Shawn Mendes: In My Blood

Shawn Mendes: In My Blood

Late Late Show music guest Shawn Mendes debuts his new single “In My Blood” for a rather excited Stage 56 audience.

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41 Responses

  1. IcyDeal Productions says:

    His belts sound much cleaner now. It reminds me of Handwritten Shawn Mendes. I love how he can control and manipulate his voice so well.

    Guys, he hit A4s, A#4s and Cs!!! Wtf Shawn, you’re my idol

  2. beyondwildestdreams says:

    Mendes army where you at ❤️

  3. beyondwildestdreams says:

    How does he sound so good 💕

  4. Loreto Tianes Jr says:

    Wow his vocals!!! I’m so worried when he started touring too much his voice sounded tired. I’m happy my Shawn has finally got his voice back!!! And sounded better!! ❤️

    • Phoebe Kate says:

      Loreto Tianes Jr well there’s a little strain in the high notes but he’s still young so he can still improve. But as you said, he sounded better because he has been training with a vocal coach I think? Maybe that’s why 😊

    • Viky F says:

      puberty and he sounds nervous

  5. Boey Yik Ming says:

    His high notes sound less strained than just a few months ago (especially at those award shows ugh) and he hit two C5s! Vocal training??

  6. Sara Creations says:

    honestly the artwork of his new album is everything

  7. Ariana Queen D says:


  8. Wendy says:

    He was looking so anxious.. BUT BABYBOY LOOK WHAT YOU JUST DID😭 You did amazing as always, I’m so proud of you

  9. Nouk de Gouva says:

    damnn i realized through this performance how hard it must be to sing that song bc it starts off so low and goes so high… getting on top of those notes is hardd mad respect

  10. Willian Gomes says:

    I have a feeling that he used a pre-recorded voice for the “I need somebody now” part. See at 2:17, his face doesn’t match the difficulty of that note, and there’s an echo effect. Plus, when he sings “it isn’t in my blood” he strains a little bit, so how come he can sing the highest note so effortlessly? Anyway, I like this song and this performance. He was probably very nervous

  11. nora says:


  12. S P says:

    Sounds just like the studio version! 💕

  13. S P says:

    How can someone be more perfect? 💕

  14. Daniela M says:

    Wow. You could here the emotion when he sings this song…. you could tell it means this song is close to his heart. I’m so proud. He also said he was extremely nervous to perform the song live so that’s why he didn’t hit some of the notes. Overall was so pure. I love him ❤️

  15. Jasbubble says:

    ❤️❤️ aahhhh I knew the live version would be 👌👌

  16. Katherine Cordova says:

    Amazing first live performance. Excited for the new album.
    I did a piano cover of In My Blood on my channel, please check it out Mendes Army ❤️

  17. Mr. Grande says:

    MENDES ARMY WHERE YOU AT? ❤️ I just posted a video doing my best voice impression of Shawn! 😅

  18. FrizzyFritzi says:


  19. FrizzyFritzi says:

    The raw pain and desperation in his voice is killing me😭

  20. 1DKidrxuhl says:

    Incredible performance. Can’t say anything more. ❤️

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