Shaun White’s legend grows with clutch run to reach final | Winter Olympics 2022 | NBC Sports

Shaun White’s legend grows with clutch run to reach final | Winter Olympics 2022 | NBC Sports

Three-time gold medalist Shaun White came through when it mattered again, executing in his second run of qualifying a double McTwist 1260 that had cost him a fall on his first to place fourth and advance to the final. #NBCOlympics #WinterOlympics2022 #ShaunWhite
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Shaun White’s legend grows with clutch run to reach final | Winter Olympics 2022 | NBC Sports

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49 Responses

  1. dfloriza says:

    That run scored him a perfect 100 in the X Games back in the day, and now, he did it just to qualify. I knew he would clutch up, but Jesus, the bar is ridiculously high now

  2. Vera Shop says:

    Sad seeing so many American legends retiring hats off to the legend!

    • damatar says:

      @Parker Evans Good point. See my last sentence re: not being an expert. lol

    • Secret says:

      It’s part of the game. We all remember watching this as kids. The new kid on the block just shredding the comp, the underdog with a style everyone gravitates to, the guys who just want to land that one trick, and the veterans trying to conclude with a polished performance. New fans don’t cheer for the veterans.

    • Parker Evans says:

      @damatar what do you call red gerard? He’s been wrecking every event he’s been at

    • damatar says:

      What’s sad (as an American) is that there don’t seem to be proteges waiting in the wings to replace them at the highest levels. In the past, it seemed there was often a younger version who also won a medal or came close who broke out in the following years and was the gold medal contender in the next Olympics. Though I’m no expert, so maybe I’m wrong.

  3. Karen Taylor says:

    Can’t wait till the last 3 runs in the final, it all or nothing, go get your Gold Shaun🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Knucklebuck says:

    Commentators really know what there seeing. He pulled a trick in the half tube!

  5. Ridge says:

    I remember watching Shaun White compete on X games back when I had only antennae it was the only thing to watch. Then they introduced snowboarding to the winter Olympics and got to see him dominate year after year. It’s awesome getting to see the GOAT last ride

  6. Edwin Olvera says:

    once in a lifetime to witness someone like this in a sport he truly is in his own lane I hope he lays down a awesome run tomorrow and does something that he will be proud to end his last run go get em!

  7. m4wilson says:

    Shaun White will be the best commentator for the games going forward! These current guys don’t know what’s happening in front of them! 🤪

  8. eastcide25 says:

    I give the announcer a 10 for enthusiasm/passion but a 2 for knowledge of the sport

    • Anna Ferguson says:

      @chris Shadis the only thing I can think of is people didn’t really like a few years back that he was flying a helicopter almost daily to his private halfpipe for training, but 1) that was part of a red bull deal and 2) let the dude train how he wants, jeez

    • chris Shadis says:

      Why did they say he was a controversial figure ?? Never really saw Shaun that way at all, and I’ve been watching him since he was a kid skating at Tony hawk’s gigantic tours and signed my board. Even ran into him at a dinner party YEARS later with my hospital coworkers at a fundraiser and he was still super nice and did a lot for the organization

    • headphonic8 says:

      @Christina Flores One is the standard international feed that the Olympic broadcasting service puts out. The other are commentators that NBC hires

    • Christina Flores says:

      @eew12 same! I just watched the Peacock version with two really great, knowledgeable American commentators. Weird that they have two versions.

    • MrBeverlyCleary says:

      ‘What a LEGEND!’ hahahaha

  9. Liberty Construction says:

    They really went all out getting these golf announcers

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