Sharks rally, win epic Game 7 in overtime

Sharks rally, win epic Game 7 in overtime

The Sharks overcame a 3-0 deficit in the 3rd before Barclay Goodrow scored in overtime against the Golden Knights to win a thrilling Game 7

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  1. Ed Dixon says:

    I don’t know if that’s a five minute major, but I also think if you give up four goals on the PK you don’t deserve to advance.

    • WittyBanter 96 says:

      +-That1Guy – The cross check and the blood pouring out might not be directly coorelative

    • Wise Wolf Tony says:

      +Chaser Wolf Every damn hockey analyst on the NBCSN and the NHL Network agreed it was a 5 minute major. Including multiple HOF players on those channels. It was a cross check up around the head and neck area which already could be a 5 minute major. That dirty cross check lifted him up off of the ice into the air which means he’s a completely defenseless player and was slammed down into the ice having no chance at all to break his fall. Yet I guess you know more about Hockey then professional analysts and former players. Your only argument was that it was a BS call. You didn’t list a single reason why it was a bad call and you know why because you have none.

    • Wise Wolf Tony says:

      +EpochGF It wasn’t rash they didn’t make the call right away. Their was an entire commercial break and at first all they did was put Eakin in the box they didn’t just instantly decide to give him a major. They refs all got together and decided to make the call. Due to the fact that Eakin cross checked him up around the head and neck region and then while being up in the air he’s a completely defenseless player yet was slammed down onto the ice.

    • Wise Wolf Tony says:

      +Chris Phoui Your a moron saying he should learn how to fall. Yea because people can so easily control where they land when they are being slammed down onto the ice. Plus he didn’t dive head first into the ice your either blind or just stupid. He landed on his shoulder and the impact resulted in his head being whiplashed into the ice.

    • EpochGF says:

      +Wise Wolf Tony ah, alrighty

  2. Kyle Newman says:

    What an absolutely valiant effort from the Sharks. As much as everyone would like to complain about the 5 minute major call, there were plenty of other highly questionable calls that went both ways. The Sharks were robbed of a goal in game 2 due to a near non-existent goalie interference call, and then in game 7 Eakin’s goal very well could’ve been a high stick. At the end of the day, Vegas blew a 3-1 series lead which was then followed by a blown 3-0 lead in game 7. With so many opportunities to close out a series, it’s hard to believe the refs are much at fault.

    • kekemay 55 says:

      Great For Hockey to see a Comeback like that! Wouldn’t mind seeing them go All The Way! Awesome job Sharks!! ???

    • Evan Escher says:

      and also Thornton’s hit in game 4 should not have been a suspension.

    • Miles Dufourny says:

      +kekemay 55 The Golden Knights were doing their Toronto Maple Loafs impression.

    • Richard M says:

      There’s no denying the Sharks immense credit for taking an opportunity for respectability in this game and turning it into a historically successful comeback, but it will go down with an historical asterisk due to the biggest blown call in NHL history.  Still, they scored 4 times during a 5 minute major.  Had it not gone to OT, and ended in regulation, that would’ve been seriously f’d up even more than it is. 

      I would suggest to those refs not to ever take a job refereeing World Cup games.  Those fans are mercilessly unforgiving.

      Anyway, good luck the rest of the way Sharks fans….I think I need a drink!

    • Ron Ditchen says:

      I absolutely agree with you regardless of the call good or bad golden Knight blew it

  3. Stephen Stumpf says:

    I’ll admit that I’m guilty of thinking that this series was over after game 4.

  4. [Rock] [Star] says:

    San Jose vs Vegas Thank you for the beautiful series! ?

  5. ikenna eze says:

    I can’t wait for urinating tree’s new video

  6. The Lightning Fox says:

    I never knew how much I loved hockey unbiased. I liked neither team, until the comeback began.

    One of the greatest games ever.

  7. Scetza says:

    You all can argue the penalty all you want, but I’m just going to continue to watch the Sharks second goal on loop because that was beautiful.

