Sharon Osbourne Responds To Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert Allegations

Sharon Osbourne Responds To Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert Allegations

After Sharon Osbourne dismissed claims she made slurs towards her former “The Talk” co-hosts Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert, Roz Weston, Graeme O’Neil and guest co-host Breland discuss during ET Canada Live.

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50 Responses

  1. Bear4hair says:

    I like this young man… they need to keep him

    • Atika P says:

      @Bear4hair “I am TELLING you to educate yourself” sounds like a threat or an order and if someone decides not to see your view what are you going to do? You could possibly be considered a SCARY BULLY. 😲

    • Atika P says:

      @Kim Bowens The young man seems like an understanding individual.

    • Bear4hair says:

      @Atika P ignorance is bliss for you .. so continue to live there

    • Atika P says:

      @Bear4hair “The pot calling the kettle black” It seems my point fell on deaf ears. Best Wishes.

    • Bear4hair says:

      @V Llly the fact you said they had to have a black shows me where your intelligence level is.. in the initial conversation that took place with Sharon guess who was in the room a black woman so your comment was totally out of line

  2. DB Connor says:

    This young man is SOOO WELL spoken! I loved hearing him speak. It’s so refreshing to hear a young man voice his opinion intelligently and eloquently. Wonderful!.❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Karen Little says:

    That tv show are piranhas out for flesh and blood for the sake of ratings and all is such a hot topic last year or so

  4. Brenda Williams says:

    Sharon Osbourne got too high and mighty for her own good. She did not know that lose lips sink ships.

    • Cinematheque Rouge says:

      @Kim Bowens
      I guess she thought wrong.

    • Delicia Darby says:

      You hit the nail on the head! Sharon thinks she’s more powerful than she really is. I’ve no doubt she is a bully and usually gets what she wants and destroys people’s career if she wishes. Look how she treated Dani Minogue on X factor. I think this is the beginning of her downfall. The people she has bullied over the decades will start coming out now. Sharon is finished……

    • Cinematheque Rouge says:

      @Delicia Darby
      I think the funeral for Sharon Osbourne is premature. She is rock/metal royalty. Not only is she Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, she’s also his manager. Ozzy is one of the founders of Metal and one of the most important front men in the genre.

      It will take a LOT more to finish her off than this little scandal.

    • Delicia Darby says:

      @Cinematheque Rouge I don’t think the modern world cares nor places strong emphasis on Ozzy Osbourne and his association with heavy metal. We’re now concentrating on more important issues like eradicating bullying behavior and focusing on re-education so we don’t have racists using a platform to spread their hate.

    • Bobbie Green says:

      Brenda Williams ,well we know (Those Lips) of her’s have sunk her ship!! Let’s see how far they take her now!!!

  5. Kathy Beral says:

    I don’t know who the brother is that you brought on but I like him.

  6. Sammie McCaskill Arwady says:

    She is what she always has been but
    they disagree with her this time. The next time it will be one of these three men that are carefully expressing their opinions.

  7. Kecia Curtis says:

    So she only shouldn’t have dismissed Sheryl’s feelings on air?!!🤬🤔 So would it be okay off air?! SMDH

    • Sonia C says:

      how could anyone be friends with someone for 11 years after being treated that way anywhere?

    • Kecia Curtis says:

      @Sonia C they weren’t friends real friends. The one requirement with any friendship is respect. You can like someone without respecting them, but it doesn’t mean they’re really friends, they may just be friendly and I think that’s what they were. Sheryl probably thought since they were friendly, they were friends. But Sharon had no respect for Sheryl at all! You can disagree with a friend, but what that woman did was more then disagree with her, she disrespected Sheryl!! No real friend would act that way and then take no accountability for their actions. Because now she’s blaming other ppl for her actions.🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Olivia Turner says:

      She probably does it all the time with Sheryl, so it comes naturally. She’s one of those who claim to have black friends. They put down and dismiss black people until they have no voice, and they think they’re all on the same page.

    • Olivia Turner says:

      @Sonia C That tells you that the “friendship” thing might be one sided! Like white peoples calling house niggers “friends” until they have to pull the “massa” card. The so called “friendship” is asymmetric, with the white person still being “superior” and calling the shots in the relationship, and being shocked when the black person says they’re not happy because they’re feeling silenced. It’s exactly what Meghan Merkle was complaining about.

    • Kecia Curtis says:

      @Olivia Turner and white people both English and American are calling her a liar about her treatment with the royal family. Uuuhm excuse me were you there?! No I wasn’t there either but what I do know is my experience as a black woman will never be their experience, so don’t tell me how to feel or how to interpret MY experience! Because they don’t want to believe the royals may have a problem with her ethnicity doesn’t mean she’s a liar. She talked her experience with them, and so did Harry. It’s like breaking someone’s nose and telling them not to hurt or bleed. You can’t tell someone how to feel or experience something. That’s what makes us so beautifully unique. It was a unique experience for the royals to have someone of mixed culture amongst them so I’m sure they had questions. They probably didn’t know that Harry would tell his wife and the world that the family questioned the color of the baby’s skin. But don’t dismiss Harry and Meagan as liars. That dismissive attitude is what Sharon displayed as well because she wasn’t ready to accept their truth.

  8. Carmen Hernandez says:

    Why would Sharon be let go? For backing up Pierce? Come on, where is freedom of speach. Am i missing something? I understand that she lashed out at poor Cheryl, she should apologize and move on not let go for having a friend’s back.

