She Hulk is Fine – You Guys Are Just Being Dumb

She Hulk is Fine – You Guys Are Just Being Dumb




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  1. Adacor Firewind says:

    The main thing that I took issue with throughout the show were the allusions to a “larger plot” about people trying to steal Hulk powers. And I’m very glad the payoff to all of those plot threads was for Jen to just throw it all out at the end.

  2. WhoAmIWill says:

    “Seeing Matt Murdock for the first time in years”

    Damn Dr Strange’s spell even made Marcus forget No Way Home.

    Side note the wildest and most unbelievable part of this show is that the only person to find Jen attractive outside of she hulk form is a blind man.

    • Jason Green says:

      @tanizaki lol if you are an Andrew tate cult member maybe

    • Jason Green says:

      @Pyralisis nah it’s just marvel not realising how reality works

    • Kian N. Ardalan says:

      I found it more to be symbolic. Matt is blind so isn’t blinded by all the She-Hulk craze. He is able to like Jen as she is because he doesn’t know what She-Hulk looks like.

    • Dog God says:

      @tanizaki Oh sweetheart, your midlife crisis is gonna hit you _real hard_ if you keep up this worldview.
      I highly suggest a support group or therapy or something. Avoid anyone who calls themself a “life coach.”

    • Justin Choo TC says:

      @Pyralisis this is similar to how a big boss woman would be less attractive or interesting to a variety of people but when you strip all that down and know the person for their personality, interest and aligns with you and relatable life experience you’ll find them more beautiful than anyone

  3. Alphonsus Rouis says:

    Season 2 should include a _Chowder_-esque segment where Jen decides to stay as She-Hulk for as long as possible to the point where her CGI becomes increasingly worse until it gets removed completely, leading her actress to work some other job until she gets enough money to get her CGI back.

  4. Mauro Garces says:

    Hearing Marcus speak about this show and noticing how much he knows the character is very wholesome and refreshing on this circle of hell we live in. It would be nice if it wasnt for the fact that Marcus is A CONTRARIAN!

    • Mr. Grey says:

      Huh? He made it patently obvious he didn’t read the comics and knows little about the character. “This IS She-Hulk!” No Mark, it isn’t, being funny isn’t the same as being a joke. She-Hulk has always been a somewhat humorous superheroine who is also a lawyer, and before the last decade she barely lawyer’d.

      Hell going through his other videos he only has a passing knowledge of MOST fandoms he talks about.

    • Anita Nielsen says:


    • Gold bond Shaq says:

      He definitely knows more about superheroes than I do lmao. That’s probably why I found the show kinda boring.

  5. Sergio Mendoza says:

    Marcus I gotta say this, your sense of humor is fucking immaculate. It’s the single thing that has made me a fan/sub of your channel for literally years at this point and quite frankly, I don’t ever fully care for your review of the movie show or game whether you liked or disliked something doesn’t matter to me. You and your videos are just genuinely funny as hell and I think that’s super cool.

    Also the new daredevil suit is really dope I like it a lot, can’t wait for born again! Even tho marvel studios surely will not do the comic it’s based on any justice whatsoever lol. A shout out to Alan Moore in the credits or something and I’d be satisfied with that, and like some darker more adult subject matter would also be kinda nice, it is daredevil after all.

  6. Jovan Kandola says:

    That “nothing happens” argument is the same thing that people are saying about Andor which I totally disagree with, just because there isn’t a big action sequence every episode doesn’t mean that nothing happened in the episode, sometimes shows just like to have whole episodes dedicated to character development

    • LNL says:

      @zero senpai Jen literally has 3 character arcs that follow a three-act structure that all culminate into the final episode. It’s not a perfect show by any means, but to miss her character development is to miss the whole point of the story.

    • zero senpai says:

      Except that’s not the case for She-Hulk, nothing really happens and there’s really not any character development to speak of.

  7. DaHaLoJeDi says:

    Sometimes feels like there can’t really be a thing like a middling or just mediocre/okay piece of media anymore, everything has to be either absolutely fantastic or complete garbage and a failure based on a weird arbitrary binary

  8. Tony Black says:

    It’s always fun to learn which of your friends understand what character development means, and which of them are full of shit.

  9. ThirtyfourEC says:

    Capcom neutered She-Hulk by removing her chainable crouch light kick.
    I can’t believe it wasn’t brought up in the show.

  10. The Lazarus Project says:

    She-Hulk should literally be taken as seriously as Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

    • A Suzuki Omnichord says:

      @WahPunch you seem very upset about these things that aren’t happening

    • WahPunch says:

      @Dog God nowadays that form of comedy is getting stuck down. Most comedians now have to watch what they say or else they get canceled or someone straight up attacks them on stage

    • Bitz H says:

      Except Harvey Birdman actually makes me laugh

    • Dog God says:

      @Peter Parker What an odd thing to say. I don’t think you know how comedy shows work.
      You’re aware that it’s possible to make jokes around harassment without making the harassment itself the butt of the joke, right. In the same way you can make a 9/11 joke without the victims being the butt of the joke.
      You can also just have more serious parts in otherwise funny shows. See: The Simpsons. Malcom in the Middle. Etc.

    • Evan Devries says:

      Best cartoon ever made if you ask me. Other than The Real Ghostbuster, OBVIOUSLY.

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