  8. Anderson Medeiros says:

    The best game I watch in these four years that I love hockey. This major still will get a lot of discussions, but this series were awesome. I’m really proud to be a hockey fan, the best sport in the world!!!! And I’m brazilian, the hockey isn’t too popular here #HockeyForever #GoSharks

  9. Bludika says:

    This was the craziest game I’ve ever seen, I thought it was over when it was 10 min left and 3-0, incredible

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      this series the sharks did not choke….there was something different about them..even down 3-0 it felt like they could come back…guess when your down 3-1 and you force a home game 7 the confidence is there already…

    • Nastalgic SportsFan says:

      +Asmosis Jones Give your head a shake. The only reason the Sharks won was because of four goals off a five minute penalty to Vegas. Otherwise the Sharks would have never won.

    • Allikandi says:

      Nastalgic SportsFan Nah Vegas just choked a 3-1 series lead

    • Wise Wolf Tony says:

      +Nastalgic SportsFan Maybe Vegas shouldn’t blow a 3-1 series lead and then none of this would have even mattered. Or maybe the Knights with a 3-0 lead in the 3rd with 10minutes left shouldn’t be complete utter morons by committing a cross check around the neck and head region and then after slamming a totally defenseless player down onto the ice. Or maybe they should have just won it in OT. Instead of allowing a player who was a -3 while on the ice and had only played less then 90 seconds in the OT before he scored. Or maybe they should have had a better PK. As even with a 5 minute major no team should give up 4 goals. Vegas lost because they couldn’t close out the series in games 5 or 6. And then decided to have zero decapline when they had a 3 goal lead in the 3rd and the arena as well as the Sharks players had no life left. Yet they decided to wake up the Sharks who after they saw that Major decided they were gonna comeback and win the game.

  10. One Buffalo says:

    anyone c rying about the refs please direct yourself to the game 2 highlights and the “Goalie interference” that Fluery flopped on that resulted in a 2 goal swing and a vegas win in a game they were otheriwse on pace to lose.

  11. Joe Jefferson says:


  12. Mac Banks says:

    Let’s go! Warriors and Sharks going for the title this year. Let’s go Bay Area!

  13. Michael DePinto says:

    I just happened to put this game on in the 3rd period and got a taste of true playoff hockey magic wow what an ending to a game!

    • HeyMitch15 says:

      I just happened to go to bed when Vegas was up 3-0 in the third, and I woke up to see this ?

    • Kells says:

      HeyMitch15 literally same!! As soon as Vegas scored 3 I shut off the tv. only to check my phone this morning and nearly spit out my coffee looking at the results. What a game!

  14. Kaya Erol says:

    Hockey deserves way more attention then the nba

  15. Joe Bank says:

    I was there!!!!! Best game I have ever seen in my life! The game showed how sports unifies. The atmosphere after was amazing. Everyone was screaming and everyone hugged each other, complete strangers!!! After, there was a huge after party outside SAP center. Coolest part, I got one of the actual game pucks used in play!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HeyMitch15 says:

      Dude that is awesome!!!

    • Cee Moe says:

      While i wasn’t there in SJ (crazy game!), i was in vancouver for the final game of 2011 playoffs.(’94 too). THAT game showed how sport vilifies. The atmosphere after was confusing. Everyone was screaming and everyone thugged each other….complete danger!! After, there was a huge SWAT party outside Rogers Arena. Coolest part, I got one of the actual gas canisters used in play!!!!!

    • Mike Montana says:

      +Cee Moe
      Yes 2011 game 7 Cup final Boston at Vancouver, Boston wins 5-0 and riots ensued and Bruins fans assaulted. I watch my games at home on a large HD screen with surround sound and have a full fridge of food/drink and a washroom that doesn’t have a lineup. I can say what ever I like and not be assaulted. You can’t beat that with a stick!!!

    • RabidRaccoon says:

      +Cee Moe LOL. Best reply of the day.

    • Jeremy S. says:

      +Cee Moe Haha fucken legendary.

  16. shockwave315 says:

    Danggggg west coast games are soooo tough to stay up for, but WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!

  17. Mark Madden says:

    AMAZING comeback Sharks! You played hard, never gave up, and flipped the last 10 minutes on the clock to Victory!! I am a Caps fan but that was truly BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on taking the series and most importantly for crushing Vegas.

  18. Chris McCaffrey says:

    glad to see the Vegas bubble burst in the worst fashion possible.. wait, was that mean spirited ?
    😉 lol

  19. Pokemonium says:


  20. Jon Paul II says:

    Well kids, always remember; it isn’t over until it’s over.

    Big Joe still has a shot at hoisting his first cup.

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