Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie React to the Finalists for NBA Awards | NBA on TNT

Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie React to the Finalists for NBA Awards | NBA on TNT

The Inside crew discusses the finalists named for the Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Most Improved Player.

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47 Responses

  1. Jovan Filipovic says:

    I’m with Shaq. You should take winning into consideration for MVP, but for a rookie or sixth man? Cmon now, the best rookies are drafted by worst teams what theyre gonna do single handedly make them a contender? Theyre not Curry or Lebron theyre rookies losing is a part of their job. Same thing with sixth man.

    • savage 7ecneek says:

      @Trump Fan some illegals have criminal records because they have inflated numbers because no one else is great on their team *ad in his pelican days vs ad now* he put up numbers in New Orleans…..but not when lebrons on his team he didn’t step up in the finals (offensive wise he was a problem on defense all during the bubble)

      It’s about contributing when it matters and how impactful it is to your team *that year*

      Boogie had good numbers in Sacramento can he do it on a contender (probably not after his injuries) bit they’re empty stats if winning doesn’t come out of it

    • rshaw n says:

      you’re right but we are not gonna argue that anthony edwards deserves it more than lamelo

    • rshaw n says:

      @καινη κτισις but losing is a part of every nba player’s job. it’s not their objective, but it’s a part of their job

    • Matthew Ponce says:

      Wiseman is very lucky the Warriors struggled last year and they’d became a lottery team for a single season. He had the chance to play in the playoffs his rookie year being a high lottery pick.

    • Ace Brodee says:

      Thing about defense is that team stats really show how good the defense of a player really is or how good the team defense is , Simmons can go over screens and lead them into embiid, jazz has smart defenders they lead players to gobert for a contested lay up or block , warriors only have draymond . They all are great defenders , but this award is really the trickiest to call

  2. Kwanele Cele says:

    Wait a minute, when we look at MVP, ROY, SMOY Kenny goes off about winning and seeding, but it doesn’t matter with DPOY??
    I see why Shaq gets frustrated, the criteria for these awards is inconsistent.

  3. David Dorbik says:

    4:07 I died laughing when I saw Shaq’s face saying “Maybe”. 😂😂😂

  4. Hanno says:

    5:26 “stop the cap” xDDD

  5. haus maus says:

    Big suprise for me that the Jazz got the best record this year, dont know why everybody keep hatin, especially the media

    • nnightkingj says:

      Cause they gone lost by the first or at best second round

    • jonmull says:

      Because the media sells no commercials talking about a team in the small market mountain time zone. They’re not hatin, they just want to keep their jobs by talking bout teams in population centers. You’d do the same in their shoes, or you wouldn’t have the gig long. Denver teams get only slightly better coverage than Utah teams. Even tho we’re rivals, I know where you’re coming from. Gotta win the chip if you want the respect here!

    • Uncle Shannon says:

      @nnightkingj that’s majority of teams let’s be real it’s the lakers vs nets other teams will lose like the jazz but doesn’t get disrespected

    • nnightkingj says:

      @Uncle Shannon idk why people always think the Lakers are automatically going to the finals the clippers especially are a huge threat

    • Uncle Shannon says:

      @nnightkingj nothing is guaranteed but that’s just the obvious pick until proven otherwise I wouldn’t be Suprised if someone upsets them

  6. Jaylen Rees says:

    They act like players don’t attack the rim as much when Rudy gobert is out there. He 100% changes a team game plan when he plays.

    • Dan R says:

      @Stephen White
      And Clarkson dropped 40 in that same game and actually Ben went 4 for 9 directly against Rudy that night. Jazz got the dub.

    • GH07 KILLER says:

      People gotta understand, team defense is more valuable than one on one defense. This is why Rudy wins the award consistently.almost Every advanced metric that measures defense has Rudy number 1

    • M B says:

      @Stephen White everybody pretending like Simmons never got roasted. I guarantee you he got plenty of games where his man scored 30+. It’s just the nature of the game today. Everybody gets roasted. Stop pretending Ben Jesus walks on water and never gets scores on, it’s just not true.

    • M B says:

      @Dan R good point. Rudy wasn’t guarding Ben most of the game. These casual fans know literally nothing.

    • M B says:

      @GH07 KILLER yes. He is so far ahead in overall defensive rating than the next two, Ben and Bam. He has had statistically one of the best overall defensive performances ever recorded.

  7. Ronald Glover says:

    Props to Chuck for acknowledging IQ from the Knicks.

    • Golden2010Boy says:

      @Jonathan Nelson if he played more minutes his net rating would probally go down

    • Torres 2423 says:

      NBA don’t like knicks but we here!

    • Jay M says:

      We here

    • King Akwesi says:

      Big facts 💯 The offensive jolt he gives this team off the bench is slept on. We saw that down the stretch when he got injured a few weeks ago and we dropped some games due to the lack of offense.

    • Jose S says:

      It’s crazy to see Chuck showing the Knicks so much love, I’ve seen him roast em for years, but even he sees all the hard work they’ve put in and is giving them their credit.

  8. Nico Suave says:

    “They might be the reason their team is better”

    What you mean maybe?
    What do you mean maybe?”

  9. *PrinCe RJ* says:

    Kenny: What do you mean maybe?
    Shaq: mAyBe…

  10. droog milk says:

    Right from the start 0:33 Shaq’s ” oh my god” under his breath already had me laughing. 🤣

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