She FINALLY Did It!!

She FINALLY Did It!!

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45 Responses

  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs says:

    Lets move on and keep pushing forward!

  2. ROSE -T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE says:

    Who remembers when Roman used to take the packages from “smile more” to that tiny little post office in Clifford the big red truck?

  3. Ziro says:

    Best feeling ever: A notification that Roman Atwood posted

  4. Carter Bush says:

    I hate how roman and his family can’t be himself because of youtube guidelines

    • ICEE DARK says:

      @goat💪🏼 welcome to the land of the free.

    • Tomas Rideout says:

      @goat💪🏼 facts

    • Tomas Rideout says:

      @ilyearer ok so the drone one I totally agree to take it down BUT I’m talkin about all the other stuff that youtube is telling him to take down or not to post that is where it’s bs like he can’t post anything on fireworks or guns

    • Loudmanv8 says:

      @goat💪🏼 yup I’m from California god dam safe and sane being taxed bad this year every item is overpriced than last year or years before

    • ilyearer says:

      @Tomas Rideout is that what was in the video prior to the drone video that got taken down as well? I missed that one, so I didn’t see if it had guns in it

  5. Twin Paranormal says:

    You guys have always put such a big impact on my twin and I and always have made us look at life in such a great way. Thank you 🖤🖤

  6. The Lester Crew says:

    Loving the quality!!💪❤️

  7. evil says:

    Roman back on his grind, lets gooo

  8. Marc Rasch says:

    who would looove a collab with Smile more and Seek Discomfort?! i think that the message these two brands have would be amazing to collab. Like so the Atwoods can see the comment too <3

  9. Alex Hefner says:

    this vlog reminded me of the older vlogs that he used to do when he was uploading everyday despite the lack of edgyness. i can’t pinpoint it, but keep doing whatever happens naturally. love yall. awesome content.

  10. andyisyoda says:

    I think the best vlogs told a story over time. Building of the smilemore store, donkeys, new fish tank, building the pond, the swimming pool etc. A summer build it with Brian and Roman project would be great to follow along. It may even fall into a different youtube catagory! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work and the UK sends love and support.

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