Shawn Porter Reflects on Loss to Terence Crawford, Father Kenny Porter on why he threw in the Towel

Shawn Porter Reflects on Loss to Terence Crawford, Father Kenny Porter on why he threw in the Towel

Watch as #ShawnPorter talks about his loss to #TerenceCrawford and Father Kenny explains why he threw in the towel.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, Three-weight kingpin Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko, the Ukrainian virtuoso who saves his best for the New York City spotlight, hopes his next oversized challenge is not a bridge too far. Lomachenko returns to Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Dec. 11 for a 12-round lightweight showdown against former world champion Richard “RC” Commey.

Lomachenko-Commey marks boxing’s return to the “Big Room” at Madison Square Garden for the first time in nearly two years, when Terence Crawford defended his welterweight title with a riveting knockout over Egidijus “Mean Machine” Kavaliauskas. In the 10-round co-feature, undefeated heavyweight sensation Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson will battle Oleksandr Teslenko.

Lomachenko-Commey and Anderson-Teslenko will air live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes (simulcast on ESPN+) at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT following the 2021 Heisman Ceremony. Puerto Rican junior middleweight standout Xander Zayas and middleweight prospect Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of Muhammad Ali, will also see action on this special New York City fight night.

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35 Responses

  1. Cameron says:

    Shawn’s emotional intelligence is 10/10.

    • bodegaboys says:

      @David Burrows look it up and learn today. Emotional intelligence can stop you from looking like an idiot. Sort of what his father looked like displaying a lack of it.

    • Rafa P says:

      @David Burrows And then you find wilderettes with an excuse in every corner not being able to handle even a pinch of criticism. How can you pretend to know what a sport is if you don’t understand how emotions as a human beong affect your performance in ecery aspect of the game from training day to fight night. Sucn a knob of a comment you made there pal. Congrats.

    • David Burrows says:

      @Rafa P ok troll

    • David Burrows says:

      @bodegaboys ,I don’t need to look up the new buzzwords I get what you’re saying from your reply.

  2. Ender says:

    The things I like about Shawn is the sportsmanship he showed after every fight and he always stay humble and give respect through wins and losses.

  3. John Ross says:

    Roy Jones talked about this in depth about how he had to leave his father behind to become the best version of himself. His father wanted him to be good but never better than him.

  4. Luke Aiono says:

    Shawn’s last fight before he announced retirement. True warrior!

  5. patrick y says:

    Respect to Shawn for how he handled this post fight interview.Pure class all the way.Kenny raised a good son.

  6. Tutor Of Math says:

    The real fight happened when his dad started speaking. Salute for staying quiet when his father was speaking. Congratulations Mr. Porter.

  7. Louie Marinda Jr. says:

    Shawn has soo much respect with his Dad.. as a fan I have to respect that ..

    • Charles Hardy says:

      Yeah he does but how much respect does his dad have for him as a MAN he’s not a child and the way he banged on the ground didn’t seem hurt just got caught, family and business terrible stop

    • Tony Farr says:

      @Charles Hardy Perfect comment Charles… If Shawn had gotten a Real trainer… That WAS NOT FAMILY. Things could have been so much different for him. His father is sooooo disrespectful to him… he has No Problem eating from his son’s success, but continues to disrespect him publicly. Shawn has retired… now FIRE your father, get a New Trainer and fight a couple more times In PEACE.

    • Jonesy_707 says:

      @Charles Hardy as a father, if your son was getting beat badly you wouldn’t do what you needed to stop the fight? what was Shawn going to learn from the fight? he did what he thought was right. every fighter wants to continue to fight, he is the trainer, the fighter has to take that into account every time out. nothing they did worked. only thing he said that I thought was poor was HE did prepare like he should have…you’re his trainer! if he’s not prepared it’s the teams fault. his dad had nothing to gain by watching his son get beat up in a fight he had little chance of winning

  8. Boone says:

    This is why I love watching Shawn’s podcast, dude is always honest and humble about the boxing world.

  9. Big Ed says:

    Shawn is a great dude and honestly I think it’s time for him to get a new trainer

  10. Chosen Won says:

    Three class acts; the dad for doing the right thing, Shawn for being humble and Crawford for being an underrated beast that doesn’t talk shit. This is great for boxing in every way. Thanks for bringing back the old days.

    • Meldrick Edwards says:

      “Thanks for bringing back the old days.”

      You make it sou as if every fighter in the old days was humble. But regardless of that, I agree.

    • Michael Hodge says:

      His Dad is no class act, he is the epitome of those Dads who try to live their life through their sons and think that their sons are great because of them, when in fact it’s often in spite of them. He’s standing there talking like Porter lost because he didn’t listen to him – he lost because Bud is a fucking assassin, and is just better, end of story. Saying shit like that in public when your boy just lost in his biggest ever challenge, and it was tight up to then too, couldn’t have been more than a round or two in it! Shame on him.

    • Elliott Santiago says:

      I agree with you to a certain point but
      PORTERS dad stopped the fight way to soon . Now come on PAPA PORTER you and your son are in the sweet science of boxing . SHAWN was more than able to continue the fight after the second knockdown .OK I got that he is your son but again you stopped the fight prematurely. You PAPA PORTER gave up on your boy what a shame . Most fans that was watching the fight was upset that you had ruined SHAWNS chance of coming back from the 2nd knockdown . SHAWN was not hurt or dazed he was more than anything upset at himself. Anyway looks like SHAWNY boy will retire from boxing. He’s good because he will have a commentator job calling fights. Because he’s well spoken and articulate . Last but not least congratulations to BUD for winning the fight. ALSO FOR FINALLY LEAVING TOP RANK BOB ARUM PROMOTIONS. IT’S ABOUT TIME ! . 🤓🥊

    • AmazingAsian Channel says:

      Porter was ready to continue and could have change things around the last two rounds. Dad took his biggest opportunity away and made it about him

    • Bruce Leroy says:

      @Ol boy7 man fr like wtf…

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