Shaving Cream Dessert Topping Taste Test

Shaving Cream Dessert Topping Taste Test

Does shaving cream make food taste as good as it makes it look? GMMore #1345
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51 Responses

  1. Harshil Patel says:

    The dynamic between these 2 is freaking amazing. (I finally stumbled onto your channel this week.)

  2. Kienex 7 says:

    Hi people reading the comments hope your having a good day

  3. Experimental Fun says:

    There should be a 2 thumbs up option on your channel

  4. ShawolAD says:

    Whenever Rhett has stuff on his moustache, he reminds me overenthusiastic kittens eating from a bowl for the first time. Freakin’ cute. :’3

  5. Annemieke van den Bos says:

    As much as I love the summer I do miss having you guys around every day…

    • Annemieke van den Bos says:

      RhinkGMM216 You’re right ofcourse, and I applaud them for taking that time to rest and be with family and friends.
      But I still do miss them!! So I will be happy to have them back daily😊

    • Annemieke van den Bos says:

      RickLeowSK They take a summer break, to be with family and friends and rest a bit.
      I do think that they are doing the right thing, but I do miss them at the same time 😉

    • Shawn shawnthemovieman says:

      RickLeowSK😃It is their break. They will be back 5 days a week probably in the fall.

    • icekiller158 says:

      They are going on a Tour of Mythicality in July for Australia/New Zealand. Then 3 more shows in Canada and USA in early November.

  6. Kyurhee Kim says:

    This was a *gud* episode of gmmore ❤

  7. Dorianha Bogelund says:

    So they removed the improv prompts from the wheel but now they miss it so they’re doing improv anyway. Rhett even said, “I wanna keep going.” Just bring back the old wheel ;(

  8. Dorianha Bogelund says:

    I laughed so hard when Rhett misspelled the name of his own show. “G-U, I mean, G-O-O-D…”

  9. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    This changed pretty quickly from “Rhett and Link test food stylist tricks” to “Rhett and Link play with things in aerosol cans.” XD

  10. AviGaming says:

    It’s oddly satisfying watching two 40 year old men play with creams.

  11. I love cheesecakes says:

    “Edit trick!” XD

  12. Xero says:

    Gud Mythical Murning Guys!

  13. Riley Millsap says:

    I thought they were going to somehow switch the whipped cream and shaving cream in the containers and trick Link into eating the shaving cream 😂

  14. Marie Wolsing says:

    Gud mythical morning!

  15. GJSelect says:

    I’ll take one of everything in every size.

  16. Louisa Lewis says:

    I still wanna see Will it Custard? Link cherry pie is delicious especially when you put French vanilla ice cream on top of an warm slice. Or real whip cream on top of an slice. Cherry pie is just good in general with or without being topped.😋

    • Peacock Feathers says:

      Louisa Lewis maybe he’s only ever had it made with canned cherries instead of fresh or frozen “real” cherries, man a fresh cherry pie is one of the best things on earth!

    • Frostfire FTW says:

      “an warm slice” lmao “an slice”

  17. Shannon Wilkinson says:


  18. white owl says:

    Gud Mithicul Morneeng. “Rhetts new spelling”.

  19. Buckshot Jones says:

    I give it a week until there’s a Gud Mythical Murning shirt

  20. I'm lost, please help. says:

    Paying it forward (backward) happens a lot in drive thrus. It’s also really easy since they can bring up the other person’s order right away since it’s already been placed.

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