Shaun White reacts to 3rd Olympic gold

Shaun White reacts to 3rd Olympic gold

US Olympic gold medalist Shaun White talks about how much his win at the 2018 Winter Olympics means to his family, friends and team.

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51 Responses

  1. Kevin Rivas says:

    Great job!! So happy for him. Well deserved.

    • lookifyouwant says:

      HEY YOURE THAT ONE GUY WITH THE SHEEP VIDEO, how did you get it to stay still for so long? hey im not judging you can love anything you want, interspecies love is cool, for you…

    • King Frosty IX says:

      Alex xelA lol go back to your basement you russian troll, and take your doped up “atheletes” with you. If you truly were a believer you wouldn’t be asking god to punish those you are jealous of you idiot troll.

    • Alex xelA says:

      King Frosty IX
      You probably don’t understand. I don’t want to ask anyone to punish, I just want justice to be done! And judging by life any human, for any liar, or rascal (country…, nation…) vsegdzha comes the reckoning, the laws of the world! And you can as much as I want to pour out the bile, to put his mouth foam, insert the humiliation: “the basement”, “Troll”, and so forth, but the truth will prevail, sooner or later, but all will have to answer! Β Moreover, speaking of fairness, I want you to reflect on how you (the country) Β produce in this world! And on which side of history are, with your arrogant and deceitful behavior!

    • 1Flyingfist says:

      Kevin Rivas Yeah, especially after he fell in Sochi 😐 I’ve never seen him fall in the bottom of a pipe.

      That emotion when he won!!! πŸ˜€ This made my day!

    • You are Here. says:

      Kevin Rivas
      Great job…..harassing women.

  2. karen taylor says:

    You earned your spot and you did your thing! So happy for your Gold medal run! We’re all so proud of you!

  3. NoirBella QT says:


  4. TyuiopX Lmao says:

    That ABC News guy honestly pissed me off

  5. Bigot the Butt says:

    Shaun White forgot to thank “Trump” for making him great again! Ungrateful fool! SAD. Shaun you’re fired!

  6. Allie Brooks says:

    WHO THUMBS DOWN! This is only for thumbs up! No Thumbs down on SHAUN WHITE!

  7. SunshineSurfsup1 says:

    I cannot believe they threw in a #MeToo question. Unreal, but he handled it like a pro.

  8. Bdawg02 says:

    Oh my goodness, allegations conversation?….at this moment…Reporters (Geez). Shaun is a Dawg. Congratulations

  9. Schuyler Savage says:

    Good for him to finally show some self praise. I think too often we see and expect amazing talents like him to just act super humble but fuck ya Shaun! Be proud of yourself! You are the best snowboarder of all time and maybe the best dual athlete of all time man!! Idk too much about other athletes who have won at the highest level of different sports(skate,snow) but he’s the one that really stands out! I mean…he’s just a human like all of us on here commenting ! It’s so amazing man.

  10. BC Ninety says:

    I guarantee if he had won a bronze, Matt Guttman wouldn’t have asked him about a sexual harassment accusation. Jerk.

  11. thewraithize says:

    Shaun White the GOAT

  12. Zach LeCroy says:

    Class act. Kept his cool. Respect.

  13. 911heroesandme says:

    I started the trick off with a double McFlurry, then came back up for the double-value McGriddle with a twist, and finished my set off with a super-sized McRib with a fry for the gold.

  14. Aaron Knox says:

    ABC guy tried to big time a 3x gold medalist

  15. Ellen Gamel says:

    I am usually an avid ABC watcher. But shame on them for trying to ruin this wonderful day for Shaun.

    • K John says:

      Seriously, can’t ask Trump one relevant question about his many, many problems. Asking Shaun about dick pics as if that’s a problem. Shame.

    • Cinni Minni says:

      How about asking Killary about her health and many many problems??? Shame….. MSM just throws shit on the wall ….guess what happens when you throw shit on the wall???? You get shit all over your hand!!!!!

  16. Nancy Levine says:

    Stop with all of the negative comments. This is about Shaun White and his win.

  17. Ian Johnson says:

    Somebody smack that reporter MF! That’s a long way to travel to ask somebody about non sport related drama

  18. Zack Schrock says:

    Shaun White Puts years of effort into winning another Gold Medal for the USA, and “Drops Flag” after an emotional win. All the sudden people who have been sitting on their couches for the past 12 years are talking about how “unamerican” he is.. kind of cracks me up.

  19. 316350 says:

    Shut up Matt Gutman! Send better reps ABC!!!

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