Shawn Mendes – It’ll Be Okay (Lyric Video)

Shawn Mendes – It’ll Be Okay (Lyric Video)

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30 Responses

  1. L I Z M I N E L L I says:

    mi canción favorita. 💛

  2. thefeelng says:

    es impresionante como en una sola canción, Shawn te hace sentir mil cosas a la vez. siempre voy a admirar su capacidad de expresar sentimientos y situaciones en melodías que son caricias al alma. ☁️❤

    • cornelia says:

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    • yoav says:

      @Robin Skull Shawn Mendes es mil veces mejor, lo puedes saber también por como no rebaja a otros artistas para promocionarse

    • Abdellatif Essaddiqiy عبد اللطيف الصديقي says:

      💛I LOVE IT💛

    • Sara Sánchez says:

      @Robin Skull Wtf no

  3. Minh Anh says:

    So good ❤👏👏

  4. Laura Pires says:

    This song nails perfectly what getting out of a relationship that’s slowly falling apart feels like. The process of trying to fix everything up and failing over and over again, putting effort into someone and something that don’t want to change or be helped. Sometimes we just can’t stop the bleeding even though it’s our biggest desire to make it work. Going from “I can’t imagine a world without you” to “I start to imagine a world where we don’t collide”, that’s the hardest part of it, acknowledging that there’s nothing else we can do to save it. The future we’ve dreamed of is fading to black and we shall let go. That’s harsh. Really beautiful break up song, unlike all the others, it gives us hope and motivation for the long and hard process of healing that’s about to come

  5. luukske24 says:

    Shawn is a master at expressing feelings in a song that resonates with all of it. It’s as if you take his place while listening. But even more, he is manifesting his place as a Teacher in this new world where you may finally FEEL. All of yourself. You don’t have to swallow all the feels & thoughts, flee from them or put a label on them. When they come to you, it’s okay to really take your time to feel them through. By feeling all there is, you can accept the situation and heal. One of his other teachings in this song is feeling what serves you and what doesn’t serve you anymore. You don’t have to hold on, just because you’re scared of the unknown. Let your ego step aside and trust the universe because then the energy can freely flow again. I can keep going for a while but it all adds to the same: thank you for making us feel this unbounded selflove, Shawn❤🌌

  6. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    You can tell there’s a lot of respect between the two. This song isn’t a teenage breakup song, full of anger and bad mouthing the ex in the lyrics. It’s sad, but loving and healing at the same time. There’s no details about the problem in the relationship, but you still can understand the pain. “I will love you either way” only proves how pure and mature he is. Shawn’s so talented, and he’s got one of the most beautiful souls.

  7. Cris Marquez Mautino says:

    Ayer la escuche y hasta hoy no paro de sentirme profundamente nostálgica. Gracias por tal creación es tan wow que duele pero estaré bien.

  8. Prakhar Joshi says:

    This is really painful moment for all fans. But, yes it’ll be okay. Heart-touching lyrics.

  9. Sd Fe says:

    Es… Dios, está canción. Son demasiados sentimientos en un solo verso. It’ll be okay. Una simple frase, que puede engañarte y derrumbarte. Simplemente es una bella canción.

  10. Muskan says:

    Bro this is not just lyrics this song is his emotions every word is his love.

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