She Ruined The Surprise Gender Reveal

She Ruined The Surprise Gender Reveal

Keren and Khoa tell a story then Nonie finally has a spa day at the Ritz Carlton for her birthday. Khoa spends the day with the kids and doesn’t cry surprisingly. Enjoy!

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61 Responses

  1. Lisa Donavan says:

    Based on your minimal reaction, I think it’s another boy. Cold be wrong but..

  2. Christina Marie says:

    Help, I think I have a KKandbabyJ addiction 😍😍

  3. SweetTea & A SmallTown says:

    *Even if the baby is a boy I’m still over the moon happy for them. Yes, a baby girl would be great but 3 boys is awesome!!!!!*

    • Beth And Ryan Pin says:

      SweetTea & A SmallTown so true. But I think she’s having a girl just the way she’s been having morning sickness do her first trimester and she said in a couple blogs that she never had them with the two boys but either way I’ll be happy and over the moon for them to. They are one of my favorite YouTubers and love them to death would love to meet him one day everyone would I mean come on who won it LOL

    • Emma Fletcher says:

      I know I wanted a girl so badly but I’m still happy with another boy (which I got vibes for)

    • Elene Taktakishvili says:

      it sounds weird but i’ve always wanted only boys as kids idk why😂 i’m here kinda hoping they’ll have a boy while everyone keeps hoping on a girl😅😅

    • Kimberly Cheely Grussing says:

      Elene Taktakishvili I was the same way! And I have two sons! They are awesome too. 🙂

    • SweetTea & A SmallTown says:

      Elene Taktakishvili I’m kinda right there with ya. I’d love to have all boys. Knowing the last name would be carried on through my boys 💞

  4. Blondie Brand says:

    Don’t stress out too much about finding out the gender, you still have plenty of time to make the decision to find out or not😊 and no matter what you decide to do you’ll still have the same beautiful baby at the end of the 9 months❤️❤️❤️

  5. Rachel Nicole says:

    My mom is an ultrasound tech and once she accidentally told the gender to a couple that was waiting. She knew they didn’t want to know but blurted out “oh, looks like a baby boy!” without thinking during the ultrasound. I remember it so well now because she came home bawling and cried all night. If you don’t want to find out, make it a point to mention that to your ultrasound tech every time you go in. Everyone has stressful days and mistakes can happen. This happened when my mom had more than 35 years of experience.

    • Stefanie Kreissl says:

      same thing happened when my mum was pregnant with me.

    • megan megan says:

      I just wrote about this in the comment. I forgot one time to tell going In for an ultrasound that we were waiting. She said aww y’all are having a girl right. Before she started. Umm.. we don’t know. She turned red and said she had me confused with another patient. I didn’t believe her, but she indeed did. It wasn’t in my chart what I was having and she didn’t even know so she looked while we were in there and saw it was a boy. She told me after I delivered that she cried of joy after we left because she would have felt like she gave it away if it had been a girl. So YES always tell everyone no matter how many times you have gone in that it’s a surprise. I can’t stress that enough. And everyone, let it be a surprise. Most fun ever!

    • Chelsea Johnson says:

      I asked the tech I didn’t wanna know and to write it down and during my scan she was naming off body parts legs arms etc and she kept saying “ there’s her legs and her arms” was having surprise gender reveal, wasn’t much of a surprise after she already basically told me I was having a girl, I was happy and I cried when I saw the pink balloons but I think my reaction would have been more genuine if the tech didn’t spit it out, accidents happen forever blessed for my baby girl

  6. Kaitlyn Phillips says:

    Another day has passed that i don’t know the gender..

    Sadness ensues

  7. Jessica Kim says:

    it’s a boy! if it’s too early to tell but she found something it HAS to be a boy because if it were a girl she wouldn’t have “found” anything. also they didn’t look super excited, it’s definitely a boyyyy. STILL HAPPY THO

  8. Holly Newton says:

    Their lack of excitement and Keren’s mouth movements makes me think she said boy… plus you can’t really get that wrong if it looks like a boy

  9. The K&J Way says:

    Khoa seems like he really wants to find out!! It’s definitely too early so it could be wrong!

    • Veronica Matias says:

      The K&J Way yea I saw another YouTuber that was told early it was a girl but ended up being a boy.

    • Emily Coffman says:

      They guessed when I was 12 weeks that I was having a boy during my U/S! And was right! They officially “confirmed” I was having a boy at 19 weeks!

  10. Jenacey Johnson says:

    I’m 50% sure it’s a boy😂😂😂

  11. Savanna Rivera says:

    She said BOY! Thats my guess because that early she wouldnt have been able to guess a girl yet.. she saw “something” which could only be a boy part 💙

  12. Seeret Aulakh says:

    I think it’s a girl, I replayed it like 3 times and studied Keran’s chin movement 😂🙈

  13. Tina Star says:

    If genetic testing is done you can find out gender out as early as 10 weeks.

  14. Ellie Mckenna says:

    made me sad that Keren left noni alone, she would just want a whole night with her daughter 🙁

  15. Hollie Hulsey says:

    I think hes going to make the boys and his brother will make the girls. Lol

  16. Ayyah Abdelrahman says:

    its definitely a boy lol they arnt that excited at all hahahahaha

  17. prwebkinz04 says:

    No matter what the gender is, I will still be happy!🙂

  18. kiara shreeya says:

    I think she is referring to a boy

  19. Random Videos says:

    Team girl… Like this comment.

  20. LifeasKaren says:

    i think its too early!
    but i really hope its a Girl!

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