  9. Resilient Angel says:

    “The boomers had no education on this.” When was the Civil Rights movement in the US again?

  10. absolutdm says:

    Sh(K)aron feels she was setup yet all of America was talking about Piers on every source of media. so how was she not prepared? she put herself into the convo

  11. Marcials Blends Hair says:

    Honestly, even if she didn’t know…her character showed itself. If she were who she portrayed herself to be, that reaction may not have come out. At minimum, even if it would have come out, she would have corrected herself and listened.

    • Marjorie Davis-Barnes says:


    • Vicki Bourque says:

      I think she was calm until she saw that her friends and the whole show set her up to look bad. She felt attacked and she was. They should have made it unacceptable to say racist things when she first said something racist on the show. It was let go and it should not have been. Trump was allowed to say everything he ever said too which is helping create a sick country full of hate. Very sad.

  12. M Thomas says:

    They’re grown woman. I think they can handle the conversation and move past this. I’ve been in heated arguments before where I have felt attacked and I know others who have been on the other side of that as well. We talked, worked it out, moved on down the road. Let’s be strong women and show how we can work it out. Bless

  13. B r i says:

    Maybe producers had to leave you out of a conversation over a controversial tweet defending your friend. She wanted full control and input and producers wanted transparency.

    • Beautiful 4everGod Brooks says:

      White women cry all the time but we’re not allow to cry . Unreal they are just way too entitled

  14. The Gal In The Middle says:

    WE NEED A FULLTIME SLOT FOR THIS ELOQUENT AND FAIR YOUNG MAN 🔥🔥🔥 I enjoyed the 3 of you, being open and also interrogating things so well! I’m very proud of the coverage coming from ET, it’s really well done guys, all 3 of you have amazing perspectives.

  15. Justin Tyme says:

    Wow. Sharon Osbourne keeps insisting that she’s kind and open and loving, but it seems like everyone who works with her is of a very different opionion.

  16. Tanya Flowers says:

    They were never friends. There’s no “friendship”, when there’s unbalanced power in the relationship.

    • Olivia Turner says:


    • Barbara Finlay says:

      Tanya Flowers: Please speak louder for those in the back!!!

    • Barbara Harris says:

      That is correct, they had preplanned, inflammatory questions to ask and statements to make while Sharon was completely unaware her so called friends were about to hurt and humiliate her on national tv.

    • Tanya Flowers says:

      @Barbara Harris
      Regardless what happened behind the scenes, Sharon had no right to behave so unprofessionally.

    • Artful Living says:

      @Barbara Harris What exactly is Sharon’s job on the show?

      She is a glorified rich celebrity who gets paid a handsome pile of money to discuss things. The show’s own description: “Inspired by a mother’s group Sara Gilbert went to after she had her baby, The Talk is a group of moms who get together to talk family issues, current events, celebrity gossip, and personal stories. Hosted by Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Julie Chen. “Remember everytime is the right time to have The Talk.”

      So how is it being blindsided if the entire point of her being on this type of show is to talk about family issues, current events, celebrity gossip and personal stories?

      Sharon opened up this talk – this courageous conversation – of racism by tweeting supportive tweets of Piers Morgan. (Piers walked off the set in a temper tantrum because he started a new job and wanted the media coverage and fans to follow him so he can make more money. He also was ghosted by Meghan when she met Harry and Piers still has a sore male ego.)

      Who forced Sharon to go onto her social media accounts and post so many supportive posts?

      Did she consider the impact these supportive posts for Piers would have on her other so called friends on this show or elsewhere?

      Did she not consider how her posts could be used for the show ? A show that pays her an amazing wage for discussing family issues, current events, celebrity gossip and personal stories.

      Who forced Sharon to go on the show and to stay on the show?

      Sharon is still blaming others for her own behavior. (i.e. set workers, producers…) No one forced her to do anything that she had not done any other time in her life. Sharon has a lengthy history of temper tantrums. It is just that this time people have had enough of her.

  17. Babatunde Ogundare says:

    This brother on the right is so articulate. I like him

    • Pi Del says:

      OMG hahahahahahhahahaha classic Babatunde

    • Ronnie Burks says:

      The young brother on the right is not old enough to understand that Sharon is old enough to know when she is insulting someone. She feels privileged that since she has gotten away with saying these things for years. The young brother stumbled through his initial thought about this situation. I’m from his grandparents generation and I see this situation way better than he can imagine. He wants to turn the other cheek but he’s trying to be politically correct. I think that he needs to keep living and learning about life.

    • Ronnie Burks says:

      One more thing. If you want to defend freedom of speech, defend something that makes sense. Since that’s her friend that she was defending, she should have been asked does she agree with her friends comments. The impression that she left us with was It’s ok for anyone to say anything about anybody publicly. Sharon is not a dummy. For her to say that she did not know anything is pathetic. As for the brother on the right that thinks that his grandparents generation is not educated enough, then he needs to read the history on why he is able to be on TV at this time in his life. A lot of sacrifice was made for him to be where he is now. So his grandparents was more aware of these things way before he was even born.

  18. Jay B says:

    So true. That Rock n Roll lifestyle she lived allowed her to behave that way. She got her privilege “wake up” called. She’s never been challenged til now and she’s playing victim. Well said brothers.

  19. MsAnticipationLady says:

    From “villains to victims” both Sharon & Piers say what they want, when they want, when confronted become tone deaf and dismissive refuse don’t own it.

  20. T D Miles says:

    This young man is wise beyond his years.🤴🏾

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