Shaq Making Normal Objects Look Tiny #shorts

Shaq Making Normal Objects Look Tiny #shorts

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27 Responses

  1. %RATS% says:

    Kevin Hart is so small compared to him like wow

  2. Poor man At-work says:

    He’s also a kind person and gray person done a lot in the ATL

  3. willow waddoups says:

    so kevin heart is an everday object now

  4. Harikku10 says:

    What a huge person 👏

  5. Isabella Parker says:

    He makes Kevin Hart look even smaller than normal.🤣

  6. Isaac Scallan Cotter says:

    Making everyday items look tiny:
    Shows him next to humans

  7. Charles Greg says:

    I love how Kelvin is normal everyday object.

  8. 4ugus7_D says:

    Shaq downing that bottle was actually footage of him doing the paqui: One Chip Challenge

  9. Asa Morecraft says:

    Thx for describing that he’s eating a chicken wing, I really appreciate it

  10. Sarah Rideout says:

    There’s a picture of him and Simone biles together and it’s absolutely adorable

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