The good guys have arrived.

Take your first steps into Omega Earth during Episode 5: DIMENSION.

Created in partnership with Blur Studio

Comic book covers by Amanda Conner, Jim Lee, Belen Ortega, and Ken Lashley

Music by Karel Psota and Ghostwriter Music

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Dia do Santuário // Pearl Official Map Reveal

DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic

DUALITY // Official Lore Cinematic

RETAKE // Episode 2 Cinematic

WARM UP // Episode 4 Cinematic


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36 Responses

  1. Milliam says:

    The animation on this cinematic and use of the agents abilities was Valorant’s best for sure, these cinematics are so fun to watch

  2. TruNoom says:

    So Riot when are we getting a valorant series?? 😘

  3. Elijah Witt says:

    So glad to see that the Valorant team isn’t afraid of making lore-heavy cinematics! This is awesome!

  4. FC P says:

    The viper wall and ult representation was so cool… This cinematic was dope. Hope to see more agents on cinematic in the future… Is skye the only one that never been in any before?!

  5. Caleb Richardson says:

    when they put omen into one of these cinematics my life will be complete, imagine his abilities animated to this degree

  6. JOSH PINT says:

    No pressure Riot Games, but we’re in dire need of a Valorant Animated series after showing this Masterpiece

  7. rulie says:

    “Un alma por un alma”
    “A soul for a soul”
    Reyna/viper lore is so interesting

  8. whoa says:

    I always love the effort that Riot puts into these cinematics, especially this one. Please, make a series out of Valorant like Arcane!

  9. Ali says:

    that cinematic was soooo good, they need to add reyna more to these cinematics, huge respect to the valorant team for getting this masterpiece all together!

  10. seansei says:

    1:51 – 2:02 This whole part showin off Reyna’s abilities looks SO DARN GOOD.

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