. At first the conversations felt more like locker room vibes, but now they feel like normal media interviews after a game

    • Jay 3 says:

      @Ravens Nation 96  nah, I think you missed the point. They’re former athletes, so you’d think the conversations would be a bit more lax. By saying their media, I’m also saying that their questions are a bit to leading now as if they’re trying to lead the guest in a certain direction rather than asking questions to learn more about the guest and their interests

    • Ravens Nation 96 says:

      They are media. They aren’t athletes anymore and moved on to other ventures in life. Media is front and center for them and they have a fanbase that followed them from their playing days and even more.

  4. Andrew Williams says:

    I like how Shady asked Shaq some questions about business & really wanted to learn from Shaq about that because a lot of times we as ppl we be having too much pride to ask for help from someone to learn what we wanna learn.

  5. Tyler FromDtx says:

    Shaq is so entertaining man. I can listen to this guy for hours. 😂😂

  6. Bigboydev says:

    Ain’t nun wrong with hugging another peer to show yo love. Shady huggin Shaq says a lot to how much Shaq means to not just the sports world but the world in general

  7. G Brown says:

    A lot of people allow the “look” of something to dictate how they think. The same way people think Bron doesn’t play in the clutch is the same way folks thought he wasn’t scorer… even though his lifetime average prior to milestone scoring recorded said otherwise. Dude has more clutch moment made shots than everyone else yet and still people think he runs from it… crazy

    • smalways says:

      He has more “clutch” made shots because, he’s played in more close games. His percentage in clutch moments is much worse than his comparable peers. Yet again… all of his stats and records are based on longevity. The stats that truly tell the tale are averages, percentages, wins, losses and rings.

    • corey thomas says:


  8. Mike Larry says:

    I’m only watching this because Shaq diesel on set!!!💯💯💯

  9. Daniel Smith says:

    Love hearing Shaq talk about things.

  10. anthony rodriguez says:

    Shaq is a legend will always be. Bless him for being who he is and always being the genuine big fella
    Salute 🫡

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