She Said YES! – Prom Knight Episode 2 – Merrell Twins

She Said YES! – Prom Knight Episode 2 – Merrell Twins

Natalie gets the biggest surprise of her life when her favorite Youtuber asks her to prom! Will it be everything she’s dreamed of? Next Episode comes out on April 21st! Episode 3 Sneak Peek at the end!!!

Featuring Music by: mxmtoon
Song Title: Prom Dress
“Prom Dress” (music video)

Directed & Edited by: Paul Merrell
Written by: Dustyn Lotz
Produced by: Oz Ozmen

Natalie – Vanessa Merrell
Riley – Veronica Merrell
Chris Knight – Christian Seavey
Asher – Aaron Burriss
Fiona – Franny Arrieta
Abby – Arianna Jonae
Sally – Sharon Fredrickson
Dad – Niko Vitacco
Mr. Brown – Nick Haddad

Director of Photography – Trevor Roach
Production Designer – Jay Dizon
Production Designer (YouTube Space) – Dylan Hutchins
Costume Designer – Jazmin Whitley
Hair and Makeup – Jenna Garagiola

1st Assistant Director – Aaron Ellis
2nd Assistant Director – Preston Grant
Production Coordinator – Victoria Pierce

Art Director – Sara Silkwood
Set Decorator – Angel De La Rosa
Art PA – Helena Burgueño
(YouTube Space)
Leadman – Kearney Thompson
Set Dressers – Tyler Gattoni
& Ivan Martin Del Campo
Art PA’s – Myrna Powell
& David Field

Camera Operator – Nick Ramsey
Camera Operator – Ryan Broomberg
1st Assistant A Camera – George Ellett
1st Assistant B Camera – Melissa Baltierra
2nd Assistant Camera – Silvana Valadez

Gaffer – Hao Yu
Key Grip – Robert Meeks
Best Boy – Gary Buchele
& Joey Luu

Sound Mixer – Rommel Suniga
Boom Operator – Ken Hobson

Hair & Makeup Artist – Lauren Lillien
Wardrobe – Joey Costa

Set Videographer – Edward Uken

Production Assistants:
Paul Rivet
Elle Hercules
Jason Sae-Kung

Post Production:
Assistant Editor – Armand Tatavosian
Audio Mixer – Paul Klingberg
Visual Effects by: Gary Baker, Baker Image Group

Katherine Martinez

Additional Cast:
Bus Driver – Brian Herbert

High School Students:
Jazzman Collins
Jim Baek
Desiree Parker
Joey Costa

Special Thanks to:

YouTube Space LA
Audrey Eatherly
Jess Harris-distefano
Devina Kanani
Karolyn Szot

BC Live Productions
Caroline Anderson
Brett Collins

Atomic Bomb
Drew Stepek

Stir Entertainment
Ray Powell

Megan Bycel
Erin Browne


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prom 2020

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55 Responses

  1. Makaylah Chloe Sabellano says:

    No one:
    Not even a single hooman:
    Aaron showing off his muscles when they started shooting 😂😂😂

  2. taesnugget says:

    the end where Chris and Natalie were just kind of having fun at the café made me so happy idk why

  3. aneliiil says:

    Chris: “I would kill to have a brother”

    *Daniel and Tyler left the chat*

  4. Thulashiga Balaranjan says:

    Chris: I don’t really know how to cook. Me: faints

  5. rtc2003 says:

    The GAB joke would’ve been even funnier if they said “sponsored by GAS”😂

  6. Yeet Or be Yeeted says:

    OMG THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST🤩 i also don’t think riley is the only whos like chris 🤩

  7. suncica levic says:

    Why does nobody talking about the scene in the cafeteria when Chris tells Natalie that YouTubers could feel lonely even though they have a lot of subscribers? This is an important message to spread because people we see on the internet every day are having emotions too and they’re also humans. We should respect their effort and work more!

  8. Alizabeth White says:

    I love how much Chris changed just from the coffee shop scene. He felt so much nicer to Natalie. I love how how they were making the coffee it looked like it was a one take because that seemed like there genuine personality’s for that part. I live for that. I love when shows do that because it makes it so much better. I already loved this show and from that scene it just made it so much better.

  9. Caroline Schultz says:

    Dang Christian! He’s such a good actor! I could never see him being this mean!!!!

  10. Q. Nawal says:

    I feel like in the third episode Chris and nessa aren’t really going to kiss since Riley was watching and she might interrupt .

  11. peacexvan says:

    riley said that she dont know him but after she really wants a selfie

  12. JoudJ OP says:

    Me: * seeing the episode 3 teaser* EEEEEK AAAAA WHEN IS PART 3 REEEEE WHYYYY HOWWW HELPPP AAAA UGH 😩

    My mom: hEy wHaTs tHaT aBoUt YoU aRe GrOuNdEd!!!!

    Me: the heck whyyyyyyyyy I didn’t do anything—

    Mom: okay yong lady , YOU ARE GROUNDED NOW

    Me: but mo—

    Mom: I’m watching a movie now go to your room

    Me: ugh 😑



    Me: mom you should be grounded too…..

    Mom: no!

    Me: yes cuz you shouted!

    Mom: nah ah I’m doing what I want to

    Me: but that’s unfairrrrrrr

  13. Sarah says:

    Chris has his parent for his videos
    Chris has 5 million subs
    Chris doesn’t have many friends
    Plot Twist: Merrell Twins are Chris

  14. Jewel Tabitha15 says:

    Why do I feel like the twist is still gonna be him being a douche after this episode or after few more

  15. Daria Dobrescu says:

    I love that they were actually laughing at the coffee scene not just faking it ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  16. Jewel Tabitha15 says:

    “You’re different in a good way like different from anyone ive ever met before”
    Me: why do i feel and hear like that actually real words that Christian would 100% say and he sounded so genuine like he means it a lot in real life too

  17. Ashley Tate says:

    No one:

    No one ever in existence:

    Dad: HoW dO YOu LIkE ThEm bEanS!

  18. Catalina Rayment says:

    No one:

    Literally no one in the world:

    No one in this universe:

    Chris: tHiS ViDeO iS sPoNsErEd bY bLaH bLaH bLaH….

  19. Jessica Jones says:

    I bet Natalie is going to change Chris’s mind about how he acts.

  20. NOWHERE GIRL says:

    They broke out of character at the high five part sooo cuteeeeeed

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